Gould (name)

Gould (name)

Gould (pronounced [gu:ld] ) is used as a surname and a family name.

Gould as family name


* Alexander Gould
* Elliott Gould, actor
* Harold Gould
* Kelly Gould
* Jason Gould
* Sandra Gould, American actress and comedienne


* Andrew Gould
* George Jay Gould I, (1864-1923) president of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad and the Western Pacific Railroad
* Daniel Gould, director of telemorphix.net
* Jay Gould, American financier


* Davidge Gould, Royal Navy Admiral
* Gerard Muirhead-Gould, Royal Navy Rear Admiral
* Mick Gould ex-SAS, now working as a film an tv technical adviser.
* Rupert T. Gould, popularizer of science and author of "The Marine Chronometer".
* Thomas William Gould


* Billy Gould
* Glenn Gould, Canadian pianist
** Glenn Gould Studio
** Glenn Gould Prize
** "Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould"
* Morton Gould
* Phil Gould (musician)


* Arthur R. Gould, U.S. Senator
* Bryan Gould, a British politician
* Joseph Gould
* Monica Gould
* Philip Gould
* Tim Gould


* Augustus Addison Gould, American conchologist
* Benjamin A. Gould, American astronomer
* Carl Freylinghausen Gould, American architect
* Cecil Gould, an English art historian
* Gordon Gould, American physicist
* John Gould, English ornithologist
** Gould's Mouse (Pseudomys gouldii), lived in eastern inland Australia
** Gould's Finch (Gouldian Finch), "Chloebia gouldiae", a small bird kept as a pet.
* Laurence McKinley Gould - 20th century American geologist, educator, polar explorer.
* Stephen Jay Gould - American paleontologist and science writer.


* Arthur "Monkey" Gould, Welsh international rugby captain
* Bob Gould, Welsh international rugby player
* Bob Gould, former NHL hockey player, two time Selke nominee
* Bobby Gould, English footballer and manager
* Horace Gould
* Jay Gould II (1888-1935) champion tennis player
* Phil Gould
* Robbie Gould, placekicker for the Chicago Bears
* Shane Gould


* Cara Gould, Australian cartoonist
* Chester Gould, creator of Dick Tracy
* Don Gould, WNBC personality
* Francis Carruthers Gould
* Gerald Gould
* Hal Gould
* Jonny Gould, English broadcaster
* Sabine Baring-Gould
* Steven Gould - American Science Fiction writer
* Thomas R. Gould, an American sculptor
* William Gould, English cleric and naturalist.
* William S. Baring-Gould
* Connor Gould
* Sonya Gould, a dancer.

Gould as middle name

* James Gould Cozzens
* John Gould Fletcher
* Daniel Gould Fowle
* Jacob Gould Schurman
* John Gould Stephenson
* Robert Gould Shaw

ee also

* Goulding
* Gulda

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