Ewing (surname)

Ewing (surname)

Family name

meaning=noble or well-born
related names=Ewan
Ewen and Ewens
Ewin and Ewins
Hewin and Hewins

Ewing, pronounced [IPA|'ju.wɪŋ] ('yew-ing'), is a common surname.

Ewing comes from the Greek "eugenes" (Greek- ευγενής, meaning "noble", literally "well-born") via the Gaelic "Eoghan", leading to Ewen, which has the same roots as Owen, according the "Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames". Ewing is one of the more common of the many variations that appears throughout Celtic Britain and also in Brittany (as Evin), including the latinised Eugenius, as well as Eugene and MacEwen/MacEwan

Notable people with the surname "Ewing"

* A. C. Ewing
* Al Ewing, British comic writer
* Alexander Ewing
* Annabelle Ewing (born 1960), Scottish politician, daughter of Winnie Ewing
* Andrew Ewing
* Brad Ewing
* Buck Ewing
* Daniel Ewing (actor)
* Daniel Ewing
* Edwin Hickman Ewing
* Fergus Ewing (born 1957), Scottish politician, son of Winnie Ewing
* Finis Ewing
* Fyfe Ewing
* Garen Ewing (born 1969), British comic creator
* Gavin Ewing
* James Ewing (1866-1943), pathologist
* James Alfred Ewing
* James Eugene Ewing
* John Ewing, a number of people by the same name
* John Hoge Ewing (1796–1887), American politician
* Juliana Horatia Ewing (1842-1885), English children's writer
* Larry Ewing
* Lynne Ewing
* Marc Ewing
* Margaret Ewing (born 1945), Scottish politician, wife of Fergus Ewing
* Maria Ewing
* Maurice Ewing
* Megan Ewing
* Norman Ewing (1870–1928), Australian politician
* Norman Orr-Ewing
* Patrick Ewing, American basketball player
* Patrick Ewing, Jr.
* Randy Ewing, American politician from Louisiana
* Robert Ewing, a number of people by the same name
* Skip Ewing
* Thomas Ewing, US politician
* Thomas Ewing, Jr.
* Thomas Ewing (Australian politician)
* Thomas W. Ewing
* Wenika Ewing
* William Lee D. Ewing
* Winnie Ewing (born 1929), Scottish politician

Also descendants of Adlai Osborne Ewing:
* Adlai Ewing Stevenson I
* Adlai Ewing Stevenson II
* Adlai Ewing Stevenson III

Also the Orr-Ewing Baronets:
* Sir Archibald Orr-Ewing, 1st Baronet
* Charles Lindsay Orr-Ewing
* Ian Orr-Ewing

Fictional characters

*The fictional Ewing family from the television show, "Dallas", owners of Ewing Oil:
** April Stevens Ewing
** Bobby Ewing
** Cally Harper Ewing
** Ellie Ewing
** Gary Ewing
** John Ross "Jock" Ewing, Sr.
** John Ross "J.R." Ewing, Jr.
** Lucy Ewing
** Pamela Barnes Ewing
** Sue Ellen Ewing
** Valene Ewing

ee also

* Ewing


* "Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames" (page 158, by P. H. Reaney, revised by R. M. Wilson, Third Edition, Oxford University Press, 2005, ISBN 0-19-280663-7)

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