Banpresto Originals Terminology

Banpresto Originals Terminology

This article relates to the terminology used in the Banpresto Super Robot Wars metaseries.


Aegis Plan/Aegis System

Originally designed by the Divine Crusaders as an extensive defense network to ward off an extreme alien attacks, the Aegis Plan involves the creation of a network of satellites that deploy an energy barrier. This network and the various facilities that allow it to operate are collectively known as the Aegis System. Receiving energy from Moon-based microwave transmitters, the satellites project a barrier between each other, creating a bowl-shaped shield covering half of the Earth. In Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, the Aegis System was used to block a massive gravitational shockwave created by the apparent destruction of the Excelion from Gunbuster. The majority of the power needed for the shield was supplied by Londo Bell's complement of super robots. While the Aegis Plan failed to protect the alternate future Earth of Alpha Gaiden, its facilities were later altered into the Satellite System from After War Gundam X. In , a prototype Aegis System is used to defend the Hellgate Facility.

In , the Aegis Plan refers to the development and mass-production of new Personal Troopers for the Earth Federation Army, rather than the term used in Alpha Gaiden. In the same game, Viletta Vadim briefly mentions the development of the Aegis System, during a dialogue between her and Aya Kobayashi. Mistuko Isurugi, head of Isurugi Industries, also mentions sponsoring the "Aegis Project", at the height of Operation Mole Hunt, further fueling a possible implementation of the Aegis System in future Original Generation games.

Armored Modules

Armored Modules are units created and designed for the use of the Divine Crusaders. Armored Modules, most of which are real robots, were originally derived from fighter jets, but given humanoid appearances when the idea to create cheap, effective mobile weapons for mass-production purposes was needed. All Armored Modules are designated with the model number "AM".

One example of an Armored Module is the Lion unit. According to terminology reference, Armored Modules use the operating system "LIEON" (Learning-automation Integrated EO-technology and cONventional maneuvering). While not as effective at performing complex movements as the Personal Troopers' TC-OS, the LIEON allows the most inexperienced of pilots to easily control Armored Modules. However, later Armored Modules, like the Fairlion, replaces the LIEON with the TC-OS.


The nihongo|Chōkijin|超機人|literally Super Machine-Man are a group of mechanical lifeforms created by Earth's planetary defense system, the Nashim Ganeden, and considered as gods by ancient civilizations. They were created to fight the Hundred Evils (百邪 "Hyakuja"), dark forces that includes other mechanical beings that revolted against the will of Baral, the "Yōkijin".

Originally, there were twelve of them, divided into three classes: the "Four Calamitiy", the "Four Punishment", and the "Four Spirits". A group of people developed four more Chōkijin, to represent the fourth class, the "Four Gods", which were also blessed with power from the Ganeden. Each Chōkijin in this class represents one of the four mythical beasts: Genbu, Suzaku, Byakko and Seiryū. According to the dialogue in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, the original Chōkijin were destroyed in a battle against evil in an ancient era, with the exception of the "Shin RyuOhKi" of the Four Spirits. After the Four Gods were used by humans to destroy each other, only the KoOhKi and RyuOhKi of the Four Gods class survived.


Cytron is a form of elementary particles that is the basis for all Fury-based technology. The use of Cytron allows the exchange of information between a pilot and the machine they are utilizing. This is known as "Cytron Control", and the best use of it is through the "Cytron Control System", installed in various Fury mobile weapons.

Dynamic General Guardian

Extra-Over Technology

Also called "EOT", Extra-Over Technology refers to any Earth technology using extraterrestrial material from Meteor-3 in the Original Generation timeline, or from the initial findings of the SDF-1 Macross in the Alpha Timeline.

Machinery Children

The Machinery Children are a series of Machine Cell-injected clones created by Egret Feff. Their genetic make-up is created from data gathered through the young men and women who were graduates of The School. Three clones were created: Uruz, Ansuz, and Thurisuz, all having extreme combat capabilities and bear a strong physical resemblance to Arado Balanga, as his DNA is revealed to be the main source for their bodies.


Meteor-3 refers to the third meteor that struck Earth during the Space Era. Unlike the other two meteors, Meteor-3 did not crash into the planet with the amount of force one expects an object of its size to have. Moreover, samples of advanced technology were discovered in the meteorite.

In actuality, Meteor-3 is Septuagint, a machine sent by the Balmarians to allow the inhabitants of the planet to advance their technological level. However, should the race prove too strong to be assimilated, Septuagint will activate itself and commence a planet-wide destruction of the species, in order to prevent it from becoming a threat to the Ze Balmary Empire.


Orgone is an energy source used by the lunar Fury to not only power their mobile units, weapons and ships, but also to repair them.

Personal Troopers

When the Earth government saw the need to build new military weapons, after Bian Zoldark's warning of alien invaders, the concept of Personal Troopers, or "PTs" was created. Built to resemble a humanoid fighting machine, Personal Troopers, all real robots, represents the majority of the Earth Federation Army. Experimental Personal Troopers are designated with the model number "PTX" while mass-production units are designated as "RPT".

One example of a Personal Trooper is the Gespenst. According to the terminology reference, Personal Troopers use the operating system "TC-OS" (Tactical Cybernetics Operating System), which mimics a human's complex movements by using pattern data.

Project Terrestrial Dream

Project Terrestrial Dream, or "Project TD", is originally a project developed for deep-space exploration, but when the Divine Crusaders takes over, it is forced to help mass-produce their Lion units. When the Divine Crusaders War and L5 Campaign are over, Project TD relocates to Isurugi Industries and continues its original goal.

Real Troopers

When the Earth government saw the need to build new military weapons, after Bian Zoldark's warning of alien invaders, the concept of Real Troopers is created. Built to resemble a humanoid fighting machine, Real Troopers, all real robots, represents a small portion of the Earth Federation Army. Unlike Personal Troopers, Real Troopers utilize Extra-Over Technology extensively. All Real Troopers are designated with the model number "RTX".

The main example of Real Troopers are the Huckebein units.

SRX Development Project

Also known as the "SRX Developmental Project", the SRX Development Project involves creating a variety of real robots combining into a single, powerful super robot, having advantages of both types in its combined form. The R-Series of mecha are the result of the project, with the SRX being its final product.


Tronium is the name of the substance found inside Meteor-3. Studies show it is highly unstable, ten times more radioactive than uranium and able to produce phenomenal amounts of energy. Dialogue from Super Robot Wars Alpha claim Tronium is very rare, since its source, planet "Tron", was destroyed by the Zentradi of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross long ago.


The W-Numbers are Lemon Browning's ultimate models in her W-Series line of bioroids. Judging from the numbering system, it is logical to conclude there are at least 17 models created, though only models W15, W16 and W17 are seen. With each model rolled out, Lemon made advanced developments in their physical appearance and programming, enabling each successive unit to appear, act and behave more human than the last. Some W-Numbers have even acquired complex emotions only humans have, developing a will of its own not bound to their creator.

The fate of the earlier models is unknown, as well as whether or not there are any more models after the 17th. Super Robot Wars Original Generations reveals the presence of a prototype "W-00". Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden notes the existence of a W-Number called "W-07", who makes its appearance in , alongside its predecessor "W-06" and the identity of W-00.


The W-Series refer to a line of biomechanical androids, or simply, "bioroids", created by Shadow-Mirror head scientist, Lemon Browning. Built without emotions and programmed to fight, Lemon's bioroids take on a human shape, albeit a mechanical one. These bioroids are used over the course of the war between the rogue faction and the Earth Federation Army as the grunt forces of the Shadow-Mirror. The Inspectors are also seen utilizing bioroids as their foot soldiers during their invasion of Earth. In order to conceal the technology behind them, all bioroids are programmed to self-destruct their machines upon defeat, so as to prevent enemy forces from acquiring said technology.



The Aerogaters is the codename given by the Earth Federation, referring to the alien invaders. The Aerogaters are the seventh fleet of the Ze Balmary Imperial Galactic Frontier Inspection Army, sent to Earth in order to gather information on the world and its inhabitants, before the main invasion of the Balmar Empire.


Alpha Numbers

The Alpha Numbers are the collective protagonists in the Super Robot Wars Alpha series. However, the group did not always go by this name; in Alpha, the protagonists form under the banner of the Londo Bell, similar to the one that appears in . When flung into an alternate future Earth in Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, those forces caught up in the time warp combined with allies from that future, known as the "Irregulars".

Early in the 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha, the protagonists note the composition of their forces has changed, where a good deal of their allies do not have direct ties to the Earth Federation, such as the GGG and the space pirates of the Crossbone Vanguard. Also, more super robots join with a battleship in the form of the Daiku Maryu. As such, they surmise a new name needs to be created. Thus, the term "Alpha Numbers" is suggested by Kincaid Nau and the chosen protagonist in Alpha 2. The name becomes canonical, as it carries over into the 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha.


The Ancestors are an antagonistic force that exist in the alternate future of Earth, seen in Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden. They are made up of the Earth Cradle's former staff who, having been awakened after a long cryogenic slumber, are literally the "ancestors" of the people living in and around Earth. Led by the entity known as "Magus", the Earth Cradle's super-computer fused with Sophia Nate via Machine Cells, the Ancestors ultimately seek to exterminate humanity, whose in-fighting is destroying the environment that Magus has worked so long to restore.

ATX Team


Cry Wolves

The Cry Wolves is a group of mercenary fighters, usually employed by members of the Earth Federation Army. Its known members are Albero Esto, its commander, Hugo Medio and Albero's son, Foglia Esto. The group operates using customized Gespenst MK II M units. They originate from Super Robot Wars MX, and have made an appearance in Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden.

In MX, Albero, Hugo and Foglia encountered the Devil Gundam, and their attacks on the machine prove futile, until Albero is targeted. Foglia rushes to defend his father and is turned into a zombie soldier, forcing Albero to kill him. In turn, Hugo also receives a fatal injury, and the entire squad is obliterated, save Hugo and Albero. In Original Generation Gaiden, they encounter the "Jetzt", a new species of Einst, instead. The same events that occur in MX, with the exception of Foglia's zombification (he is killed instead) are realized, but the sudden interference of Axel Almer and Einst Alchemie saves Hugo and Albero.

Divine Crusaders

Earth Federation Army

The Earth Federation Army, or simply, "EFA", is composed of all military personnel and units present in the Earth government. The Aggressors, ATX Team, Octo Squad and the SRX Team are just some of the units that are part of the Earth Federation Army.

Extra-Over Technological Investigative Institute

Abbreviated as the "EOTI Institute", it is founded by Dr. Bian Zoldark, located on the fictional island of Aidoneus in the Marquesas Islands. Upon learning that Meteor-3 had foreign substances that is potentially dangerous to use, the EOTI Institute is set up to research the origin of this material. After thorough study, Bian realizes Meteor-3 is sent to Earth by extraterrestrials, and warns the Earth government of an impending alien invasion. Eventually, the EOTI Institute becomes the base of operations for Bian's rebellious faction, the Divine Crusaders.


Glory Star

The Glory Star is a small group originating from Super Robot Wars Z. It's a group delegated to test out new machines by the Titans, which becomes the source of ridicule. It is testing a new machine series called Balgora. It's led by Denzel Hammer, and the team consist of Toby Watson and Setsuko Ohara. Throughout the course of the game, the team is wiped out, leaving Setsuko as the sole survivor of the team, but in her story it is hinted that Setsuko manages to meet up an alternate universe versions of Toby and Denzel and in order to start her life anew, she suggests reforming the Glory Star team.


The Guests are an antagonistic force that makes their most prominent appearance in the Classic Timeline of the Super Robot Wars series. Their name originates from the term used to describe their leader, Teniquette Zezernan, who was "The Guest" at the Antarctic, where government officials met so peace talks can be arranged.

Acting as the official militia of the Zuvorg Alliance, the Guests have two functions: they are called in small numbers to make first contact with fledgeling worlds, and used in full force to wipe out civilizations deemed a great threat to the galactic peace and power balance. In their former capacity, the Guests are seen using imitation Balmarian technology, in order to mask their overall presence. For the latter, their mechanized forces display the highest technology the Zuvorg Alliance has to offer. However official their status may be, at the most basic level, the Guests are practically Zezernan's private army, and he is not above using them to fulfill his personal ambitions.


The Inspectors are composed of 5 individuals: Mekibos, Vigagi, Sikalog, Aguija and Wendolo, all who answer towards the Zuvorg Council. Their mission is to "inspect" civilizations, judging if they are becoming too expansive in the galaxy and eventually posing a threat to the Zuvorg Alliance.

Isurugi Industries

Headed by Mitsuko Isurugi, this company is responsible in the production of the Lion units used by the Divine Crusaders. When the Divine Crusaders War is over, the company houses Project Terrestrial Dream, and secretly aids the Shadow-Mirror and their operations.

According to a dialogue in , Isurugi Industries acquires the rights to mass-produce the Huckebein MK II M, after Mao Industries' production facilities are captured by the Inspectors.

Magneito Ten

Magneito Ten is the official name given to the collective protagonists in Super Robot Wars MX. The group decides they need a new name when Ruri Hoshino states the name "Nahel Argama Plus Nadesico B" sounds unwieldy.

Mao Industries

Mao Industries, headed by second-generation President Ring Mao, works alongside the Tesla Leicht Institute, in order to create the line of Personal Troopers and Real Troopers for the Earth Federation Army. Its facilities are located on the moon.

Octopus Squad

Also known as the "Octo Squad" this Personal Trooper unit is assigned to the Hiryu Custom and often fights alongside the ATX Team. Katina Tarask heads the unit, with Russel Bagman, Leona Garstein and Tasuku Shinguji as its team members. Octopus Squad members typically pilot Gespensts, with the exception of Leona's Siegerlion and the Giganscudo Duro used by Tasuku.

In the North American localization of , it is shortened to the "Oct Squad". Its emblem, seen on Katina's piloting suit, is a cartoonish octopus.


SRX Team

Tesla Leicht Institute

The Tesla Leicht Institute, or "TLI", are the original creators behind the Grungust series of super robots and the inventors of the Tesla Drive. Located in Southwestern America, they are in an indirect partnership with Mao Industries. The original spelling of the institute's name is "Tesla Reich", named after noted scientists Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich, confirmed by a background image in Super Robot Wars Original Generations, as well as its glossary entrance in the 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha.

The School

Originally operated by the Earth Federation Army, The School ia a training facility designed for children to become Personal Trooper pilots. However, the training involves extensive physical and mental conditioning, with only a handful of its students surviving to "graduation". When The School is shut down, it is reopened under the Divine Crusaders, eventually leading them up to the Neo Divine Crusaders, where its surviving students partakes in battles. Arado Balanga, Latune Subbota, Seolla Schweizer and Ouka Nagisa are a few of the children under The School.

The School is known to have physically augmented its students with the use of anabolic steroids, giving them greater strength and regenerative capabilities. Hallucinogenic drugs and memory and mental manipulation allows School instructors to better handle their subjects and control them with ease.


A general term for people who work in the development of space in Super Robot Wars W, jobs performed by Trailers include space colony construction, gathering and transporting raw materials, and terraforming worlds other than Earth. When their lives became heavily restricted by the Federated Earth Nation, they take up independent duties, such as escorting or even attacking merchant vessels. Nearly a century after the adotption of the Federation Space Calendar, the terms "Trailer" and "Space Pirate" have become synonymous with many people across the solar system. The Ardygun family in Super Robot Wars W are classified as Trailers.

Troye Unit

This is an elite mobile group of space colonists, charged with protecting the space colonies. The Troye Unit, also known as the "Royal Guard", is unique, in that all of its members are female. Leona Garstein belongs to the group and though Sleigh Presty is offered a position, she turns it down and stays on Earth for the completion of Project Terrestrial Dream.

Troye is actually a mistranslation, as the correct translation is "Treue" ("Faithful" in German), confirmed by Leona's background music in Super Robot Wars Original Generations. This is due to the fact both Troye and Treue are written the same way in katakana.

United Colony Corps

Like the Earth Federation Army, the United Colony Corps, or simply, "UCC", is composed of all military personnel and units present in the space colonies. The Troye Unit is one such unit.

Wärter/Neue Wärter

Wärter (ヴェルター) is the name given to the protagonist group in Super Robot Wars W. The personnel of Warter primarily consists of the Space Knights (Tekkaman Blade), the GGG (King of Braves GaoGaiGar), and the Preventers (). Assistance is also given by the Photon Research Institute (Mazinger Z), Mithril (Full Metal Panic!) and the Negal Heavy Industries (Martian Successor Nadesico) in the form of pilots, mecha, and the battleship "Nadesico". After its founding, deposed Altean princess Farla and the Golion team, along with the Trailers of the Ardygun family and their space transport/battleship "Valstork" are recruited.

Freeman from Tekkaman Blade suggests the name and is approved by all those present, officially entered into the lexicon by Koutaro Taiga. After the events of the Bloody Valentine Incident, Wärter is effectively disbanded, when the "Nadesico" is crippled and the Valstork's captain, Blessfield Ardygun, is missing in action.

Neue Wärter is the reorganized and expanded remnants of Wärter, formed as a response to major catastrophes, such as the Bloody Valentine Incident, the Radam invasion (Tekkaman Blade) and the threat of the Evoluders (Detonator Orgun). Added to the Wärter's ranks are the mercenary group Serpent Tail, the Junk Guild ship ReHOME and the "Archangel" and "Eternal" battleships. Along with the "Nadesico B", these ships greatly expand Neue Wärter's abilities to respond to enemy movements and crisis situations.

Wärter means "warden" in German, specifically, the "caretaker of a lighthouse"; Neue is also German, meaning "new", referencing the group is the "new warden of the lighthouse".

Wong Heavy Industries

In , Wong Heavy Industries is a corporation directly responsible for the production of the "GESTALT" (Global Expanded Stamp out Tactics works ALTogether) line of mobile weapons. Among its staff is Professor Wilhelm V. Jürgen, creator of the ODE System, which the VTX-001 Bartoll is designed as a component of.

Its main factories are based in the Chinese province of Dalian, which are used to produce units in the initial VTX-001 rollout (supposedly marketed to the Earth Federation Army as the next-generation mobile weapon). The company is also known to have contracted with the Earth Federation to restore a factory plant (based on an asteroid designated "BB-1120"), once Federation property, but seized and used by the Inspectors during the events of . This facility, later designated by the Federation as "Hellgate", is used as the Bartolls' base of operations and primary means of self-replication.

By the end of Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden, Earth Federation President Graien Grassman is tempted to shut down the facility, after the ODE Incident, yet Mitsuko Isurugi sees potential in the facility and requests its acquisition.

Ze Balmary Empire


The ZEUTH is the name given to the group of protagonists in Super Robot Wars Z. It's a group that deals with the disturbance of dimensional rifts that happened throughout the game.

The Galactic Alliance Of Zuvorg

The Galactic Alliance Of Zuvorg, commonly known as the Zuvorg Alliance, are an interstellar alliance of planets. Considering themselves a highly advanced civilization, the Zuvorg task themselves with monitoring the pace of the galaxy's development. The Inspectors and Guests are part of the Zuvorg Alliance, and to their commanders, such as Wendolo and Teniquette Zezernan, this task means the conquering or extermination of fledgeling civilizations that are considered threats, such as Earth.

The Alliance's main governing body is the "Zuvorg Council", a senate-like body of which Wendolo and Zezernan are members. Despite their influence and military power, Wendolo and Zezernan's positions have shown to be far right-wing, compared to the majority of the Council. For example, the Council actually ordered Zezernan to call off his invasion of Earth in Super Robot Wars F Final, although he summarily ignored their mandate. The theocratic and imperialistic nature of the Ze Balmary Empire puts them at odds with the Zuvorg Alliance, although it is unclear just how long they have been fighting with each other.




Divine Crusaders War

Also known as the "DC War", when the Divine Crusaders rebelled against the Earth government, this triggered a global civil war, between the Earth Federation Army and the Divine Crusaders. While many prominent Divine Crusaders leaders are killed during the war, it does not officially end until the arrival of the Aerogaters. A second DC War occurs when the Neo Divine Crusaders rose to power, but this war would not last long either, as few members of the Neo Divine Crusaders staged a coup d'etat, siding with the Shadow-Mirror, effectively destroying the Neo Divine Crusaders.

Elpis Incident

The Elpis Incident is an attempted terrorist attack on the space colony of Elpis, led by Archibald Grims. Knowing his demands will not be met by the United Colony Corps, Archibald kidnaps one of Elpis' prominent residents, Cattleya Fujiwara-Branstein, and holds her hostage inside the colony's docking bay, alongside canisters of a deadly nerve gas. Elzam V. Branstein, a high-ranking member of the United Colony Corps and Cattleya's husband, is forced by Archibald to either destroy the docking bay, killing his own wife, or risk the entire colony being gassed. Regardless, Archibald released the gas and makes his escape. Left with no choice, Elzam takes his wife's life for the lives of the residents, preventing the nerve gas from poisoning the colony.

In actuality, Archibald was working under the orders of Albert Grey, a prominent member of the Earth Federation Council, who wishes to undermine the legitimacy of the colonial independence movement.

According to former Shadow-Mirror operative, Lamia Loveless, in the Shadow-Mirror universe, the colony of Elpis is gassed, killing the Bransteins, save Maier von Branstein's youngest son, Raidiese, who in turn is killed while test-piloting the Huckebein. Because of the incident, the colonies never gained their independence from the Federation.

Hope Incident

Prior to , the Earth Federation attempts to suppress an independence movement by the space colonies, known as "NID4". A massive super robot, the Giganscudo, is constructed, but stolen by terrorists, who uses it to seize the Hope Colony. Unwilling to negotiate with them, the Federation retaliates, and during the battle, the outer wall of the colony is destroyed, killing most of its inhabitants. This is one of the events that turns some Federation officials bitter towards their own government, namely Tempest Hawker, whose wife and daughter are killed in the attack.

L5 Campaign

The arrival and invasion of the Aerogaters brought about the L5 Campaign, where the Earth Federation Army pushes back the Aerogaters away from Earth's surface to the White Star, located at the L5 Lagrange point.

ODE Incident

This is used to mention an exhibition of the Bartoll went awry and began its mass kidnapping spree. It began with the showcasing of the prototype unit of the VTX series Mironga, which later was deemed too dangerous. In response, the Wong Heavy Industries launched its successor, the Bartoll, ran on the ODE System. By that time, however, the ODE System has been drastically changed by Professor Wilhelm von Juergen, and it uses the event as the start of its mission to assimilate humanity to protect Earth. Many people were killed, or captured, and included between them are the Aggressors except its leader Kai Kitamura (who was absent there), as well as Kusuha Mizuha, and the casualties for the Earth Federation was very high.

In Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden, the casualties was reduced thanks to the presence of Kouta Azuma and Compatible Kaiser. This incident, however, is used by the Shura Warrior Folka Albark to execute his mission, kidnap Kouta's sister Shouko while he's distracted in the whole mess.

Operation Break Out

In , Operation Break Out is the code name for the Earth Federation's assault on the Divine Crusaders, carried out by the Hagane and Hiryu Custom.

The operation is divided into two phases: the first phase ("BREAKOUT 1") involves a preemptive assault upon the United Colony Corps fleet in planetary orbit, made before their Armored Modules can descend upon the Earth Federation headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.The Hiryu Custom takes severe damage during BREAKOUT 1, leading Hagane Captain Daitetsu Minase to complete the second phase ("BREAKOUT 2") with only his ship (after requesting and receiving the Hiryu Custom's full complement of pilots and mobile weapons). This phase involves descending from the atmosphere and directly attacking and subjugating Aidoneus Island, headquarters of the Divine Crusaders.

Operation Endless Frontier

Mentioned in the drama CD of , before her jump to the Original Generation universe, Lemon Browning states Operation Endless Frontier will allow the Shadow-Mirror to reach a new world described to be "so close, yet so far away". This is more likely to be Lemon's personal project, as it does not fit with the faction's modus operandi.

In the end of Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden, Axel Almer decides to investigate on the progress of this operation.

Operation Mole Hunt

Appearing in , Operation Mole Hunt is the Earth Federation campaign dedicated to subduing the remaining Divine Crusaders scattered around the Earth, eventually ending at the Earth Cradle, where the majority of the Divine Crusaders Remnants are located. The operation, however, is doomed to fail, as Operation Desert Cross was underway by the Remnants, along with Shadow-Mirror forces allying themselves with the faction, providing supplies and mobile weapons for use, eventually leading to the creation of the Neo Divine Crusaders.

Operation Plantagenet

The goal of Operation Plantagenet is the removal of the Inspectors from Earth, who have set up their base of operations in North America. The Earth Federation Army, with the help of the Neo Divine Crusaders, simultaneously strike from the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, moving closer inland as one large, united front. Unfortunately, the untimely appearance of the Shadow-Mirror, who have temporarily allied themselves with the Inspectors, catches them off-guard, ending the operation. The Inspectors did withdraw from North America, but only because of the appearance of massive numbers of Einst shortly thereafter.

Operation SRW

Operation SRW is the Earth Federation codename for the final attack against the Aerogaters. Although the meaning behind SRW is unknown, Ryusei Date believes it stands for "Super Robot Wars", while Excellen Browning jokingly claims it to be "Sexy Romance Weapon".

Sealing War

The Sealing War ("Fuuin Sensou") is the main conflict that occurs in the 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha. The name derives from the attempt made by Irui Ganeden to seal away the Earth from all outside influences by erecting a powerful barrier around it, creating a final paradise in the universe. To ensure this goal, she also destroys extraterrestrial groups, such as the Spacenoids and the remnants of the Barm-Boazan-Zera Alliance committing themselves to peace with Earth, and ridding the world of powers that seek to guide humanity towards outer space, such as Orphan (Brain Powerd) and Beamler. The Alpha Numbers realize this act will lead to the stagnation and ultimate destruction of humanity, and resolve to destroy the Nashim Ganeden and prevent its plan.

Tokyo Manifest

This is a public announcement made to the Earth, presented by newly-elected Earth President, Brian Midcrid, after the L5 Campaign, that extraterrestrial threats to humanity is evident. The Tokyo Manifest also sees the Earth Federation Army rearming itself fully and capable enough to combat future invaders.

Vanishing Trooper Incident

After the discovery of Extra-Over Technology inside Meteor-3, the Earth Federation Army uses it to create the Real Trooper line. Mao Industries, located on the moon, takes up this task, and creates the first Huckebein prototype, the Huckebein 008R, fitted with an experimental Black Hole Engine. During testing of the engine, an error in the system causes it to overload, effectively destroying the entire facility. Only three people survived the Vanishing Trooper Incident: Raidiese F. Branstein, Irmgult Kazahara and Kirk Hamill (in the North American localization of , it is called the "Berserk Trooper Incident").

According to former Shadow-Mirror operative, Lamia Loveless, the incident in the Shadow-Mirror universe killed Rai, and ends up causing a taboo for Personal Trooper designers. Although prototypes are still developed, it never reached the stages of mass-production.

In the Alpha Timeline, it is revealed the plans for the Black Hole Engine is included with the Extra-Over Technology that had crashed on Earth. Shu Shirakawa notices a flaw in the design, which would have triggered the event, but second-guesses this is a test, to see if humanity poses a threat to the ones who sent the Extra-Over Technology to Earth, the Balmarians. Refusing to correct the design, Shu and Ingram Prisken, whom he confides the information with, reinforces the Huckebein 008R's cockpit and facilities and only has a skeleton crew manning the test to minimize casualties. When Shu reveals this fact to the Londo Bell, they are aghast at his intentions, but Rai states he understands his motives, as a corrected Black Hole Engine will have alerted the Balmarians to their technological potential, forcing them to send its entire fleet to attack Earth, which is heavily underdeveloped with mobile weapons and extremely unprepared for an alien invasion. Shu's actions gives Earth enough time to develop defense mechanisms, such as the Mazingers, Getters and the SRX Development Project, among others.


Earth Cradle

As one half of "Project Ark", the Earth Cradle is a massive underground facility, whose primary purpose is the cryogenic hibernation of the human population on Earth. It is created by the Divine Crusaders as a failsafe, in case humanity loses a war with alien invaders and facing extinction. Sophia Nate, head of Project Ark, oversees the Earth Cradle personally. To supplement the Cradle with a military force, Sanger Zonvolt and Egret Feff supplies their command experience and the Machinery Children, respectively. The vast majority of the Earth Cradle's systems is overseen by the supercomputer, Magus.

La Gias

La Gias is a subterranean world contained deep within the Earth. A vast place, it sports multiple nations and a large populace. Developing independent of the surface world, La Gias is a place where technology and mysticism have combined into a unique whole. It is here that the "Masōki" and the "Masō Kishin" machines are created; their armor material ("Orichalconium") is unique to La Gias. Interaction between the surface world and La Gias is usually kept to a minimum, but surface humans such as Masaki Andoh, who is summoned to La Gias, as well as La Gias denizens, like Shu Shirakawa, have traveled to the surface on their own.

Moon Cradle

As one half of "Project Ark", the Moon Cradle is a massive facility, whose primary purpose is the cryogenic hybernation of the human population of Earth's space colonies. It is created by the Divine Crusaders as a failsafe, in case humanity loses a war with alien invaders and extinction. The facility is overseen by the supercomputer, Gloria. After the first Balmar War, the Moon Cradle is taken over for use by Mao Industries. The Moon Cradle also acts as a part of the Aegis Plan, its large microwave transmitters beaming the energy necessary to activate the Aegis System.


Alpha Timeline

The Alpha Timeline refers to a series of games in the Super Robot Wars franchise that are directly linked to one another, through each of their events. The timeline is as follows:

* Super Robot Wars Alpha
* Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden
* 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha
* 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha

The Alpha Timeline primarily focuses on the conflict with the Ze Balmary Empire, but also involves battles against the Ancestors, the Buff Clan (Space Runaway Ideon), the Zentraedi (Super Dimension Fortress Macross, and the STMC (Gunbuster), as well as several intra- and interplanetary conflicts within the Earth's solar system, such as the Gryps Conflict and attacks from the Dinosaur Empire (Getter Robo). The One Year War occurs before the start of the first game, but ends prematurely when the SDF-1 Macross crashes to Earth.

Classic Timeline

The Classic Timeline refers to a series of games in the Super Robot Wars franchise that are directly linked to one another, through each of their events. Though the timeline is affected by re-releases and remakes, it originally is as follows:

* Super Robot Wars Gaiden: Masō Kishin - The Lord Of Elemental (Part 1)
* 2nd Super Robot Wars
* 3rd Super Robot Wars
* Super Robot Wars EX
* 4th Super Robot Wars
* Super Robot Wars Gaiden: Masō Kishin - The Lord Of Elemental (Part 2)

The 2nd is remade as the 2nd Super Robot Wars G, but this did not fit into the established continuity, while the 4th is remade as Super Robot Wars F, then subsequently followed with its sequel, Super Robot Wars F Final (which did not cause any major continuity violations).

The timeline involves the Divine Crusaders War, initiated by Bian Zoldark, which later escalates to the invasion of the Zuvorg Alliance, from the Inspectors to the Guest. The Langran Wars in La Gias is the pinnacle and final event.

MAP Weapon

Originally a gameplay term, referring to a weapon that effects a large area, capable of striking multiple enemies in a single attack, most MAP Weapons indiscriminately strike friend and foe alike, but there are exceptions (ie the Cybuster's Cyflash). The term "MAP-W" is backronymed in Super Robot Taisen Original Generation as Mass Area Preemtive-Weapon, and usually seen as a ballistic missile with nuclear capabilities.



Trombe is the name of Elzam V. Branstein's horse at his home colony of Elpis. This name is also used to designate both Elzam and Rätsel Feinschmecker's personal, red and black customized units.

White Death

The codename White Death is given to Levi Tolar's Judecca mobile weapon, acting as the core and control center of the White Star. The original Japanese gives the Judecca the codename "White Death Cross". In Super Robot Wars Alpha, Euzeth Gozzo's black Judecca is codenamed "Black Death Cross".

White Star

This is the codename for the Aerogaters' Neviim vessel that serves as their base of operations during the L5 Campaign.

White Wraith

This is the codename for the unidentified mobile weapon that is battling Aerogaters during Operation SRW. It is later revealed the White Wraith is Shadow-Mirror officer Axel Almer's unit, the Soulgain. The original Japanese version states it as the "Mustacheman".

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