Tuner (electronics)

Tuner (electronics)

A tuner is a circuit module or free-standing equipment which detects radio-frequency (RF) signals usually of low amplitude and amplifies them and converts them to a form suitable for further processing.

* A radio tuner receives radio broadcasts and converts them into audio-frequency signals which can be fed into an amplifier driving a loudspeaker. FM tuner, AM tuner, DAB tuner, etc. are types of radio tuner dealing with transmissions using different methods of modulation. The term "tuner" is used both for part of a radio receiver which also contains an amplifier section and for a boxed piece of equipment to be connected to a separate amplifier.

* A television tuner converts an RF television transmission into audio and video signals which can be further processed to produce sound and a picture. Different tuners are used for different television standards such as PAL, NTSC, ATSC, SECAM, DVB-C, DVB-T, T-DMB, open cable. For example, as the United States switches off its NTSC analog television services in 2009, ATSC tuners will be used to convert existing analog receivers for over-the-air reception.

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