Bun (disambiguation)

Bun (disambiguation)

A bun is a type of bread roll.

Bun or BUN may also be:
* Bun (hairstyle), a hairstyle typically worn by women
* Occipital bun, a prominent bulge of the occipital bone at the back of the skull
*Bún, the Vietnamese name for rice vermicelli
* , a derogatory Cantonese slang term for Filipina women (as of March 2008, this entry is still in the wiktionary transwiki queue - see )
* Buns, a slang term for the buttocks
* The act of smoking cannabis (drug)
*blood urea nitrogen (abbreviation)
*Pad Feet (Dutch foot or Club Foot), in furniture design, is a specific type of chair leg foot, also referred to as a "bun"
*"Bún", a type of rice vermicelli served in Vietnamese cuisine
*Bun, Hautes-Pyrénées, a commune of southwestern France

The following people or fictional characters have the given name, surname, or nickname Bun:
* Alexandru cel Bun, prince of Moldavia from 1400–1432
* Bun E. Carlos, drummer for American rock band Cheap Trick
* Bun Cook, Canadian ice hockey player
* Lam Bun, a former Hong Kong radio commentator who died in the 1967 riots in that city
* Bun B, American rapper
* Bun Bun (né Yasuaki Fujita), a Japanese video game music composer
* Characters of Sluggy Freelance#Bun-bun, a character from the webcomic "Sluggy Freelance"

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