Shapiro is a Yiddish surname which occasionally is said to be derived from the medieval name of Speyer, Germany. [] However, the word Shapiro is Aramaic (probably derived from the Hebrew word "sapir" (ספיר), usually translated as "sapphire" but which refers not to the sapphire gemstone but to the lapis lazuli and reputed to be the stone which represented the tribe of Issachar on the breastplate of the high priest of Israel and thus identifying the Shapiro family with that tribe) and appears, for example, in the 11th Century Aramaic-language Jewish religious poem Akdamus a/k/a Akdamuth (line 45) and in Onkelos' commentary on Genesis 29:17. Onkelos' commentary, believed to have been written around 110 CE, long predated the naming of Speyer (as Spira) in approximately 500 CE, and therefore has given rise to a family tradition that the city was renamed for the family and not vice-versa.

Notable people with the surname include:

* Adam Shapiro, American activist
* Alex Shapiro, American composer
* Ari Shapiro, a reporter with National Public Radio
* Arthur K. Shapiro, psychiatrist and expert on the Tourette syndrome (1923–1995)
* Ascher H. Shapiro, MIT professor and expert in the Fluid Dynamics (1916–2004)
* Ben Shapiro, conservative American political columnist
* Bernard Shapiro, academic, civil servant
* Beth Shapiro, evolutionary biologist
* Carl Shapiro, economist and mathematician
* Carol Harris-Shapiro, Reconstructionist rabbi
* Chaim Elazar Shapiro, rabbi
* Charles S. Shapiro, American diplomat
* Christian Shapiro, American writer
* Darin Shapiro, American wakeboarder
* David Shapiro (poet), American poet
* David Shapiro, American documentary maker, (Keep the River on Your Right), brother of Laurie Gwen Shapiro
* Ehud Shapiro, scientist
* Elisha Shapiro, American neo-Dada artist & presidential candidate.
* Ephraim Shapiro,Orthodox rabbi
* Eric Shapiro, American writer
* Florence Shapiro, American politician
* Fred Shapiro, American lawyer and fraudster
* Fred R. Shapiro, American legal librarian and editor
* George Shapiro, American Talent Producer
* Harold S. Shapiro, mathematics professor
* Harold T. Shapiro, American university president
* Helen Shapiro, British singer
* Ian Shapiro, American political scientist
* Ilya Pyatetskii-Shapiro, mathematician
* Irwin I. Shapiro, astrophysicist
* Israel Shapiro, convicted sex offender
* Jacob Shapiro, Jewish Mobster
* James Shapiro, director of the "Clinical Islet Transplant Program" at the University of Alberta
* James S. Shapiro, professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University and non-fiction author
* Jeremy Shapiro
* Jeremy J. Shapiro
* Jim Shapiro, musician (Veruca Salt)
* Joel Shapiro
* Justine Shapiro
* Karl Jay Shapiro, United States poet
* Laurie Gwen Shapiro, American novelist and filmmaker
* Lee Shapiro, American film maker, killed by the Soviet military in Afghanistan
* Linda Hopkins Shapiro
* Mark Shapiro, general manager of the Cleveland Indians baseball team
* Meir Shapiro, Orthodox rabbi
* Mendel Shapiro
* Meyer Shapiro
* Michael Shapiro
* Michael G. Shapiro
* Michael J. Shapiro
* Neal Shapiro
* Paul Shapiro
* Rashi Shapiro, Orthodox rabbi, Jewish folk-rock musician, psychologist
* Refael Shapiro, Orthodox rabbi
* Robert Shapiro, celebrity defense lawyer
* Robert J. Shapiro, economist
* Robert H. Shapiro (1935-2004), American chemist
* Sam Shapiro
* Saul Shapiro
* Sidney Shapiro
* Stanley J. Shapiro
* Steve Shapiro, American music producer
* Stewart Shapiro, philosopher and logician
* Ted Shapiro
* Theodore Shapiro
* William Shapiro, government attorney

ee also

* Schapiro
* Shapero
* Spira

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