Energy (disambiguation)

Energy (disambiguation)

Energy is the physical quantity measured in physics and other sciences.

Energy may also refer to

In science:
*Energy (society), energy resources such as fuel and electricity
*Energy (signal processing), the energy Es of a continuous-time signal x(t)
*Energy (psychological), the energy that powers mental processes

In philosophy:
*In Aristotelism, "energeia", the general principle of "activity" by an actor
**Essence-Energies distinction, a concept in Eastern Orthodox theology
**Action (philosophy)
*A concept in vitalism
*Energy (esotericism), a putative all-pervasive spirit
* Vīrya, energy as part of the Buddhist path to Enlightenment

In places:
*Energy, Illinois, a village in the USA
*Energy, Texas, a settlement in the USA

In music:
*"Energy" (album), by Operation Ivy
*Energy (band), a Taiwanese boy group
*Energy Rekords, a record label
*"Energy" (Keri Hilson song)
*"Energy", a song by The Pillows from "Pantomime"
*"Energy", a song by The Apples in Stereo from "New Magnetic Wonder"
*"Energy", a song in the "LazyTown" soundtrack

In radio stations:
*KNGY, Energy 92.7, San Francisco, California, USA
*KNRJ, Energy 92.7 & 101.1, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
*KBZD, Energy 99.7, Amarillo, Texas, USA
*NRJ Radio, Paris, France

ee also

*Energetic mood
*List of energy topics
*Health (game mechanic), often called energy

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