April 10-11, 2001 tornado outbreak

April 10-11, 2001 tornado outbreak

Infobox tornado outbreak|name=April 10-11, 2001 tornado outbreak
date=April 10-11, 2001
image location=April 10,11 2001.png

duration=48 hours
tornadoes=79 [ [http://www.tornadohistoryproject.com/tornado.php?yr=2001&mo=4&day=10&st=%25&fu=%25&co=Any&l=auto&submit=Table&ddat=on&dtim=on&dsta=on&dfuj=on&dfat=on&dinj=on&dlen=on&dcou=on&format=basic&p=1&s=1 Tornado Database, Tornado Maps, Tornado Paths ] ] [ [http://www.tornadohistoryproject.com/tornado.php?yr=2001&mo=4&day=11&st=%25&fu=%25&co=Any&l=auto&submit=Table&ddat=on&dtim=on&dsta=on&dfuj=on&dfat=on&dinj=on&dlen=on&dcou=on&format=basic&p=1&s=1 Tornado Database, Tornado Maps, Tornado Paths ] ]
total damages (USD)=$23.75 (2001 USD)
total fatalities=4
areas affected=Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois
The April 10-11, 2001 tornado outbreak was a large tornado outbreak which affected the central Great Plains on April 10-11, 2001. During the two-day outbreak, it produced a total of 79 tornadoes across eight states including Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan. Four people were killed, 18 injured, and more than $23 million in damage was reported. [http://www4.ncdc.noaa.gov/cgi-win/wwcgi.dll?wwevent~storms NCDC Storm Events-Select State ] ] The fatalities were reported in Oklahoma, Iowa and Missouri including two from a single tornado in Wapello County, Iowa.

The strongest tornado tracked for over 75 miles from northern Missouri to near Des Moines, Iowa causing extensive damage to several structures. In addition to that storm, a supercell on April 10th produced the largest and most damaging hail swath in history; as well as ten tornadoes.

Tornado event

The first tornadoes developped during the late afternoon across west-central Missouri and mostly tracked near Interstate 70 eastward towards the St. Louis Metropolitan Area during the first half of the evening before weakening in Illinois. In addition the damaging hail (see Tri-State hailstorm section for details), several weak tornadoes were confirmed. One tornado however killed one person inside a mobile home near the Fulton area in Callaway County [ [http://www4.ncdc.noaa.gov/cgi-win/wwcgi.dll?wwevent~ShowEvent~431127 NCDC: Event Details ] ]

A new wave of tornadoes touched down further to the west in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas during the late evening and overnight hours. One person was killed in Coal County, Oklahoma by an F2 tornado that threw the mobile for about 200 yards before being destroyed. [ [http://www4.ncdc.noaa.gov/cgi-win/wwcgi.dll?wwevent~ShowEvent~438187 NCDC: Event Details ] ] Several other significant tornadoes also caused extensive damage across southern Oklahoma, northern Texas and both the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles until activity slowed down after dawn on April 11.

A final wave of tornadoes developed during the late morning and the afternoon hours mostly across Iowa where some of the strongest tornadoes took place. One tornado during the late morning carved a path of about 75 miles from northeast of Kansas City, Missouri to just southwest of Des Moines, Iowa. Several homes were destroyed or heavily damaged (earning an F3 rating) although there were no fatalities with this storm [ [http://www4.ncdc.noaa.gov/cgi-win/wwcgi.dll?wwevent~ShowEvent~421540 NCDC: Event Details ] ] Later during the day, an F2 tornado killed two people in Agency, Iowa (Wapello County) and destroyed or heavily damaged dozens of structures including a Lodge. The outbreak ended across western Michigan during the late afternoon.

Tornado Table

Confirmed tornadoes

April 10 event

April 11 event

Tri-state hailstorm

On April 10, a long-lived supercell thunderstorm moved from south-southwest of Kansas City, Kansas, across Missouri and often along I-70, impacting Columbia before striking the St. Louis metropolitan area, continuing into southern Illinois. It spawned ten weak tornadoes, one of which resulted in the first tornado fatality in Missouri since 1994.

Additionally, it produced the largest (in area) and longest (in distance and duration) recorded swath of very large hail, up to baseball size, and also incurred the largest damages of any hailstorm in U.S. history. At $2 billion in insured losses, it was more damaging than the most damaging tornado, in real dollars, the Oklahoma City Tornado of May 3, 1999. [http://www.crh.noaa.gov/lsx/?n=april_10_2001 April 10th 2001] ] cite conference |first=Fred H. |last=Glass |coauthors=M.F. Britt |title=The Historic Missouri-Illinois High Precipitation Supercell of 10 April 2001 |booktitle=21st Conference on Severe Local Storms |publisher=American Meteorological Society |date=Aug 2002 |location=San Antonio, TX |url=http://ams.confex.com/ams/SLS_WAF_NWP/techprogram/paper_47280.htm ] cite journal |last=Changon |first=Stanley A. |coauthors=J. Burroughs |title=The Tristate Hailstorm: The Most Costly on Record |journal=Monthly Weather Review |volume=131 |issue=8 |pages=1734-9 |publisher=American Meteorological Society |location= |date=Aug 2003 |url=http://ams.allenpress.com/perlserv/?request=get-abstract&doi=10.1175%2F%2F2549.1 ]

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