Social Disorder

Social Disorder


Social Disorder is an NY Hardcore/Metalcore band which was formed in 1986 by Nicholas Vignapiano, Michael Trzesinski and Saul Colon. Joining the band soon after the initial grouping was Ritchie Gianonne, and later Steven Sallas completed the quintet. The band under this lineup turned out a self titled demo in 1987.

With modest success of the initial demo, the band then released the "Agony" demo in 1988 and started playing shows around the East Coast in such clubs as Streets, L'Amour, CBGB's and other venues.

After the Agony demo, Steven Sallas left the band and was replaced by George Chambers on guitar. The band went on to record the 1989 release, "Violent Times". After recording this release, Nick Vignapiano left the band to join Maximum Penalty and then Lament. Nick was replaced by Gil Colon on guitar, who was shortly followed by Glenn Johnson on drums, who replaced Ritchie Gianonne who also went on to play with Maximum Penalty & Lament.

The band was signed by Bodonski Records and released the "Media Lies" EP in or about 1991. In 1992, the band released it's only full length offering, "Goin the Distance" on Lost & Found Records.


The band reformed in 2001 with the "original four" lineup for one show in Brooklyn featuring Brooklyn hardcore bands. Also on the bill was "Inhuman" and "Candiria". The band again regrouped in 2006 with Nick, Mike, Saul, Gil and Glenn Johnson to play two farewell shows at CBGB's, playing with Outburst, Merauder and also with Harley's War.


"Social Disorder" Demo - ca. 1987

"Agony" Demo - ca. 1988

"Violent Times" Demo - ca. 1989

"Media Lies" EP - ca 1991 Bodonski Records

"Goin the Distance" - ca 1992 Lost & Found Records



Vocals - Saul C Guitar/Bass - Nick V

Bass - Mike T

Guitar - Gil C

Drums - Glenn J

Old Lineups:

Social Disorder/Agony - Mike, Nick, Saul, Ritchie, Steve

Violent Times - Mike, Nick, Saul, Ritchie, George Chambers

Media Lies/Goin the Distance - Mike, Gil, Saul, Glenn, Anthony Trzesinski (Guest Guitarist)


[ Band's MySpace Page]

[ @ CBGB's 8/27/2006]

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