Tucker (surname)

Tucker (surname)

Tucker is a surname.

Derivation of name

The origin of the name is not entirely sure, but since it has a long history as a surname on both the continent as in England -and from thereon also in the United States- it presumably has the same Saxon roots. There are several explanations, all based on the presumption the origin of the name is Saxon. The Saxons were a Northeuropean people living in the Northwestern part of the current Germany and the Northeastern part of what now is The Netherlands. The Romans never ruled them and after they left, the power of the Saxons in the region grew. In the 5th century A.C. there expansion policy took them across the Northsea to England. There they established power in most parts of the country. Linguistically the word 'tucker' is assumed to be related to the German 'tucher', meaning clothweaver. This linguistic origin is also recognizable in the English meaning, were the meaning of 'tucker' is related to (spinning of) lace and to the profession of a 'fuller'. It nevertheless is possible the name crossed the sea many centuries later (14 and 15th century), when there was an intensive wooltrade between Flanders and England. In this scenario the word/name 'tucker' travelled either from England to the continent, or the other way around. We know however that many people from Flanders established themselves on the Southcoast of England as wooltraders, spinsters and 'fullers'.In the Netherlands the earliest known Tucker is Jan Tucker, who sold a house on the Hagedijk (main road to Antwerp) in the city of Breda in 1368 (on the border of Flanders and the Barony of Breda). Breda held a local monopoly on the wooltrade in those days. It was a forefather of Willem Janssen Tucker of Hagestein (1682-1757), with which most of the Tucker/Tukker families now living in the Netherlands are related, who most probably adopted the surname 'Tucker' from his wife in the 16th century, which means most Dutch Tukkers nowadays got this surname through early maternal heritage. Over the centuries the name in The Netherlands has been written both with 'ck' as well as with 'kk' (since the second half of the 18th century).The name Tucker/Tukker is also the name used for all those people living in Twente, in the Eastern part of the country. The local language in this region, as well as in the Northwestern part of Germany, is even now still categorised as Lower-Saxon.


* Abi Tucker
* Abraham Tucker (1705–1774), English philosopher
* Alando Tucker (born 1984) University of Wisconsin basketball player
* Albert Tucker (artist)
* Albert W. Tucker (1905–1995), Canadian-American mathematician
* Anand Tucker
* Annette Tucker
* Archibald Norman Tucker (1904–1980), South African linguist
* Art Tucker
* B. J. Tucker-an American football player; descended from English slave trader John Tucker
* Barbara Tucker
* Benjamin Tucker (1854–1939), anarchist
* Bernard Tucker
* Beverley Dandridge Tucker (1846–1930), Episcopal Bishop of Southern Virginia
* Beverly Tucker
* Charles Tucker III
* Charlotte Maria Tucker
* Chris Tucker (born 1972), African-American actor
* Cliff Tucker
* Corin Tucker
* Cynthia Tucker
* Daniel Tucker
* Darcy Tucker (born 1975), National Hockey League player, currently for the Toronto Maple Leafs
* Deborah Tucker
* C. Delores Tucker
* Donald Kofi Tucker
* Duncan Tucker
* Earl Snakehips Tucker
* Ebenezer Tucker
* Eddie Tucker (born 1966), former Major League Baseball player
* Fender Tucker, former editor and publisher of "Loadstar" disk magazine
* Forrest Tucker
* George Tucker
* Gordon Tucker
* Henry Holcombe Tucker
* Henry St. George Tucker, Sr.
* Janeiro (JJ) Tucker
* Jason Tucker
* Jeffrey Tucker
* Jeremy Tucker
* Jerry Tucker
* Jim Guy Tucker
* John Tucker
* John Bartholomew Tucker
* Josiah Tucker
* James Neil Tucker
* John Randolph Tucker (1812-1883)
* Jonathan Tucker
* Josiah Tucker (1713–1799), economist and political writer
* Karla Faye Tucker
* Keith Tucker, electronic musician and disc jockey
* Kerrie Tucker
* Lamin Tucker
* Lisa Tucker
* Lisa Tucker
* Mark Tucker
* Matt Tucker
* Maureen Tucker
* Maurice Tucker, born 1946; British geologist
* Megan Tucker
* Michael Tucker (actor)
* Michael Tucker (director)
* Michael Tucker (baseball player)
* Mike Tucker
* Nana Tucker (born 1957), American actress
* Nathaniel Beverley Tucker (1784–1851), author and law professor
* Nathaniel Beverley Tucker (journalist) (1820-1890), also a diplomat
* Nina Tucker, fictional character
* P. J. Tucker
* Patricia Tucker(Kabbah)- late wife of Sierra Leone's President Kabbah
* Paul Tucker
* Peter L. Tucker-Sierra Leonean civil servant; descendant of English slave trader John Tucker
* Phil Tucker
* Preston Tucker (1903–1956), co-designer of the 1948 Tucker Sedan automobile
* Rachel Tucker
* Ralph Tucker
* Raymond Tucker
* Reuben Henry Tucker III
* Rex Tucker
* Richard Tucker (1913–1975), cantor and singer
* Richard Hawley Tucker
* Robert C. Tucker
* Roman Tucker
* Ross Tucker
* Roy A. Tucker
* Ryan Tucker
* St. George Tucker
* Samuel Tucker
* Sherbro Tucker Family-prominent Sierra Leonean descent group; descendants of English slave trader, John Tucker
* Sophie Tucker (1884–1966), singer and comedian
* St. George Tucker (1752–1827), lawyer and law professor
* Tanya Tucker
* Terre Tucker
* Thomas Tudor Tucker (1745–1829), American physician and politician
* Thomas Tudor Tucker (admiral) (1775–1852), Rear Admiral in the British Royal Navy
* Tilghman Tucker
* Tommy Tucker, 19th century baseball player
* Tommy Tucker, pop singer
* Tony Tucker
* Torrin Tucker
* Trent Tucker
* Tui St. George Tucker
* Walter R. Tucker, Jr.
* Walter R. Tucker III
* William Tucker
* William G. Tucker (born 1935), a modernist British sculptor
* William H. Tucker, psychology professor and critic of race science
* William Jewett Tucker
* Wilson Tucker

ee also

* Marshall Tucker Band
* "Little Tommy Tucker", nursery rhyme
* "Old Dan Tucker"
* Tuck


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