Poser porn

Poser porn

Poser porn is a name popularly given to computer graphic pornography. The term is derived from Poser, a popular three-dimensional modeling and animation software tool. (Poser porn may also be referred to as Renderotica and a male variation Maleposerotica.)

The freedom allowed by using computer-generated imagery allows pornographic (erotic) artists to create scenes or scenarios that would not be possible (or legal) within the realm of live action shooting. Therefore, many Poser pornographic artists choose to create fantastical scenes that may feature animals, monsters, aliens, magical or supernatural elements or far-fetched BDSM scenarios. Violent and disturbing imagery may also be seen in such computer-generated porn. Another popular sub genre of Poser porn that exploits the freedom of computer-generated porn appeals to vorarephiles (this form of Poser porn falls under the vore category).

A few of the advantages of this approach include:
*the animator or artist can create "actors" with any desired appearance, even incorporating unnatural or improbable bodily proportions
*the computer-generated figures can assume positions which would be very difficult or impossible for actual humans
*the animator has complete control (that is, the actors will not refuse or be unable to perform)
*the cost of leasing/ buying equipment and hiring actors, directors, and other people involved in a "full scale production" is replaced by the cost of leasing/ buying computer equipment and software
*the inherent risks and criminal activity allegedly associated with producing real porn (drugs, venereal disease, prostitution, MOB activity, human slavery, coercion) are non-existent

A few disadvantages of this approach are:
*the software generally used for these creations (Poser) has a tendency to distort joint rotations, giving an unrealistic form to the models when posed (many of the artists fix this in the "post render" stage)
*depending on the artist's computer setup and software, it can take quite some time to render a picture (sometimes several days)
*the genitalia of both female and male models tend to be very similar due to a limited number of products available
*the muscle movements of figures made with this method is lost, creating very little dynamic flow or purposeful function to the computer-generated figures

It should be noted that certain CGI poser porn artists, such as Maxfield Norman, have carved out a niche for themselves by "virtual hand sculpting" models in a pose during the "pre render" stages in order to convey a greater sense of realism and to avoid the aforementioned disadvantages. Norman has been known to create models that have had 3d polygon numbers that range from several thousand to several million in the crotch area alone. He's also known to be meticulous about trying to make a pose look extremely natural by resculpting and subdividing the geometry for the figure used in the pose to avoid what he terms "CGI butt" and "Poser poses". (Whether or not Norman has achieved this end is still up for debate.)Other famous CGI poser porn artists such as DireLillith, KristinF, Hojojitsu, Homealone, Sasha, Velstein, Skywalker, and X-per are adept at using what are called "post-render" techniques to overcome these same limitations using 2D software such as Photoshop. (These artists are also known to be quite capable of using "pre-render" techniques, as well.)

It should also be noted that many businesses, such as Daz3D, sell what are called "morph packs" that also help the 3d computer imagery artist avoid a few of the disadvantages mentioned above. On the Renderotica Forum there is presently a collaborative effort spearheaded by a CGI modeller/artist known as Demoshenes to create a new figure that will give the artist better results and fewer disadvantages.


A site catering to the female side of poser porn, with a store containing hundreds of products to help those making/creating poser porn realize their images in 3D. Products from female genitalia figures to dungeons, mad labs, stocks, bondage items, fetish gear, and sexual poses for stills or animations can be found in their online store. Renderotica has a free gallery section for registered users to post their artwork and animations, and also has a for-pay section for those wishing to see exclusive artworks by select artists.


A site catering to the male side of poser figures, with a store containing hundreds of products to help those making/creating male-themed poser porn realize their images in 3D. Products from male genitalia figures to exclusive sexual poses for stills or animations can be found in their online store. Maleposerotica has a free gallery section for registered users to post their artwork. Maleposerotica is also the exclusive host to the Adzan HiroGens figure, and has a line of add-on products to make them fit every possible figure available as well as texture packs to help fit any existing texture or look.

Erotic Illusions

A site with several different art formats, many of them 3D, but also offering 2D traditional hand drawn erotica, photographic manipulation, photography and erotic literature. There is a free gallery that is arranged by artist (as compared to Renderotica, which has a Main free gallery where the uploads are arranged in chronological order). There is a 3D store and a forum where visitors can make suggestions, request commissions, and set up buy or trade agreements for specialized 3D and 2D content with specific artists. There is also a Help section for other artists who are interested in picking up skills to create 3D or 2D digital erotica.

3D Male Genital Figures

Due to the TOS of many websites offering Poser Content, the figures available for the depiction or creation of males for erotic artwork usually come with "minimal" genital figures which are lacking in flexibility or reality for poser porn or erotic artwork. Figures like Michael or David from Daz3D do come with male genitalia, however, limited in their uses or depictions. Figures like "The Freak" or "Hiro" do not come with any genital figures whatsoever. Other figures like the G2-Males (Content Paradise) or ApolloMaximus (Anton Kisiel Designs) come with their own "built-on" genitalia. Over the years other more "realistic" male genitals have been created as add-on products, with fits and poses for many other figures (including fits for the female figures in Poser to create she-male imagery.

The following male genital figures for poser males are:

*Satanica_Inc RealM3Gens (available at Maleposerotica)
*Insomniaworks G4 for Men (available at Renderotica)
*UlfGens 1.0 (available at Maleposerotica Freestuff)
*Adzan's HiroGens 1.5 (available at Maleposerotica Freestuff)
*Digitport DigiGenitals MK2 (available at BBay)

Maleposerotica supports the creation and testing of addon-products catering to the male figures of poser and to allow a platform for creators of male erotica using Poser and Daz Studio to find required products and poses and textures that were not available elsewhere under one roof.

Noted Poser porn artists

*Maxfield Norman
*Scott Koznar (Weenie)


*Erotic Illusions Forum - Help!
*JAB Comix Forum: Creative Cafe: Artist's Corner - "Maxfield Norman's Erotic Images (painted (not line))"
*Renderotica Forum: Adult Graphics
*Renderotica Forum: Adult Graphics - What Do You Look For In a Figure?
*Renderotica Forum: Technical Forums: Software and Hardware
*Renderotica Gallery - maxnorman, "The Slut She Really Is" (posted comments), "Pelvic Floor(Jane)" (posted comments), "Miko3" (posted commentary) "TrollF*ckerC7" (posted comments)
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*Renderotica Gallery - Phantera - "Bambi Bound 2" (posted comments), "Coquette" (posted comments)
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*WWOEC Forum: Image Board: CGI
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ee also

*Digital art
*Cartoon pornography

External links

* [http://www.renderotica.com Renderotica Site]
* [http://www.maleposerotica.com Maleposerotica Site]
* [http://www.poserpedia.com Poserpedia Wiki Site]

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