Vogt (surname)

Vogt (surname)

Vogt is the surname of:

Politicians and civil servants:

  • Benjamin Vogt (politician) (1863–1947), Norwegian politician
  • David Vogt (1793–1861), Norwegian politician
  • Hersleb Vogt (born 1912), Norwegian diplomat
  • Hilde Vogt (born 1945), Norwegian politician
  • Jan Fredrik Vogt (born 1974), Norwegian politician
  • Jørgen Vogt (1900–1972), Norwegian politician
  • Jørgen Herman Vogt (1784–1862), Norwegian politician
  • Lorenz Juhl Vogt (1828–1901), Norwegian politician
  • Nils Vogt (politician) (1817–1894), Norwegian politician
  • Nils Vogt (civil servant) (1926–2000), Norwegian civil servant
  • Niels Nielsen Vogt (1798–1869), Norwegian politician
  • Paul Benjamin Vogt (1863–1947), Norwegian politician
  • Roland Vogt (born 1941), German politician
  • Svend Borchmann Hersleb Vogt (1852–1923), Norwegian politician
  • Vogt v. Germany

In science:

  • Erich Vogt (born 1929), Canadian physicist
  • Evon Z. Vogt (1918–2004), American anthropologist
  • Hans Vogt (1903–1986), Norwegian linguist
  • Johan Herman Lie Vogt (1858–1932), Norwegian geologist
  • Karl Vogt (1817–1895), German scientist
  • Marthe Louise Vogt (1903–2003), German neuroscientist
  • Thorolf Vogt (1888–1958), Norwegian geologist
  • William Vogt (1902-1968), American ornithologist and writer of global population issues

In medicine and psychiatry:


In the arts:


  • Doug Vogt, Canadian photojournalist and cameraman
  • Nils Vogt (editor) (1859–1927), Norwegian newspaper editor
  • Per Vogt (1903–1971), Norwegian journalist


  • Hannah Vogt (1910–1994), German historian
  • Johan Herman Vogt (1900–1991), Norwegian economist
  • Kari Vogt (born 1939), Norwegian historian of religion
  • Miriam Vogt (born 1967), German alpine skier
  • Volrath Vogt (1817–1889), Norwegian theologist

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