The Man Possessing Speed of Light Legs

The Man Possessing Speed of Light Legs

The Man Possessing Speed of Light Legs (光速の脚をもつ男, Kousoku no ashi wo motsu otoko) is the first episode of Eyeshield 21 anime series. It was aired in April 6 2005.


Sena's first day in the high school. He met his childhood friend, Mamori. He also meets Hiruma, Kurita and the Ha-Ha Brothers.

In better detail, here's synposis of the story:

The episode starts out with Sena and Mamori-neechan (Sena's name for Mamori) outside of the posting for high school acceptance results. Sena, however, doesn't want to look because he believes that he didn't make it, but when Mamori sees his name/ID number, they both are happy. Mamori is so happy that she comes to tears, surprising Sena. In a desperate act to hide her tears, she runs off to get him a pamphlet. As Sena looks back up at the posting board, disbelievingly, he is attacked by Hiruma and Kurita. They throw him up in the air, in congratulations for making it into Deimon, but it's all a ploy. Once They toss him up about three times they set him on a bench. Hiruma gives Sena his cell phone, telling him to call his parents to ell them the good news. Before Sena can get more than a, "Mom, I made it in." Hiruma snatches the phone and disappears. using three more phones, he calls a few various take-out places and gets Sena's personal address and fax number. Once Sena gets home,he's received enough flyers to join the American Football club at Deimon to fill his mail box, and the fax machine is spitting out over twenty feet of paper with American Football club advertisements!

Sena is getting ready for school. He's dressed in his new uniform that Mamori helped him pick out, which is a few sizes too big for him, and he picks up his cell phone that his parents bought him, the only number in his phone book, is Mamori-neechan's. He walks to school, with Mamori and they talk about how they remembered being in school together and always walking together. Even how Sena used to be the gopher for the school bullies through elementary school and middle school. Then before they separate, Mamori tells Sena, "Make some real friends, don't be their gopher anymore." Sena's first day at school goes by really well, almost normal, but when it comes to the end of class, Sena gets bullied by three guys from his class(soon to be known as the Huh-huh/Ha-Ha Brothers). They tell him to go get them some bread from the school store, but when Sena goes and checks and is back within seconds, they believe he hadn't even gone there, so they start to beat up on him. One of them gets the idea to take him to somewhere secluded before they get too rough with Sena. They unknowingly take him to the American football clubhouse. Forgetting about Sena for a few minutes, the three bullies start to mess with the equipment, then the door opens, Kurita appearing to block the flood of light. At first he seems as though he is angry with them, but he gets really happy, thinking that they were there to join the club. As they stand there, The three bullies attack Kurita, and he's unaffected. He tells them, "To throw a blocker, you have to grab them under their armpits." Kurita grabs them as he said and throws them out of the club house. The three run away, leaving Sena to fend for himself against the giant. Fortunately for Sena, Kurita was big, but he was very nice. He talked with Sena about how much he wanted to make it to the Christmas bowl to play American football. Sena gets friendly enough with Kurita, that he gets Kurita's phone number.

Sena is walking home, looking at the two numbers in his phone book, Mamori-neechan's and Kurita's. Suddenly, he's hit across the face. Looking up, he sees the three bullies from school, one of which is holding a bat. They ask Sena if the Kurita was his friend, but not waiting for an answer, he is grabbed, and his cellphone is confiscated. The three start to take the numbers from Sena's phone, but Sena remembers how much both of them meant to him, so he jumps from his captor, retrieves his phone and dashes off. As he runs, he unwittingly ran into a crowded street, where he uses his power of speed and quick thinking to maneuver through the crowd. As he gets ready, one of the bullies is closing in on him and Hiruma walks out of a store. The bully comes within millimeters of touching Sena when he dashes off. As he runs, he maneuvers through the crowd at incredible speeds. Hiruma watches and names a few of the football plays (Spin, cut, etc...). Sena dodges two of the bullies before the train station, and as he closes in on the entrance, the last bully appears directly in front of him. Sena spins and doges the last guy, running into the train station, flying down the stairs. As Sena flies, he thinks he won't make it, but as Sena is thinking this, Hiruma says something like, "You can make it. With your legs you CAN! FLY!" As he yells at Sena to fly, Sena lands on one of the last few steps and catapults through the closing doors of the train, just barely making it. The doors close as Sena rolls to the other side of the train and the three bullies rolls down the stairs. Hiruma sits on one of their faces, yelling, "TOUCHDOWN! YA-HA!"

At the end of the day, Hiruma introduces Kurita to the Devil Bats' new Running Back Sena, (tied up and at gunpoint), and makes up the identity of Eyeshield 21 in order to keep other sports teams from recruiting him. Sena is still insisting that he's only the team manager as the Devil Bats now has three members in the club.

Meanwhile, the three bullies are now intimidated by posters that are hung up all around the school. The images display their naked bodies, but hides their faces and private areas, with a caption reading, "Leave him alone or I will reveal your identities."

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