Valleys of Malta

Valleys of Malta

This article lists the valleys that one finds in Malta, by locality. Some valleys are written in more than one locality, this is because they pass also from that locality, before water finish into the sea or in another valley.


*Wied Inċita (Incita Valley)
*Wied is-Sewda (Sewda Valley)
*Wied ta' Rmiedi (Rmiedi Valley)


*Wied Ħal-Balzan (Balzan Valley)


*Wied Qannotta (Qannotta Valley)
*Ras il-Wied
*Wied ta' l-Imsellit (Msellit Valley)
*Wied Għajn Riħana (Għajn Riħana Valley)


*Wied is-Sewda (Sewda Valley)
*Wied ta' Birkirkara (Birkirkara Valley)
*Wied ta' l-Imsida (Msida Valley)


*Wied Dalam (Dalam Valley)
*Wied Ħas-Saptan (Saptan Valley)
*Wied il-Buni (Buni Valley)
*Wied il-Qoton (Qoton Valley)
*Wied ix-Xoqqa (Xoqqa Valley)
*Wied tal-Klima (Climate Valley)
*Wied Żnuber (Znuber Valley)


*Wied l-Aħmar (The Red Valley)
*Wied Ta' Bieqa (Ta' Bieqa Valley)


*Wied Blandun (Blandun Valley)


*Wied Siekel (Siekel Valley)
*Wied tal-Lunzjata (Lunzjata Valley)


*Wied ir-Rajjes (Rajjes Valley)
*Wied Martin (Martin Valley)
*Wied ta' l-Imġarr (Mġarr Valley)


*Wied Anġlu (Angel Valley)
*Wied Santa Marija taż-Żellieqa (St. Mary of Zellieqa Valley)
*Wied id-Dies (Madliena Valley / Gharghur Valley)
*Wied id-Dieb (Wolf's Valley)
*WIed Faħam (Coal Valley)


*Wied is-Seqer (Seqer Valley)
*Wied l-Għasri (Għasri Valley)
*Wied Sara (Sara Valley)
*Wied ta' l-Ort (Garden Valley)
*Wied tal-Qattus (Cat Valley)


*Wied il-Kappara (Kappara Valley)


*Wied ta' l-Iklin (Iklin Valley)


*Wied Għammieq (Għammieq Valley)
*Wied ta' Rinella (Rinella Valley)


*Wied il-Ġifna (Ġifna Valley)
*Wied il-Ħmar (Donkey Valley)
*Wied Mans (Mans Valley)
*Wied tal-Grixti (Grixti Valley)
*Wied tal-Lunzjata (Lunzjata Valley)


*Wied Ħal-Lija (Lija Valley)


*Wied Betti (Betti Valley)
*Wied il-Kbir (Grand Valley)
*Wied il-Knejjes (Churches Valley)
*Wied in-Noqor (Noqor Valley)


*Wied iz-Ziju (Ziju Valley)


*Wied il-Ħemsija (Hemsija Valley)


*Wied ta' Ruman (Roman Valley)


*Ras il-Wied
*Wied ta' l-Imsellit (Msellit Valley)
*Wied tal-Ġnejna (Gnejna Valley)


*Wied Ġjananu (Gjananu Valley)
*Wied il-Għasel (Honey Valley)
*Wied is-Sir (Sir Valley)
*Wied Qannotta (Qannotta Valley)
*Wied ta' l-Arkata (Arcade Valley)
*Wied ta' l-Isperanza (Speranza Valley)


*Wied Għollieqa (Għollieqa Valley)
*Wied ta' l-Imsida (Msida Valley)


*Wied is-Saqwi (Saqwi Valley)
*Wied ix-Xlendi (Xlendi Valley)
*Wied l-Għawdxija (Gozotian Woman Valley)
*Wied tal-Kantra (Kantra Valley)


*Wied Binġemma (Binġemma Valley)
*Wied ir-Riħan (Riħan Valley)
*Wied San Blas (San Blas Valley)


*Wied Anġlu (Angel Valley)
*Wied Bordi (Bordi Valley)
*Wied Filep (Philep Valley)
*Wied il-Faħam (Coals Valley)
*Wied il-Għasel (Honey Valley)
*Wied Ta' Kieli (Ta' Kieli Valley)


*Wied Biljun (Bilion Valley)
*Wied Simar (Simar Valley)


*Wied iċ-Ċawsli (Berries Valley)
*Wied il-Kbir (Grand Valley)
*Wied is-Sewda (Sewda Valley)


*Wied Ħoxt (Ħoxt Valley)
*Wied iż-Żurrieq (Żurrieq Valley)

=Rabat, Gozo=

*Wied Beżżum Baw (Bezzum Baw Valley)
*Wied is-Seqer (Seqer Valley)
*Wied Karawendi (Karawendi Valley)
*Wied Sara (Sara Valley)
*Wied ta' Żieta (Ta' Żieta Valley)
*Wied taċ-Ċjanti (Ċjanti Valley)
*Wied tal-Belliegħa (Belliegħa Valley)
*Wied tal-Grazzja (Grazzia Valley)
*Wied tal-Kapuċċini (Capuchins Valley)
*Wied tal-Lunzjata (Lunzjata Valley)

Rabat, Malta

*Wied Gerżuma (Gerzuma Valley)
*Wied il-Baħrija (Baħrija Valley)
*Wied il-Bużbież (Fennel Valley)
*Wied il-Fiddien (Fiddien Valley)
*Wied il-Qliegħa (Chadwick Lakes)
*Wied iż-Żebbuġ (Olives Valley)
*Wied l-Isqof (Bishop Valley)
*Wied Liemu (Liemu Valley)
*Wied Rini (Rini Valley)
*Wied Sant' Antnin (St. Anthony Valley)
*Wied Santi (Santi Valley)
*Wied ta' l-Isqof (Bishop Valley)
*Wied tal-Marġa (Marga Valley)

San Ġiljan

*Wied Għomor (Għomor Valley)
*Wied Ħarq Ħamiem (Harq Hamiem Valley)
*Wied tal-Balluta (Balluta Valley)

San Ġwann

*Wied Għollieqa (Għollieqa Valley)
*Wied Għomor (Għomor Valley)

San Pawl il-Baħar

*Wied Qannotta (Qannotta Valley)
*Wied Sardin (Sardin Valley)

=San Lawrenz=

*Wied Ġuno (Ġuno Valley)
*Wied il-Kbir (Main Valley)
*Wied Merill (Merill Valley)
*Wied tal-Knisja (Church Valley)

Santa Luċija

*Wied Ta' Garnaw (Ta' Garnaw Valley)


*Wied il-Girgenti (Girgenti Valley)
*Wied il-Ħesri (Hesri Valley)
*Wied il-Luq (Luq Valley)
*Wied San Anton (St. Anton Valley)
*Wied Xkora (Sack Valley)


*Wied Għomor (Għomor Valley)
*Wied id-Dis (Dis Valley)
*Wied il-Kbir tas-Swieqi (Swieqi Grand Valley)
*Wied Mejxu (Mejxu Valley)


*Wied Bażżum Baw (Bazzum Baw Valley)
*Wied ta' l-Egħżien (Egħżien Valley)
*Wied ta' l-Għejun (Springs Valley)


*Wied Imġarr ix-Xini (Mġarr ix-Xini Valley)


*Wied Glavan (Glavan Valley)


*Wied ta' Mazza (Mazza Valley)

Żebbuġ, Gozo

*Wied Abjad (White Valley)
*Wied il-Qbajjar (Qbajjar Valley)
*Wied l-Infern (Infern Valley)
*Wied ta' l-Inżit (Nżit Valley)
*Wied ta' Marsalforn (Marsalforn Valley)
*Wied tal-Qliegħa (Qliegħa Valley)

Żebbuġ, Malta

*Wied Inċita (Incita Valley)
*Wied is-Sewda (Sewda Valley)
*Wied Qirda (Qirda Valley)
*Wied ta' Baqqiegħa (Baqqiegħa Valley)
*Wied ta' San Martin (St. Martin Valley)


*Ħajt il-Wied
*Wied tal-Kotob (Kotob Valley)
*Wied iz-Ziju (Ziju Valley)


*Wied Babu (Babu Valley)
*Wied Ganu (Ganu Valley)
*Wied il-Fulija (Fulija Valley)
*Wied iż-Żurrieq (Żurrieq Valley)
*Wied Maqbul (Maqbul Valley)
*Wied Moqbol (Moqbol Valley)

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