Heinrich Vogt

Heinrich Vogt

Heinrich Vogt (1875-04-23, Regensburg – 1936, Bad Pyrmont) was a German neurologist. He published papers on tuberous sclerosis and Batten disease. Later he became a professor of psychiatry and published a handbook on the treatment of nervous diseases. In 1925, he moved to the spa town of Bad Pyrmont, where his interests moved onto balneotherapy.

Vogt was amongst the first physicians to study "juvenile amaurotic familial idiocy" (Batten disease). He published two papers on the subject in 1905 and 1911.

In 1908, Vogt published a paper "Zur Diagnostik der tuberösen Sklerose" (The Diagnosis of Tuberous Sclerosis). He established three pathognomonic clinical signs for the condition: epilepsy, idiocy and adenoma sebaceum. These became known as "Vogt's triad" and helped define the condition for the next 60 years.

His two-volume "Handbuch der Therapie der Nervenkrankheiten" (Handbook on the Treatment of Nervous Diseases) was published in 1916.

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