Rogers (surname)

Rogers (surname)

Family name
name = Rogers

pronunciation = Rogers
meaning =
region = England
origin = Norman
related names = Rodgers, Rogerson
footnotes = [ [ 1990 Census Name Files] ]

Rogers is a patronymic surname, deriving from the given name of Roger commonly used by the Normans. It is now found commonly throughout the British Isles, particularly in southern and western England and also in Wales. The surname also occurs in Scotland as Rodgers. The surname was taken to Ireland in Cromwellian times, where it became used as an Anglicisation of the Gaelic name "Mac Ruaidhrí", an Ulster name meaning "red king".

In England and Wales it ranks as the 77th most common surname. [ [ Behind the Name: Search Results ] ] According to the 1990 United States Census, 'Rogers' ranked fifty-fourth in frequency among all reported surnames, accouting for 0.12% of the population. [United States Census Bureau (9 May 1995). . Retrieved on 2008-07-06.]


* A. B. Rogers, American surveyor
* Abbie G. Rogers, first wife of Henry Huddleston Rogers
* Adela Rogers St. Johns, American writer, daughter of Earl Rogers
* Adrian Rogers, American Baptist pastor
* Allan Rogers, British politician
* Amanda Rogers, fictional character from "Star Trek"
* Amerie Rogers, American singer Amerie
* Amy Keating Rogers, American screenwriter
* Anthony Rogers, American musician and film maker
* Antoine Rogers, birth name of American rap artist Bobby Creekwater


* Barney Rogers, Zimbabwean cricketer
* Bernard Rogers, American composer
* Bernard W. Rogers, retired American general
* Big Bubba Rogers, American wrestler Ray Traylor
* Bill Rogers, golfer
* Bo Rogers, American football player
* Bobby Rogers, American singer
* Brandon Rogers American singer and American Idol finalist
* Brittney Rogers, American beauty queen
* Bruce Rogers, typographer
* Bruce Rogers, Canadian broadcaster
* Bruce Holland Rogers, American writer
* Buck Rogers, fictional science character appearing in a range of media
* Buddy Rogers, one of several people including
* Charles "Buddy" Rogers, actor, jazz musician
* "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers, stage name of professional wrestler Herman Rohde
* Byron Rogers, Welsh essayist and biographer


* Carlos Rogers, American football player
* Carlos Rogers, American basketball player
* Cathy Rogers, British television presenter
* Carl Rogers, American psychologist
* Carl Rogers (cricketer) (born 1970), English cricketer
* Charles Rogers, American football player
* Christabella Rogers, 17th century British poet
* Claudette Rogers, American singer Claudette Rogers Robinson
* Clay Rogers, American racing driver
* Clifford Joy Rogers, American politician
* Courtney Rogers MVP; USA Olympic Team softball player
* Curtis Rogers, American businessman


* Dale Evans Rogers, American singer-songwriter, wife of Roy Rogers
* Daniel Rogers, early American politician
* Darryl Rogers, American football coach
* Dave Rogers, English footballer
* David McGregor Rogers, Canadian politician
* Dennis Rogers, former Mayor of Hamilton, New Zealand
* Don Rogers, Canadian politician
* Doug Rogers, Canadian martial-arts practitioner


* Earl Rogers, American trial lawyer
* Edith Nourse Rogers, American politician
* Edith Rogers (Canadian politician)
* Edward S. Rogers, Sr., Canadian businessman
* Edward Samuel Rogers, Canadian businessman
* Elizabeth Rogers, American actress
* Erik Rogers, American singer
* Ernesto Nathan Rogers, Italian architect
* Evan Rogers, music producer
* Everett Rogers, American scholar of innovation


* Fred Rogers, host of popular American children's show on public television
* Frederic Rogers, Baron Blachford, British civil servant


* Gary Rogers, Director of Ontrac Bloodstock Management, Thoroughbred racing expert. Melbourne, Australia
* Sir Gareth Rogers Founder of the Castleknock College
* Garnet Rogers, Canadian folk musician, brother of Stan Rogers, uncle of Nathan Rogers
* T. Gary Rogers, American businessman
* George Rogers, one of several people including
**George Rogers (born 1958), American football player who won the 1980 Heisman Trophy.
**George Rogers (1906-1983), British member of Parliament
* Ginger Rogers, American actress and dancer
* Greg Rogers, Australian swimmer


* Hal Rogers, American politician
* Hal Rogers, the founder of Kin Canada
* Harry Rogers, English cricketer
* Hartley Rogers, Jr, American mathematician
* Henk Rogers, "Tetris" entrepreneur
* Henry Darwin Rogers, American geologist
* Henry H. Rogers, American businessman
* Howard Rogers, American illustrator


* Ian Rogers, Australian chess player
* Imogene Rogers, American actress Kasey Rogers
* Isaiah Rogers, American architect
* Ivan Rogers, British civil servant


* Jacob Rogers, American football player
* Jacob S. Rogers, (died 1901), American locomotive manufacturer
* James Rogers, Australian soldier
* James D. Rogers, American businessman
* James Edwin Thorold Rogers, (1823-1890), English economist
* James Gamble Rogers, American architect
* James Guinness Rogers, British Nonconformist clergyman
* Jeffrey Rogers, actor
* Jean Rogers, American actress
* Jim Rogers, American money manager
* Jimmy Rogers, (1924-2005), American musician
* Jimmy Rogers, business writer
* Joel Rogers, American law professor
* Joel Augustus Rogers, Jamaican historian
* Joel Townsley Rogers, American writer
* John Rogers, one of several people including
**John Rogers (c. 1500 - 1555), first English Protestant martyr under Queen Mary
** John Rogers (1627 - c. 1665), Fifth Monarchy Man
** John Rogers (1631 - 1684), educator; president of Harvard University
** John Rogers (1723 - 1789), Congressional Congress delegate from Maryland in 1775
** John Rogers (1829 - 1904), sculptor from Salem, Massachusetts, noted for small statuettes
** John Rankin Rogers (1838 - 1901), Governor of Washington, 1897
** John Jacob Rogers (1881 - 1925), Massachusetts Congressman, 1913-1925
** John Rogers, Attorney General of Ireland, 1984 - 1987
** John Rogers, film producer, writer of comics and screenplays
** John A. Rogers, Physical Chemist at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana)
** John Rankin Rogers, American politician
** John T. Rogers, Pulitzer Prize winner
* Judith Ann Wilson Rogers, American judge


* Karen Rogers, Philadelphia TV newscaster
* Kate Rogers, Canadian musician
* Keith Rogers, Canadian broadcaster
* Kelis Rogers, (born 1980), American singer and songwriter
* Kenny Rogers, American singer, songwriter and actor
* Kenny Rogers, American baseball player
* Kristina Curry Rogers, American paleontologist


* Leonard James Rogers, British mathematician
* Leonard Rogers, British physician
* Lillian Rogers Parks, American writer, daughter of Margaret Parks
* Linda Rogers, Canadian poet
* Lisa Rogers, British television presenter


* Marc Rogers, Canadian bassist
* Margaret Rogers, White House maid
* Mark E. Rogers, American writer
* Marshall Rogers, comic book artist
* Mary Huttleston Rogers, daughter of Henry Huddleston Rogers
* Mat Rogers, Australian rugby league player
* Matthew Rogers, American singer
* Maurice Albert Windham Rogers, British soldier
* Michael Rogers, Australian cyclist
* Michael J. Rogers, name used by film director Ray Dennis Steckler
* Michele Rogers, American model
* Mick Rogers, British ornithologist
* Mike Rogers, one of several people including
**Mike D. Rogers (born 1958), U.S. Representative from Alabama
**Mike J. Rogers (born 1963), U.S. Representative from Michigan
** Michael John Rogers, an English ornithologist
**Mike Rogers (hockey player) (born 1954), NHL hockey player, Hartford Whalers, New York Rangers, Edmonton Oilers
**Mike Rogers (author), U.S.-born Japanese radio personality; contributor to Lew
* Mimi Rogers, American actress


* Nigel Rogers, British singer
* Norman Rogers, DJ Terminator X
*Norman McLeod Rogers, member of the Cabinet of Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King


* Pamela Joan Rogers, American sex offender
* Patricia Helen Rogers, Canadian politician
* Paul Rogers, American politician
* Paul Rogers, British actor
* Paul Rogers, Australian basketballer
* Peter Rogers, British film director


* Ralph Rogers, American businessman
* Randolph Rogers, American artist
* Richard Rogers, British architect
* Richard Birdsall Rogers, Canadian engineer
* Richard Reid Rogers, Governor of the Panama Canal
* Rip Rogers, American wrestler
* Robert Rogers, one of several people including
**Robert Rogers (1864-1936), Canadian politician
**Robert Rogers, 18th century American colonial officer and explorer
**Robert Gordon Rogers (born 1919), Canadian Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia
**Robert Montresor Rogers, British Army officer
**Robert "Bobby" Rogers, American Motown singer/songwriter, member of The Miracles
* Rodney Rogers, NBA forward
* Roy Rogers, American cowboy actor
* Russell L. Rogers, American astronaut

* S. E. Rogers, Canadian politician
* Sally Rogers, British actress
* Samuel Rogers, British poet
* Samuel Shepard Rogers, American playwright Sam Shepard
* Scott Rogers, game designer
* Scott Rogers, English footballer
* Shaggy Rogers, fictional character from "Scooby-Doo"
* Sharon Rogers, American model
* Shaun Rogers, American football player
* Shelagh Rogers, Canadian broadcaster
* Shorty Rogers, American jazz musician
* Sion Hart Rogers, American politician
* Stan Rogers, Canadian folk singer
* Stanley Rogers, American author
* Stanley Rogers, American politician
* Stephen Rogers, Australian security guard shot dead by anti-abortion activist Peter James Knight
* Stephen Rogers (politician), Canadian politician
* Steve Rogers, one of several people including
**Steve Rogers, American Major League Baseball player
**Steve Rogers, Australian rugby league player
**Steve Rogers, fictional character, the secret identity of Marvel Comics character Captain America
* Suzanne Rogers, American actress


* Ted Rogers, British comedian
* Thomas Rogers, one of several people including
**Thomas Rogers, passenger on the Mayflower
**Thomas Rogers, founder and first president of Rogers Locomotive and Machine Works
**Thomas D. Rogers, designer of the Sacagawea Dollar
** Thomas Jones Rogers, United States congressman from Pennsylvania
**Thomas Rogers, CEO of TiVo, Inc.
* Tim Rogers, Australian musician
* Toby Rogers, journalist
* Tom Rogers, American baseball player
* Tommy Rogers, American wrestler Thomas Couch
* Tommy Giles Rogers Jr., musician
* Tony Rogers, New Zealand athlete
* Trevor Rogers, New Zealand politician
* Tristan Rogers, Australian-American actor


* Warren Rogers, American journalist
* Wayne Rogers, (born 1933), American actor
* Will Rogers, American humorist and entertainer
* Will Rogers, Jr., American politician, son of Will Rogers
* William Rogers, one of several people including
**William P. Rogers, U.S. Attorney General under Dwight Eisenhower and Secretary of State under Richard Nixon
**William C. Rogers III, commander of the "USS Vincennes" when it shot down Iran Air Flight 655
**William Barton Rogers, founder of MIT
**William D. Rogers, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs and subsequently Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs under Gerald Ford
**William Findlay Rogers, congressman from New York from 1883 to 1884
**William Nathaniel Rogers, congressman from New Hampshire from 1923 to 1924 and 1931 to 1936
**William Vann Rogers, Jr., congressman from California from 1943 to 1944
* Woodes Rogers, British privateer

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