Janssen (surname)

Janssen (surname)

Janssen may refer to:

* Zacharias Janssen (1580–1638), a Dutch spectacle-maker; invented a compound microscope.
* Johannes Janssen (1829–1891), German historian.
* Pierre Jules César Janssen (1824–1907), French astronomer.
* Saint Arnold Janssen (1837–1909), German founder of the Society of the Divine Word.
* Constant Janssen (1895-1970), Belgian founder of predecessor of Janssen Pharmaceutica.
* Famke Janssen (born 1965), Dutch-American actress.
* David Janssen (1931–1980), American film and television actor.
* Horst Janssen (1929–1995), German printmaker.
* Paul Janssen (1926–2003), Belgian founder of Janssen Pharmaceutica.
* Jan Janssen (born 1940), a Dutch professional cyclist.
* Ruud Janssen (born 1959), Dutch Fluxus and mail artist.
* Bert Janssen (born 1958), Dutch researcher of Quantum Physics and Inka Shamanism
* Casey Janssen(born 1981), American baseball player for the Toronto Blue Jays

ee also

* Jansen
* Janssens

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