Air Traffic Controller (video game)

Air Traffic Controller (video game)

is a simulation computer game series that simulates the operation of an airport developed by TechnoBrain.

Initially released as a computer game, there has also been three PSP versions, a Gameboy Advance and a Nintendo DS version.

The games simulate the job of an air traffic controller. The player's mission is to direct planes onto the correct ILS, land them on the correct runway, taxi them to the correct gate, and take off on the correct runway as fast as possible.

Air Traffic Controller was released in Japan in July, 1998. Air Traffic Controller 2, its sequel, was released in 2005.

* Air Traffic Controller
** Airports Featured: Miyazaki Airport, Hiroshima-Nishi Airport, Matsuyama Airport, Osaka International Airport, Nagoya Airfield and Tokyo International Airport.

* Air Traffic Controller Power Up Kit 1
** Airports Featured: Saga Airport, Fukuoka Airport and Komatsu Airport.

* Air Traffic Controller Power Up Kit 1 Value Pack
** Airports Featured: ATC + Power Kit 1

* Air Traffic Controller Power Up Kit 2
** Airports Featured: Kansai International Airport, Narita International Airport and New Chitose Airport.

* Air Traffic Controller Power Up Kit 2 Value Pack
** Airports Featured: ATC + Power Kit 2

* Air Traffic Controller Power Up Kit 3
** Airports Featured: None.

* Air Traffic Controller Complete
** Airports Featured: ATC + Power Kit 1 + Power Kit 2

Air Traffic Controller 2

Tokyo: BigWing A (Alpha)

* Airport: Tokyo International Airport
* Release Date: 2001
* Airlines: Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Skymark Airlines, Hokkaido International Airlines, Japan Air System (Before merger with Japan Airlines), Japan Coast Guard, China Airlines and EVA Air.

There is also an airline company named after the developer of the game TechnoBrain, TechnoBrain Airlines (ICAO: TBA). Whenever TechnoBrain Airlines plane appears, special events will be triggered.

Tokyo: BigWing B (Bravo)

* Airport: Tokyo International Airport
* Release Date: 2001

Largely the same as Tokyo: BigWing A, but with a stage set in the evening.

Kagoshima Island Control

* Airport: Kagoshima Airport, Tanegashima Airport, Yakushima Airport
* Release Date: 2002
* Airlines: Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, JALways, Japan Air System, J-Air, Oriental Air Bridge and Polar Air Cargo
* Special Feature: Radio Control, For communications with Tanegashima Airport and Yakushima Airport.
* Special Event: During Stage 2-3, if all aircraft land before 10:15, a Rocket will launch from Tanegashima Space Center.

TechnoBrain released an updated version in 2005. Changes include the merger between Japan Airlines and Japan Air System, as well as other features that were unavailable at that time.

Komatsu Base Aviation Festival

* Airport: Komatsu Airport
* Release Date: 2002
* Airlines: Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Air Nippon, Japan Air System and Japan Air Self-Defense Force.
* Special Feature: No Delivery Control, jobs taken over by Ground Control.
* Special Event: During Stage 1-3 and 2-1, there will be a Airshow. Stage 2-2, It has been replaced by a Q&A, player must answer questions correctly to complete the stage.

Narita: Gate of Japan

* Airport: Narita International Airport
* Release Date: 2002

Tokyo: BigWing Complete

* Airport: Tokyo International Airport
* Special Feature: Airbus Beluga makes an appearance as the last plane to approach, land, and park in the airport at the last stage.

Nagoya: Jumble Airport

Narita: Star Light Airways

* Airport: Narita International Airport
* Special Feature: At stage 4-1, snowing occurs. At stage 4-3, Concorde makes a special apperance at the end.

Okinawa: A Wake on the Southward Raise

endai: First Flight, First Control

Chitose: SnowScape

* Airport: New Chitose Airport
* Special Feature: During stage 2-2 and 2-3, snowstorm forces the runways to be closed.

Kansai: Cross Over Area

* Airport: Kansai International Airport
* Special Feature: Taxiway will be closed in stage 2-2 due to an object fallen off a plane. The runway lights malfunctioned in stage 2-3, resulting in closure of the runway.

Fukuoka: Oriental Wings

Tokyo: BigWing Duel Site

* Airport: Tokyo International Airport
* Special Feature: In stage 2-2 and 2-3, China's and Russia's presidential plane plus Air Force One makes an appearance.

Osaka: InterCity Airport

* Airport: Osaka International Airport
* Special Feature: Contains 2 mini-game within the game. One is directing the pilot to a gate parking. The other is controlling the ground vehicle to move planes around.

Narita: Complete

* Airport: Narita International Airport
* This series combined "Narita: Gate of Japan" and "Narita: Star Light Airways" onto the same disc, with minor content changes.

Centrair International Airport

* Airport: Chūbu Centrair International Airport
* Special Feature: Stage 2-3 features Airbus A380. Stage 2-2 and 2-3 feature Boeing 747LCF.

Kansai: Brightly Path

* Airport: Kansai International Airport
* Special Feature: An additional 4000m runway is opened for use. An airship can be seen in stage 2-3.

Air Traffic Controller 3

Tokyo BigWing

* Airport: Tokyo International Airport
* Airlines: Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Skymark Airlines, Hokkaido International Airlines, Japan Coast Guard
* Release Date: February 25, 2008
* Version: 1.02A (Patch from official site)
* Special Events: During Stage 3, first aircraft take off from runway 16L will encounter bird strike and taxi back to the gate. Stage 6, aircraft landed at either runway 34L and 34R will trigger microburst and windshear, causing closure of runway 34L and 34R for a certain time period.

Okinawa BlueCorridor

* Airport: Naha Airport
* Airlines: Japan Airlines, Japan Transocean Air, All Nippon Airways, Skymark Airlines, Japan Coast Guard, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Galaxy Airlines, Japan Air Self-Defense Force
* Release Date: July 2, 2008
* Version: 1.02 (Patch from official site)

Osaka Parallelcontact

* Airport: Osaka International Airport
* Airlines: Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, and others
* Release Date: November 21, 2008

Airport Hero Trilogy for PSP

Developed by Sonic Powered and TechnoBrain exclusively for PSP. All three games has two modes of play. The main mode is operation mode where there is two stage for easy, medium and hard difficulty respectively. The second mode is challenge mode where players will face a variety of special situations. The games are as follow:

Boku wa Koukuu Kanseikan: Airport Hero Narita

*Release Date: June 15, 2006
*Airport: Narita International Airport

Includes an encyclopedia explaining the equipment and personnel in a airport plus the type of airplanes in the game

Boku wa Koukuu Kanseikan: Airport Hero Naha

*Release Date: September 28, 2006
*Airport: Naha Airport

Players will not only direct commercial planes but also military jets, patrol planes and helicopters. Includes a gallery where players can unlock videos giving brief explanation of planes they control in the airport.

Boku wa Koukuu Kanseikan: Airport Hero New Chitose

*Release Date: February 22, 2007
*Airport: New Chitose Airport

Players will control the New Chitose airport plus the Chitose Air Base. Also includes scenarios during winter where runways will sometimes be covered in thick snow and need to be shut down for clearing. There is a replay option where players can choose to record gameplay for future viewing.

Air Traffic Controller for Nintendo DS

This version of the game was released in the United States by Majesco under the name Air Traffic Chaos.cite web | date = September 9, 2008 | url = | title = Majesco Entertainment Ships Air Traffic Chaos for Nintendo DS(TM) | work = | publisher = Yahoo | accessdate = 2008-10-07 ]

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