Virginia and Truckee Railroad

Virginia and Truckee Railroad

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The Virginia and Truckee Railroad reporting mark|VT was built to serve the silver mining communities of Nevada. At its height, the railroad's route ran from Reno south to Carson City, Nevada. In Carson City, the mainline split into two branches. One branch continued south to Minden, while the other branch traveled east to Virginia City. The first section constructed from Virginia City to Carson City was constructed commencing in 1869 to haul ore, lumber and supplies for the Comstock Lode

Today, the V&T operates as a heritage railroad, headquartered in Virginia City. The Northern Nevada Railway Foundation hopes to rebuild the mainline to Carson City by 2010. The railroad uses the nickname "Queen of the Short Lines." The first piece of equipment acquired was a 1914 2-8-2 steam locomotive. The train from Virginia City runs full time from Memorial Day until the end of October

Cars and locomotives from the original railroad are also on display at the separate Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City.

Historic equipment

The Virginia and Truckee's locomotives and other equipment appeared in numerous Westerns over the years since the railroad operated otherwise obsolete equipment well into the "cinema age." Many of these pieces have been restored, and are currently on display at museums throughout the country.cite web| title=V & T Locomotive Roster| work=Nevada State Railroad Museum| url=| accessdate=2006-03-12| ]

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Historic designations

* National Register of Historic Places [ #NPS–04001198] — Virginia and Truckee Railroad No. 27 (also known as Baldwin Locomotive Works #39435)
* National Register of Historic Places #NPS–73002245 — Virginia and Truckee RR. Engines No. 18, The Dayton; and No. 22, The Inyo
* National Register of Historic Places #NPS–77001508 — Virginia and Truckee Railroad Shops
* National Register of Historic Places #NPS–98001208 — Virginia and Truckee Railroad Depot, Carson City

Restoring the line

Officials with the V&T held a "silver spike" ceremony January 3 2006, in Carson City to commemorate the completion of two miles of track near Gold Hill. The construction, completed in September 2005, is part of an effort to restore the V&T's mainline from Virginia City to Carson City for operations. Then Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev), who was instrumental in securing $10 million in federal funding for the project, and Nevada Lieutenant Governor Lorraine Hunt, who secured an additional $1 million in state funding for the project, both spoke at the ceremony.

It is estimated that completion of the line from Gold Hill to Carson City will cost nearly $55 million, and it is hoped that the line, which was originally abandoned in 1938, will be completed and operational once again in 2010.cite news| author=Anderson, Tim| title=V&T Railroad project marks milestone| publisher=Reno Gazette-Journal| url=| accessdate=2006-01-06| ]

ee also

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