Koch (surname)

Koch (surname)

Koch (pronounced in German, although it is often pronounced differently in other countries) is a German surname meaning "cook" and may refer to:
* Bill Koch (skier), cross-country skier
* Billy Koch, Major league baseball relief pitcher
* Bobby Koch, CEO of the Wine Institute
* Carl Ludwig Koch and his son Ludwig Carl Christian Koch, German entomologists specializing in arachnology
* Charles G. Koch, Billionaire, heir and CEO of Koch Industries and co-founder of the free-market Cato Institute
* Christof Koch (born 1956), American neuroscientist
* David Koch (television presenter), Australian financial analyst and TV presenter
* David H. Koch, Billionaire, 1980 Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential candidate, heir to Koch Industries
* Dorothy Bush Koch (born 1959), daughter of the 41st president of the US, George Herbert Walker Bush
* Edward I. Koch, American mayor of New York City
* Erich Koch, Gauleiter of East Prussia
* Fred C. Koch, Founder of Koch Industries, and supporter of the John Birch Society
* Gaetano Koch, Italian architect
* Georg Koch, German football goalkeeper, playing for Dinamo Zagreb
* Helge von Koch, Swedish mathematician, originator of the eponymous "Koch snowflake"
* Hawk Koch, American film producer
* Howard Koch (screenwriter), American screenwriter
* Howard W. Koch, American film director/producer
* Ilse Koch, wife of Karl Otto Koch, "The Bitch of Buchenwald"
* Julius Koch (1872–1902), exceptionally tall man
* Karl Koch (botanist), German botanist
* Karl Koch (director), German film director and writer
* Karl Otto Koch, German first commandant of the Buchenwald concentration camp
* Kees Koch (born 1936), Dutch discus thrower
* Kenneth Koch, an American poet
* Lauge Koch, Danish expedition leader in Greenland
* Lothar Koch (oboist), German oboist
* Lothar Koch (born 1939), German politician
* Ludwig Carl Christian Koch (1825-1908), German entomologist and arachnologist
* Marianne Koch (born 1931), German actress and physician
* Marita Koch (born 1957), German sprint athlete
* Martin Koch, Swedish novelist
* Peter Koch, American photographer
* Richard Koch (born 1950), management consultant, entrepreneur, and writer
* Robert Koch, German physician, discoverer of the tubercle and cholera bacilli, Nobel Prize in Medicine laureate in 1905
** Koch's postulates, formulated by Robert Koch
* Roland Koch, German politician
* Simona Koch (born 1968), German diver
* Walter Karl Koch, German surgeon
* Werner Koch (born 1961), German software author
* Wilhelm Daniel Joseph Koch (1771-1849), German physician and botanist
* Bill Koch (businessman) William I. "Bill" Koch, America's Cup yachtsman, businessman, and son of Fred C. Koch

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