Air Force blue

Air Force blue

Air Force blue is a medium shade of the colour azure. This shade gets its name from the medium bluish-gray colour which is associated with the Royal Air Force and other air forces which use the colour to mark out their particular service identity. In the modern RAF, the shirts worn as part of the service dress and service working dress uniforms are both air force blue. Air Force blue is also the predominant colour of the Royal Air Force Ensign.

The source of this colour is the Royal Air Force flag displayed within the history pages of the official website of the Royal Air Force: [ Go to Chapter 7—Cultural & Organizational Heritage; click on this chapter and a PDF file will come up; go to page 370, which is page 56 of 66 in the PDF file—there will be a May 1948 picture of the flag displaying the official colours of the Royal Air Force by the King’s heraldry scribe:]

The flag of the Royal Air Force was officially adopted on 24 March 1921. [ [ Detailed timeline for adoption of the RAF flag:] ]


The shade of the colour that is shown above as "air force blue" (other air forces use other shades of the colour) is used in the ensigns of the air forces of the other three major nations of the Commonwealth of Nations besides the United Kingdom itself that are inhabited primarily by people of Anglo-Saxon origin, i.e., the Canadian Forces Air Command, the Royal Australian Air Force, and the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

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