Brandon (surname)

Brandon (surname)

Brandon is a surname, and may refer to:

* Alexander Brandon, US musician and composer
* Catherine Brandon, duchess of Suffolk, rumoured to have been about to become Henry VIII's seventh wife shortly before his death
* Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, close friend and brother-in-law of Henry VIII
* Charles Brandon, 3rd Duke of Suffolk
* Chris Brandon (footballer), professional English football player
* David Brandon, chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and manager of Domino's Pizza
* Edgar Ewing Brandon, professor of French and former president of Miami University
* Lady Eleanor Brandon, Countess of Cumberland
* Eric Brandon, Formula One driver
* Frances Grey, Duchess of Suffolk, maiden name Lady Frances Brandon, niece of Henry VIII
* Gerard Brandon, former Governor of Mississippi
* Harry "Skip" Brandon, founding partner of Smith Brandon International
* Henry Brandon, 2nd Duke of Suffolk, son of Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk and Catherine Willoughby
* Henry Brandon, 1st Earl of Lincoln, nephew of Henry VIII
* Henry Brandon (actor) (1912–1990), American character actor
* Henry Brandon, Baron Brandon of Oakbrook (1920–1999), Baron of Oakbrook
* James Brandon, British journalist
* Johnny Brandon, English singer
* Kirk Brandon, British musician and singer/songwriter
* Martin Brandon-Bravo, councillor for the West Bridgford West ward of Nottinghamshire County Council
* Michael Brandon, Brooklyn actor
* Michael Brandon (porn star)
* Moira Brandon, fictitious movie star in "Marvel Comics"
* Richard Brandon, English hangman
* S. G. F. Brandon, University of Manchester professor of comparative religion
* Sam Brandon, American football player
* Terrell Brandon, American former basketball player
* Thomas Brandon, English cricketer
* Tony Brandon, British radio presenter and comedian
* William Brandon, (son of William Brandon and father of Charles Brandon) standard-bearer at the Battle of Bosworth
* William Brandon (author), American writer and historian
* William W. Brandon, former governor of Alabama

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