Lion (Super Robot Wars)

Lion (Super Robot Wars)

The Lion is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared in the series, both as an enemy unit and a playable unit.


The main body is reminiscent of various fighter planes. However, the addition of limbs and a head-like protrusion make it more humanoid, but it contains extremely aerodynamic features. Though a wide range of colors exist, it is primarily shown as having a bluish tint, highlighted by white and dark grey.

Technical And Historical

The main production unit for the Divine Crusaders, the DCAM-004 Lion is the product of collaboration between four scientific and industrial institutions: the Extra-Over Technological Investigative Institute, the Tesla Leicht Institute, Project Terrestrial Dream and Isurugi Industries. Its codename is derived from the name of its operating system, "LIEON", the shortened term of "LIEOonN", or "Learning-automation Integrated EO-technology and conventional maNeuvering".

In Bian Zoldark’s campaign to strengthen the Earth Federation’s military against the imminent threat of an extraterrestrial invasion, he determined that a new type of fighting machine needed to be introduced, both to prepare the Federation for expecting the unexpected and to eventually hand over to them for use. Using fighter planes as a base, specifically, the F-32 Schuvalt, he and his supporters designed the first of a new line of machines, the Armored Modules, known as the Lion. Utilizing a revolutionary device known as a Tesla Drive, the Lion was capable of something no Personal Trooper was capable of performing yet -- sustained flight.

Making the Tesla Drive a standard piece of equipment for the Lions, the designers were able to make Armored Modules far superior to Personal Troopers. They were faster, lighter, cheaper to manufacture, and capable of maneuvers that Gespensts couldn’t begin to accomplish. Mass-produced and sent across the globe, Lions were often used in quick-strike attacks against numerous military installations during the Divine Crusaders War. A number of variations were created to round out the force, including commander types and terrain-specific variants. Much of the Lion’s combat data would be utilized in the development of other lines of Armored Modules: the Barrelion and the Guarlion.

When the Divine Crusaders War ended, most of the remaining Lions would be integrated into the Earth Federation Army for use during Operation SRW until Mao Industries's mass-produced Huckebein MK II M replaced it and the Gespenst MK II M as the Earth Federation Army's main unit. One such Lion, in possession of defected Divine Crusaders member, Ryoto Hikawa, would later become a heavily armored, customized unit known as the XRAM-004FA Armorlion.


Lion Specifications

This unit was the first mass-production model of the Lion series, classified as DCAM-004. It was distributed throughout the Divine Crusaders and excelled in versatility and aerial combat. Its Missile Launcher and Railgun are attached to its arms, making them permanent weapons, though most pilots never seemed to replace them. This machine would come in a few variations: the prototype DCAM-004TT Lion Test-Type, the DCAM-004F Lion F, the DCAM-004V Lion V, and the DCAM-004Y Lion Y. The Lion Test-Type would be the experimental Lion model before mass-production began, created by Project Terrestrial Dream's Philio Presty and test piloted by newly Divine Crusaders recruit, Tenzan Nakajima. The Lion F and Lion Y models each sported improvements in its weaponry after the initial Lion rollout, while the Lion V model was given an increase in mobilit and usually utilized by commanding officers. However, since the production cost for the Lion V was particularly high, this model saw limited usage on the battlefield.

Height: 20.1 meters

Weight: 32.9 tons

Weapons Systems:

"Body-mounted guns on the torso of the Lion for quick strafing attacks."

*Homing Missiles
"A small salvo of long range missiles from an arm-mounted launcher."

*Assault Blade
"A mecha-sized sword used for close-combat enemy encounters relying on motorized teeth, similar to the ones on a chainsaw. This was used only by commanders."

"A long range assault gun designed to easily penetrate enemy armor."

Cosmolion Specifications

The DCAM-004C Cosmolion, or Lion Type-C, was the space-based variant for the Lion series, outfitted with an improved Tesla Drive. It was distributed throughout the United Colony Corps and saw extensive use throughout their campaign in the Divine Crusaders War. The standard Vulcans were replaced by Machine Cannons and its missile systems were enhanced and placed at the rear of the machine inside a large missile launcher mounted on the back of the Cosmolion. Like the Lion, it excelled in speed and acceleration and is capable of atmospheric flight.

Height: 20.8 meters

Weight: 39.4 tons

Weapons Systems:

*Machine Cannon
"Body-mounted guns on the torso for quick strafing attacks. Stronger than the standard Vulcans on the original Lion."

"A long range assault gun designed to easily penetrate enemy armor."

*Homing Missiles
"A small salvo of long range missiles from a back-mounted launcher."

Landlion Specifications

This unit was the ground-based variant for the Lion series, replacing its thruster-mounted legs for caterpillar-like treads called "Stick Movers". This unit would be classified as the DCAM-004L Landlion, or Lion Type-L. It was used by the Divine Crusaders and saw limited use in the Divine Crusaders War. The standard Vulcans were replaced by Machine Cannons and its Railgun was enhanced. It was more heavily armored and had greater offensive range than the standard Lion but was incapable of flight, thus suffering a decrease in speed. Its primary function was to support ground troops.

Height: 19.2 meters

Weight: 33.3 tons

Weapons Systems:

*Machine Cannon
"Body-mounted guns on the torso for quick strafing attacks. Stronger than the standard Vulcans on the original Lion."

*Homing Missiles
"A small salvo of long range missiles from an arm-mounted launcher."

"A long range assault gun designed to easily penetrate enemy armor. This Railgun was larger than the standard model on the original Lion."

ealion Specifications

This unit was the water-based variant for the Lion series. Used by the Divine Crusaders and seeing limited use in the Divine Crusaders War, it was classified as the DCAM-004S Sealion, or Lion Type-S. The standard Vulcans and Railgun were removed, and its missile systems were altered to function underwater, like torpedoes. It excelled in stealth and maneuverability and is capable of atmospheric flight due to a rocket thruster. While it was an effective scout unit, its limited combat capabilities and range made it less practical to utilize in the battlefield.

Height: 20.9 meters

Weight: 34.3 tons

Weapons Systems:

* Multi-Jet Missile
"A small salvo of long range missiles from a back-mounted launcher."

Armorlion Specifications

The XRAM-004FA Armorlion is the result of Ryoto Hikawa's Lion unit after he extensively modified the machine. Inspired by various parts from the Huckebein, Gespenst and Alt Eisen, this customized Lion carries new weaponry and supports more armor than the original, making this Armored Module behave similarly to a Personal Trooper.

Height: 21.9 meters

Weight: 45.8 tons

Weapons Systems:

*Split Beam
"Shots of beam energy fired from its arm-mounted cannons spread out in all directions, damaging the enemy."

*Roche Saber
"Two beam sabers, each mounted on the arms of the Armorlion, are projected and used for melee purposes."

*Hard Heat Horn
"Similar to the Heat Horn mounted on the Alt Eisen's forehead, the blade on the Armorlion's forehead is much larger, capable of cutting deeper into enemy armor."

*Square Claymore
"Like the Square Claymore weapon on the Alt Eisen, the Armorlion opens up the chambers on its shoulders and releases numerous volleys of missiles that devastate multiple enemies"

*Sonic Boost Kick
"The Armorlion rushes forward and uses its Roche Saber attack. Unlocking the stabilizer wings on the legs to extend its feet, the Armorlion delivers a vertical kick to its enemy and flies vertically into the air while using its weight to perform a downwards spiral kick while surrounded by an energy field that is similar to the one in the Guarlion's Sonic Breaker."

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