Palmer (surname)

Palmer (surname)

Palmer is a surname.Family name
name = Palmer

pronunciation =
meaning = a pilgrim to the Holy Land, named from the palm worn to signify the journey
region = England
origin = Anglo-Saxon
related names =
footnotes = [ [ 1990 Census Name Files ] ]

People of note with the surname Palmer

*Alexander Mitchell Palmer, (1872–1936), American politician, Attorney General of the US 1919–1921
*Alice Freeman Palmer, (1855–1902), American educator
*Andy Palmer, guitarist for anarcho punk band Crass
*Amanda Palmer (journalist), Australian journalist
*Amanda Palmer (1976–), American singer and pianist
*Arnold Palmer (1929–), American champion golfer
*Austin Norman Palmer (1860–1927), American author of the Palmer Method of penmanship
*Barbara Palmer, 1st Duchess of Cleveland (1640–1709), English mistress of King Charles II
*Benjamin M. Palmer (1818–1902), American theologian and church leader
*Bertha Palmer (1849–1918), American businesswoman, socialite, and philanthropist
*Betsy Palmer (1926–), American actress
*B. J. Palmer (1882–1961), American chiropractor
*Bruce Palmer, Jr. (1913–2000), American army general
*Bruce Palmer (1946–2004), Canadian folk-rock musician
*Bruce Palmer (basketball) (contemporary), a American-born international basketball coach
*Carl Palmer (1950–), English musician of the trio Emerson, Lake & Palmer
*Carson Palmer (1979–), American professional football player
*Sir Charles Mark Palmer, 1st Baronet (1822–1907), British shipbuilder and Liberal MP
*Charles Palmer (cricketer) (1919–2005), English county and test cricketer and cricket administrator
*Charles Stuart William Palmer (1930–2001) British Judoka (10th Dan)
*Daniel David Palmer (1845–1913), Canadian-American chiropractor
*Dee Palmer (1937–), British musician with the rock band Jethro Tull
*Diana Palmer (1946–), American bestselling author of romantic novels
*Earl Palmer (1924–), American rock-and-roll drummer
*Edward Palmer (socialist) (1802-1886), American utopian socialist
*Edward Palmer (1809–1889), Canadian politician from Prince Edward Island
*Edward Palmer (botanist) (1829–1911), English botanist
*Edward Henry Palmer (1840–1882), English orientalist
*Elihu Palmer (1794–1806), American ex-Baptist minister and author
*Erastus Dow Palmer (1817–1904), American sculptor
*Ernest Palmer (1885–1978), American cinematographer
*Felicity Palmer (1944–), English operatic soprano
*Floyd Palmer (contemporary), business man and founder of Palmer Bus Company
*Francis W. Palmer (1827–1907), American publisher and politican
*Garrick Palmer, (1933–), British painter, wood engraver and photographer
*Geoffrey Palmer (politician) (1942–), Prime Minister of New Zealand 1989–1990
*Geoffrey Palmer (actor) (1927–), English comedy actor
*George Palmer disambiguation
*Harold E. Palmer (1887–1949), Linguist, Phonetician, Founder of IRLT
*Harry Palmer (photographer) (1930–), Canadian photographer
*Harry Palmer (Avatar) (1944–), American founder of the Avatar self-development system
*Helen Palmer (1974–), British archer, 2004 Olympics contestant
*Henry Spencer Palmer (1838–1893), British army military engineer and surveyor
*Herbert James Palmer (1851–1939), Canadian politician from Prince Edward Island
*Herbert Edward Palmer (1880–1961), English poet and critic
*James Shedden Palmer (1810–1867), American admiral in the US Navy during the Civil War
*Jared Palmer (1971–), American professional tennis player
*Jesse Palmer (1978–), Canadian professional football player
*Jim Palmer (1945–), American professional baseball player
*John Palmer (1785–1840), American politician, representative from New York
*John M. Palmer (politician) (1817–1900), American soldier and politician, Governor of Illinois 1869–1873
*John R. Palmer (1968–), Canadian songwriter, poet, author, politician and radio personality
*John McAuley Palmer (1870–1955), American general during World Wars I & II
*Jonathan Palmer (1956&ndsah;), British race-car driver and racing commentator
*Jonathan Palmer (American football) (1983–), American professional football player
*June Palmer (1940–2004), British model
*Keke Palmer (1993–), American actress (Jump In, "Runaway Love" music video by Ludacris)
*Lilli Palmer (1914–1986), German-American actress
*Lowell Palmer (1947–), American baseball player
*Mark Palmer (1941–), American statesman, former ambassador to Hungary
*Michael Palmer (1943–), American poet and translator
*Michael Palmer (1942–), American novelist
*Michael Palmer (1945–), American orchestral conductor
*Missy Palmer (contemporary), voice actor
*Nathaniel Palmer (1799–1877), American whaling sailor, first American to see Antarctica
*Nick Palmer (1950–), British politician and member of parliament
*Olive Palmer (1902–1976), second wife of John Diefenbaker, 13th Prime Minister of Canada
*Parker Palmer (1939–), American author, educator and activist
*Pete Palmer (contemporary), American baseball statistician
*Phoebe Palmer (1807–1874), American Methodist evangelist and writer
*Potter Palmer (1826–1902), American businessman and real estate developer in Chicago, Illinois
*Raymond A. Palmer (1910–1977), American science fiction writer
*Robert Roswell Palmer (1909–2002), American historian
*Robert Palmer (author/producer) (1945–1977), American writer and musician
*Robert Palmer (singer) (1949–2003), English singer
*Roger Palmer, 1st Earl of Castlemaine (1634–1705), Irish earl, husband of Barbara Villiers Palmer
*Roger Palmer (footballer) (1959–), English ex-footballer
*Ronald Palmer (contemporary) Australian ex-rugby player and trainer
*Roundell Palmer, 1st Earl of Selborne (1812–1895), British politician
*Ryan Palmer (golfer) (1976–), American professional golfer
*Ryan Palmer (contemporary), Jamaican chess champion and teacher
*Samuel Palmer (1805–1881), English landscape painter
*Sandra Palmer (1943–), American professional golfer
*Shaun Palmer (1968–), a professional snowboarder
*Shelly Palmer (contemporary), American composer of television music
*Stanley Palmer, American academic
*Steve Palmer (1968–), a professional English footballer
*Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (1971–), British TV personality, model and pianist
*Tom G. Palmer (1956–), American libertarian
*Vance and Nettie Palmer (Vance: 1885–1959; Nettie: 1885–1964), Australian literary figures
*Walter Palmer (1968–), a professional basketball player
*Walter Palmer (Puritan) (1585–1661), founder of New London, Connecticut
*William Palmer (murderer) (1824–1856), English physician and murderer
*William Jackson Palmer (1836–1909), American industrialist and general in the American Civil War
*William Waldegrave Palmer, 2nd Earl of Selborne (1859–1942), British politician

Fictional persons

*Palmer, a character in "Final Fantasy VII"
*Chili Palmer, character from Elmore Leonard's novels "Get Shorty" and "Be Cool"
*David Palmer, Sandra Palmer, Sherry Palmer and Wayne Palmer characters in television series "24"
*Deacon Palmer and Kelly Palmer, characters on the American television series "The King of Queens"
*Diana Palmer, character in the American comic strip "The Phantom"
*Farmer Palmer, character in the British comic "Viz"
*Harry Palmer, character in films based on spy novels by Len Deighton
*Laura Palmer, character on the television series "Twin Peaks"
*Raymond Palmer, "real" name of The Atom in DC Comics



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