ESA (disambiguation)

ESA (disambiguation)

ESA, as a three letter abbreviation, can stand for:

* East Side Access, a project to bring the Long Island Rail Road into Grand Central Terminal
* European Space Agency
* École Spéciale d'Architecture
* Ecological Society of America
* Education Savings Account, or Coverdell Education Savings Account
* EFTA Surveillance Authority
* Electronically Scanned Array
* Electric sonic amplitude, one of the electroacoustic phenomena in heterogeneous fluids
* Elliniki Stratiotiki Astinomia, the Greek Military Police
* El Salvador's IOC Country code
* Emergency Services Authority, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
* Emergency Stand Alone mode of distributed switching
* Employment Standards Act, an Act of Parliament in Canada
* Endangered Species Act, an important piece of US environmental legislation
* Energy Solutions Arena
* Entertainment Software Association
* Enthusiast System Architecture, a new technology platform for monitoring Nvidia motherboards and graphics cards
* Entomological Society of America
* Environmental Services Association, UK professional waste association
* Environmentally Significant Area, Canadian site designation
* Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
* Electrical Safety Authority, the electrical safety regulator of all buildings in Ontario, Canada
* Electrostatic analyzer, a component of ion optics
* Epsilon Sigma Alpha International, a women's service organization
* Epigraphic South Arabian script
* Episcopal School of Acadiana
* Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agent
* The Etobicoke School of the Arts, a specialized arts school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
* The Euratom Supply Agency, responsible for supply of nuclear fuels for European Community nuclear fuel users
* European Society for Agronomy
* European Sociological Association
* European System of Accounts
* The End of Selected Area control code in the C1 control code set
* Evangelicals for Social Action
* Excited State Absorption
* The Raleigh Entertainment and Sports Arena, the former name of the RBC Center in Raleigh, North Carolina
* Embedded Systems and Applications, a major computer science conference

* Esa, daughter of Etain, is a character from Irish mythology mentioned in the "Banshenchas"
* Esa is a common Finnish given name.

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