Multiplicative case

Multiplicative case

The multiplicative case is a grammatical case used for marking a number of something ("three times").

The case is found in the Hungarian language,[1] for example nyolc (eight), nyolcszor (eight times).[2]

The case appears also in Finnish as an adverbial (adverb-forming) case. Used with a cardinal number it denotes the number of actions; for example, viisi (five) -> viidesti (five times). Used with adjectives it refers to the mean of the action, corresponding the English suffix -ly: kaunis (beautiful) -> kauniisti (beautifully). It is also used with a small number of nouns: leikki (play) -> leikisti (just kidding, not really). In addition, it acts as an intensifier when used with a swearword: piru -> pirusti.[3]


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