List of Russian foreign ministers

List of Russian foreign ministers

This page lists foreign ministers of Russian Empire, Soviet Union, and Russian Federation:

Heads of Posolsky Prikaz, 1549-1699

*Ivan Viskovatyi 1549-62
*Andrey Vasilyev 1562-1570
*Brothers Vasily and Andrey Shchelkalov 1570-1601
*Afanasy Vlasyev 1601-05
*Ivan Gramotin 1605-06, 1610-12, 1618-26, 1634-35
*Vasily Telepnev 1606-10
*Pyotr Tretyakov 1613-18
*Efim Telepnev 1626-30
*Fedor Likhachov 1630-31, 1635-43
*Ivan Gryazev 1632-34
*Grigory Lvov 1643-46
*Nazary Chistoy 1647-48
*Mikhail Volosheninov 1648-53
*Almaz Ivanov 1653-67
*Afanasy Ordin-Nashchokin 1667-71
*Artamon Matveyev 1671-76
*Larion Ivanov 1676-80
*Vasily Volynsky 1680-82
*Vasily Galitzine 1682-89
*Emelian Ukraintsev 1689-99
*Lev Naryshkin 1697-99

Chancellors and vice-chancellors of the Russian Empire, 1699-1801

*Fyodor Golovin 1700-06
*Pyotr Shafirov 1706-08
*Gavriil Golovkin 1706-34
*Andrey Osterman 1734-40
*Aleksey Tcherkassky 1740-42
*Aleksey Bestuzhev-Ryumin 1744-58
*Mikhail Vorontsov 1758-63
*Nikita Panin 1763-81
*Ivan Osterman 1781-97
*Aleksandr Bezborodko 1797-99
*Fyodor Rostopchin 1799-1801
*Nikita Petrovich Panin 1801

Foreign ministers of the Russian Empire, 1801-1917

*Viktor Kochubey 1801-02
*Aleksandr Vorontsov 1802-04
*Adam Jerzy Czartoryski 1804-06
*Andrei Budberg 1806-08
*Nikolay Rumiantsev 1807-14
*Karl Nesselrode 1814-56
*John Capodistria 1816-22 (jointly with Nesselrode)
*Alexander Gorchakov 1856-82
*Nicholas de Giers 1882-95
*Alexei Lobanov-Rostovsky 1895-96
*Nikolay Shishkin 1896-97
*Mikhail Muravyov 1897-1900
*Vladimir Lambsdorff 1900-06
*Alexander Izvolski 1906-10
*Sergey Sazonov 1910-16
*Boris Stürmer 1916
*Nikolay Pokrovsky 1916-17

Foreign Ministers of the Russian Provisional Government, 1917

*Pavel Milyukov March-May, 1917
*Mikhail Tereshchenko May-October, 1917

Foreign Ministers of Soviet Russia

*Leon Trotsky November 1917-March 1918
*Georgy Chicherin 1918-22

Foreign Ministers of the Soviet Union, 1922-91

*Georgy Chicherin 1922-30
*Maxim Litvinov 1930-39
*Vyacheslav Molotov 1939-1949
*Andrey Vyshinsky 1949-1953
*Vyacheslav Molotov 1953-1956
*Dmitri Shepilov June 1956-February 1957
*Andrey Gromyko 1957-85
*Eduard Shevardnadze 1985-91
*Aleksandr Bessmertnykh 1991
*Boris Pankin 1991

Foreign Ministers of the Russian Federation, 1991-

*Andrey Kozyrev 1991-96
*Yevgeny Primakov 1996-98
*Igor Ivanov 1998-2004
*Sergei Lavrov 2004-

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* Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Russia)

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