Nevena Tsoneva

Nevena Tsoneva
Nevena Tsoneva
Birth name Невена Цонева
Born August 17, 1986 (1986-08-17) (age 25)
Origin Sevlievo, Bulgaria
Genres Pop, R&B
Years active 2007–present
Labels Universal Music Bolgaria/Virginia Records

Nevena Tsoneva (Bulgarian: Невена Цонева) (born 17 August 1986 in Sevlievo) is a Bulgarian singer who won the first season of the Bulgarian television series Music Idol in 2007.[1]



Early career

Born Nevena Tsvetanova Tsoneva, she began accompanying her dad to bar and restaurant performances at age six, and soon became a regular on the mic. After winning several awards Nevena recorded her first album at age13, with the help of her ambitious father.

She conquered "Hit-1" with Christina Aguilera's song "The Voice Within". Two years later she won another contest, "Burgas i Moreto"("Burgas and the Sea"), performing the song "Moe More"("My Sea")- music by Mitko Shterev, lyrics: Lozan Takev. Nevena then recorded a pop-folk album, supported by her dad again. He wrote a song for the young star, called "Molitva za Teb" ("A Prayer for You"), which they often performed together.

Music Idol

As a youngster, Nevena admired the singer Gloria and therefore auditioned for the first season of the Bulgarian TV show Music idol, where Gloria was one of the judges on the panel. At the first audition, Nevena performed "The Voice Within", "Danyova mama", Silvia Katzarova's "Topul Duzhd" and "Tsiganska e Dushata" a song by Gloria. She then made it to the finals, along with 11 other contestants. She gained an immediate advantage over the others after performing her first song, "Moi Stih" by Neli Rangelova. After a tough music battle, Nevena made it to the last round with competitor Teodor Kojchinov. In the end, she won 64% of the votes, thus becoming Bulgaria's first Music Idol.

Song performances on Music Idol

Week # (Date) Song Original Artist Theme Result
Top 11 (3/26) "Neobiasnimi Neshta" Neli Rangelova choice of song dating back to the contestant's year of birth Safe
Top 10 (4/2) "It's Raining Men" Weather Girls Everlasting hits Safe
Top 9 (4/9) "Placheshto Sartze" Sofi Marinova pop-folk performance Top 2
Top 8 (4/16) "My Heart Will Go On" Celine Dion Movie soundtrack performance: Titanic Top 3
Top 7 (4/23) "Krepost" Gloria song originally performed by a Music Idol judge Safe
Top 6 (4/30) "Burya"
"Ludo Mlado"
duet performance with a singer: Ustata
duet performance with a finalist: Preslava Peycheva
Top 5 (5/7) "Hit the Road Jack"
"Proshepnati mechti"
Ray Charles
Kamelia Todorova
English language performance
Bulgarian language performance
Top 4 (5/14) "Lane Moje"
"Gyöngyhajú Lány"
Željko Joksimović
performance in a foreign language: Serbian
performance in a foreign language: Hungarian
Btm 3
Top 3 (5/21) "Objection"
"Neveno Mome"
performance with a ballet
performance with a folk choir
Top 2
Top 2 (5/28) "Daniova Mama"
"Edna Balgarska Roza"
Bulgarian traditional folk song
Pasha Hristova
From the opera Carmen
performance with a choir
song about Bulgaria
classical music
Top 2
Final (6/7) "I Will Always Love You"
"The Show Must Go On"
"The Voice Within"
Dolly Parton (covered by Whitney Houston)
Christina Aguilera
arranged for brass band
viewer's choice
contestant's choice
Post-win (6/7) "Izel ye Delyo Haydutin" Bulgarian folk song Bagpipe accompaniment Finale

Post-Music Idol

Nevena signed a record deal with Virginia Records (representative of Universal Music Group for Bulgaria), which was the prize as a winner of the Music Idol contest. Her first duet with Slavi Trifonov, a song called "Gestoka"("Cruel"), came out some weeks later and became a hit. Her first single "Za tebe Pesen Nyamam" ("I Have no Song for You"), a mix of modern pop and R&B, was released on September 28, 2007. The single debuted on Slavi's show and its video came out a month later. Nevena's first solo album appeared on the 16th of November, 2007 and contained eleven songs, including an English-language version of "Za tebe Pesen Nyamam". Many of the album's songs were written by Rushi Vidinliev.



  • Без страх (Bez Strah, "No Fear") (2007)


  • Жестока featuring Слави Трифонов & Ku-Ku Band (Jestoka) (2007)
  • За тебе песен нямам (Za Tebe Pesen Nianam) (2007)
  • Не изчезвай (Ne izchezvai) (2007)
  • Всеки път обиквам те featuring Tеодор Койчинов (Vseki pyt obikvam te) (2008)
  • Името ми (Imeto mi) (2008)
  • Zoom (Bad Boys vs. Super Girls) featuring Marius Moga and NiVo (2009)
  • Бяла зима "White winter)" (2010)
  • "Слагам край "Put an End" with Miro and Krisko (2011)


  • 1999 - Winner in the "Become a Star" - Gabrovo, Bulgaria
  • 2002 - First place in the international festival "Golden Harlequin" - Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
  • 2004 - Winner for March in the "Hit minus one" of Television
  • 2006 - Grand Prize in the "Burgas and the Sea", "Young Artist"
  • 2006 - Grand Jury Prize in the "Burgas and the Sea" with the song "My Sea" (music and arrangement - Mitko Shterev, text - Lausanne Takev)
  • 2007 - Winner of the first edition of the music format "Music Idol"
  • 2008 - Award "Miss Golden stag" at the International Festival "Golden stag" - Brasov, Romania
  • 2008 - Award "BG debut" of the Annual Music Awards "BG Radio"
  • 2008 - Award "BG album" Annual Music Awards "BG Radio"
  • 2008 - Prize "Best Debut" from Annual Television Music Awards "MM"
  • 2008 - Award "BG album" Annual Television Music Awards "MM"
  • 2008 - Award "BG pop music debut in 2007 'Annual Music Awards Television" Fan "
  • 2008 - Award "BG Pop Album of 2007" Annual Television Music Awards "Fan"
  • 2008 - Award "BG pop hit in 2007" Annual Television Music Awards "Fan"
  • 2008 - Award of viewers Annual Television Music Awards "Fan"
  • 2009 - Award "BG artist" Annual Music Awards "BG Radio"

Special performances

  • 2000 - Participant in the "Golden Mustang" - Varna, Bulgaria
  • 2007 - Two concerts for the Bulgarian community in London, England
  • 2007 - special guest - artist in the national tour of Slavi Trifonov and Ku-Ku Band - "We continue"
  • 2008 - participation in "Eurovision Bulgaria" with the song "Beat It" (music-Gechev Miro and Carla Rahal; text - Vanya Shtereva; arrangement - Miro Gechev)
  • 2008 - Guests at the evening show-rated TV Pro TV - "Happy hour", Romania
  • 2008 - Concert for the Bulgarian community in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 2009 - Special guest performer in the national tour of Slavi Trifonov and Ku-Ku Band - "No mercy"
  • 2010 - Special guest performer in the show program "People of Fame"
  • 2010 - Concert for the Bulgarian community in Nicosia, Cyprus


Year Song Chart positions Album
2007 "Jestoka" ft. Слави Трифонов & Ku-Ku Band 1 Bez Strah
2007 "Za Tebe Pesen Nianam" 35 Bez Strah
2007 "Ne Izchezvai" 6 Participant in choice on Bulgarian Song for Eurovision 2008 - semifinal and final
2008 "Vseki pyt obikvam te" ft. Теодор Койчинов 1 Bez Strah
2008 "Imeto mi" (release: December 2008) 7 TBR
2009 "Zoom (Bad Boys vs. Super Girls)" ft. Marius Moga and NiVo 3 TBR
2010 "Bqla zima"(White winter) TBR TBR


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