Lucas (surname)

Lucas (surname)

Lucas is a surname. It is probably a contraction of Latin "Lucanus", lit. "of Lucania". Lucania itself took its name from the "Lucani" who came to dominate the area for a time.

People with the surname Lucas

*Andrea Lucas, blonde
*Albert Lucas, American juggler
*Anthony Francis Lucas, Texan oilman
*Antoinette Lucas, American field hockey player
*Al Lucas, American footballer
*A. P. Lucas, English cricketer
*Caroline Lucas, British politician
*Charles Lucas, Royalist general in the English Civil War
*Charles Lucas (musician), British cellist, Principal of the Royal Academy of Music
*Charles Lucas (politician) (1713–1771), British politician and physician
*Charles Davis Lucas, Irish soldier
*Charlotte Lucas, British actress
*Clarence Lucas, Canadian composer
*Colin Renshaw Lucas, British historian
*Craig Lucas, American playwright
*David Lucas, pseudonym of American voice actor Steven Blum
*Dick Lucas, British singer
*E. V. Lucas, British essayist
*Edouard Lucas, French number theorist
*Edward Lucas, one of several people including:
**Edward Lucas (director), American film director
**Edward Lucas (journalist), British journalist
*Eliza Lucas, introduced silk cultivation in South Carolina
*F. L. Lucas, British literary critic
*Frank Lucas, American politician
*Frederic Augustus Lucas, American anatomist
*Gary Lucas, American musician
*Gary Lucas (baseball player), an American former baseball player
*George Lucas, American film maker
*George W. Lucas, American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient
*Henry Lucas, British politician, for whom the Lucasian Chair is named
*Henry Lee Lucas, American convicted murderer
*Ian Lucas, British politician
*Isaac Benson Lucas, Canadian politician
*Isabel Lucas, Australian actress
*Isabelle Lucas (1927–1997), British actress and singer
*James Lucas (see Lucas Brothers, Builders), builder of St Pancras railway station
*Jean Jacques Etienne Lucas, noted French naval officer
*Jean Lucas, French racing driver
*Jeanne Hopkins Lucas, American politician
*Jerry Lucas, American basketball player
*Jett Lucas, American actor, son of George Lucas
*John Lucas, one of several people including:
**John Lucas (comics), American comic book artist
**John Lucas (philosopher)
**Sir John Lucas (royalist)
**John Lucas (VC), recipient of the Victoria Cross
**John Lucas II, American basketball player, NBA
**John Lucas III, American basketball player, son of John Lucas II
**John Meredyth Lucas, screenwriter, director
**John P. Lucas, American general in World War II
**John Seymour Lucas, British artist
*Joseph Lucas, British automotive electrical components manufacturer - Lucas Automotive, LucasVarity
*Josh Lucas, American actor
*Ken Lucas, American politician
*Malcolm M. Lucas, American judge
*Matt Lucas, British comedian
*Maurice Lucas, American basketball player
*Michael Lucas, one of several people including:
**Michael Lucas (director)
**Michael Lucas (political activist), artist, designer and political activist
*Nathaniel Lucas, convict transported to Australia
*Ray Lucas, American football player
*Reggie Lucas, American songwriter and producer
*Robert Lucas (governor), American politician
*Robert Lucas (21st Century Ohio politician), American politician
*Robert Lucas, Jr., American economist (Lucas critique)
*Sam Lucas, American actor
*Sarah Lucas, British artist
*Scott Lucas, one of several people including:
**Scott W. Lucas (1892–1968), U.S. Senator and Senate Majority Leader from Illinois
**Scott Lucas (footballer) (born 1977), Australian footballer
**Scott Lucas (musician), founding member of Local H
*Spencer G. Lucas, American paleontologist
*Steve Lucas, commander of Canadian Forces Air Command
*Trevor Lucas, Australian folk-rock musician
*Victor Lucas, Canadian writer and TV show director
*Vrain Denis-Lucas, French forger
*Werner Lucas, German pilot
*Wilfred Lucas, Canadian film actor and director

As an aristocratic family name, for Baron Lucas of Crudwell
*Mary Grey, Countess of Kent, 1st Baroness Lucas of Crudwell (d. 1702)
*Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Kent, 2nd Baron Lucas of Crudwell (1671-1740)
*Anthony Grey, Earl of Harold, 3rd Baron Lucas of Crudwell (1695-1723)
*Jemima Yorke, 2nd Marchioness Grey, 4th Baroness Lucas of Crudwell (1722-1797)
*Thomas de Grey, 2nd Earl de Grey, 6th Baron Lucas of Crudwell (1781-1859)
*Anne Florence Cowper, 7th Baroness Lucas of Crudwell (1806-1880)
*Francis Cowper, 7th Earl Cowper, 8th Baron Lucas of Crudwell (1834-1905)
*Auberon Herbert, 9th Baron Lucas of Crudwell (1876-1916)
*Nan Ino Cooper, 10th Baron Lucas of Crudwell (1880-1958)
*Anne Rosemary Palmer, 11th Baroness Lucas of Crudwell (1919-1991)
*Ralph Palmer, 12th Baron Lucas of Crudwell (b. 1951)

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