Company / developer Mike Rieker
Source model Open source
Kernel type Monolithic
License GNU General Public License
Official website www.o3one.org

OZONE is an object-oriented operating system written in the C programming language. Almost everything in the kernel is an object (threads, processes, devices, files, event flags, etc) to which can be assigned logical names.

On i686 based processors it uses the protection ring concept to a greater extent than the systems it was inspired by (VMS, Unix, Windows NT). As only small interrupt handlers run in kernel mode (ring 0) and what makes-up the actual kernel runs in exec mode (ring 1).[1]

Another feature is file system support for steganography ('hidden writing') where the interceptor of the data cannot tell if there is any data there or not, let alone decrypt it.[citation needed]

OZONE is licensed under a GPL License.[2]



  • 1997 – Project start (on a VAX cross compiling for i486).
  • 2003 – DEC Alpha port.
  • 2004 – Xen port.[3]

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