MadV (birthdate unknown) is a YouTube video director and magician, active since April 11, 2006. His video persona wears a replica Guy Fawkes mask, popularised by Alan Moore's graphic novel "V for Vendetta", which is, in turn, the source of his character name "V". His style is that of a silent illusionist, displaying various tricks or miracles without saying a word. It was alleged that he "quit" YouTube to pursue a career in television. He is perhaps better known for the viral advertising campaign known as [ One World] (posted November 16, 2006), which has been cited by the Associated Press as one of the most successful of such campaigns on YouTube.cite news |first=Jake |last=Coyle |authorlink= |coauthors= |title=Campaign for Iraq Pullout Hits YouTube |url= |quote=One of the most successful YouTube campaigns was held in November by user MadV. Called "One World," it invited people to "make a statement" and "be part of something" by writing something, anything on one's hand and post a video of it. More than 2,200 people posted video responses.|publisher=Associated Press |date=January 9, 2007 |accessdate=2007-10-12 ]

Other credits include three "features" on the YouTube front page, and a nomination for [ Most Creative Video] in the YouTube Video Awards 2006 [ [ "Most Creative" videos] - YouTube Awards 2006, launched March 19,2006] .

He has appeared on The FIZZ [ [ The FIZZ Review] , The FIZZ, Episode 4, aired on DirectTV 28 February, 2007] MTV's Overdrive [ [ Let the Conversation Begin] , MTV webcam dispatch, February 16, 2007] , Pepsi's 'The 9 on Yahoo!' [ [;_ylt=Ancg2STz9KTTHmjHvgeBD4IAZ88F 'The 9 on Yahoo!'] , sponsored by Pepsi, March 21, 2007] . and ABC's I-Caught [ [ 'I-Caught'] on ABC, August 21, 2007] .


All of the eleven video illusions were posted within a one month time-frame, at the end of which MadV posted a goodbye to his fans.Audio track information is accurate [ [ MadV's playlist] on YouTube, retrieved April 24, 2007] according to his playlist.

1. [ "Mad Guitar Solo"] (posted April 11, 2006, 45 seconds), was the first video posted on his profile, and shows him miming to Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker" on an acoustic guitar.

2. [ "Mad Air Guitar Solo"] (posted April 12, 2006, 23 seconds). MadV pretends to strum along to and drum the beat of a remixed version of Justin Timberlake's track "Like I Love You".

3. [ "Anti-Gravity"] (posted April 13, 2006, 24 seconds), formerly known as "Teh Maddest Skillz Ever!!" was the break-through video for MadV. In it he appears to make a playing card float outwards and then return, before controlling its trajectory. Of note, MadV finalised his signature style and clothing in this video.The video was featured on the YouTube front page, and has attracted over 2 million views, and hundreds of copycat imitations [ [ Anti-gravity videos] on YouTube, retrieved April 24, 2007] . The audio used is taken from the soundtrack to the film "Requiem for a Dream", composed by Clint Mansell.

4. [ "The Third Best Card Trick Ever"] (posted April 13, 2006, 32 seconds), formerly known as 'Teh Maddest Skillz Yet!!'. In it, MadV makes several different playing cards appear from thin air, discarding each one in turn. Finally he pulls out a pair of sunglasses. The audio used is "Don't Touch Dwayne Berry" by Naked Funk.

5. [ "Black Floater"] (posted April 14, 2006, 27 seconds). MadV makes a small black ball hover. Audio used is "Release the Pressure" by Leftfield.

6. [ "Where's Your Head At?"] (posted April 17, 2006, 20 seconds). MadV removes his mask, and behind it he seemingly has no head; his hood filled merely by empty black space. Audio used is "Hey Man, Nice Shot" (Nickel Bag Mix) by Filter.

7. [ "The Brain"] (posted April 18, 2006, 28 seconds). MadV manipulates the pages of a book. Audio used is taken from the TV cartoon show Pinky and the Brain.

8. [ "Don't Try This At Home"] (posted April 20, 2006, 30 seconds). MadV apparently cuts off his thumb at the middle joint with a pair of scissors (his thumb can be seen intact in later videos). Audio used is "PiR2" by Clint Mansell.

9. [ "String Theory"] (posted April 28, 2006, 30 seconds). MadV floats a playing card in front of his body, while passing both arms above and below the card. Audio used is "(Can't You) Trip Like I Do" by The Crystal Method and Filter.

10. [ "Unplugged"] (posted May 05, 2006, 24 seconds). MadV appears to make an iPod disappear from his cupped hands. Audio used is "Flat Beat" by Mr Oizo.

11. [ "The Fix"] (posted May 08, 2006, 19 seconds). MadV appears to straighten out a bent spoon using his mind. Audio used is "Starálfur" by Sigur Rós.


[ "Goodbye"] (posted May 09, 2006, 2 minutes 17 seconds). Audio used is "Acid Food" by Mogwai.

Approximately one month after joining YouTube, MadV posted this video claiming that he had been hired by a television production company.:

"It's been a great few weeks for me. What started off as a joke turned into a connection with so many people. After 4 weeks of going viral across the internet I've just signed a contract with a TV production company, and as a result, there can be no more MadV on YouTube. I just wanted to say 'goodbye' in a meaningful way... I can't thank the fans enough - all the comments, the tributes, the dedication - you guys really are awesome. I've learned a lot, and I hope some of you have too. It's been fun along the way. If I could leave just one idea - it would be this: We are all part of this world, so let's respect one another. If you gotta be sayin something, say it nice. Don't let the haters stand in your way. I didn't. True! I'm off to new and brighter things. Chin up, MadV."
This text has since been removed from the video description.

At the beginning of the video a voice is heard. This is an audio clip from the film "Waking Life".

"One World"

In November 16, 2006, 6 months after "leaving" YouTube, MadV posted the video entitled [ "One World"] (40 seconds). Audio used is Með blóðnasir by Sigur Rós. This video showed the character holding his hand up to the camera, on which he had the simple message of "One World".

MTV noticed the influence of this silent video, and MadV appeared in an MTV Online news report about the 2008 Presidential candidates [ [ The Conversation Continues] , MTV webcam dispatch, posted on YouTube February 15, 2007] . Audio used is Kids Will Be Skeletons by Mogwai.


It was rumored that MadV would return to YouTube on November 5, 2007. However, on October 5, 2007 MadV posted a new video entitled [ Remember] [ [ "Remember"] , Youtube, posted October 4, 2007] , which featured the following words:

"On the 5th November
let us remember
what inspires us
what brings us hope.
Let's remind the world
to pay respect
for everything important
and everything we forget."
Alongside the video was a written explanation/invitation for people to post a video about something they would want the world to remember. The message states that the response videos should not be posted until November 5.


On November 5 (Guy Fawkes Day) MadV replied to "Remember" with a video called [ Inspire] which consists of him creating the word "Inspire" on the ground with fire. The Music in this video is "Music For a Nurse" by Oceansize.

He used The Album Leaf - Into The Sea as a soundtrack

The "Humans" Project

[ "The "Humans" Project"] (posted March 2, 2008)

On March 2, 2008, MadV uploaded a video asking viewers to say one sentence on what it means to be human.

The video consists of the following words on a black screen:

"What does it mean to be human?
A new community project
for everyone
In one sentence
of your own words
Tell the world
about human nature
and what humans are
Join in
The "Humans" Project
We're all waiting..."

Missing Videos

There are three videos which only briefly appeared on MadV's YouTube profile. 1. [ "To tha haters"] (posted April 12, 2006) featured the character playing air guitar, while speaking for the first and only time against " [Internet s _ha. date=March 2008 The video has since been removed by MadV, but has been re-uploaded to YouTube by user [ Zerhynn] [ [ "Lost Video – To the haters"] , YouTube, original posting April 26, 2006] , recovered by Zerhynn, June 7, 2006] . 2. "Let there be loVe" (posted February 13, 2007) featured the character playing a version of "Let There Be Love" popularised by Nat King Cole on the piano. The accompanying video description read: "Filmed at 3.30am, while she slept upstairs. Happy Valentine's Day X". The video was also removed by the user. [ [ 'Placeholder – Let there be loVe'] , YouTube, original posting February 13, 2006]

3. "Fusion" (posted June 8, 2006) was an eight second video which showed the words "the FUture of illuSION", changing to just "FUSION" in purple letters. The video then shows MadV doing some cuts with a deck of cards. The video was posted for 24 hours and accumulated 27 views.


MadV has appeared in two musical video collaborations on YouTube:

1. [ "Imagine"] [ [ "Imagine"] , YouTube, posted June 12, 2006] - Set to John Lennon's "", compilation made by BowieChick posted June 12,2006. MadV mimes to the intro drums.

2. [ "Bohemian Rhapsody"] [ [ "Bohemian Rhapsody"] , YouTube, posted December 12, 2006] - Set to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", compilation made by [ MattyMJ2007] posted December 12, 2006. MadV plays the lead guitar.


On February 2, 2008, all MadV's videos were deleted and replaced with one with a black background and white text which merely stated "OMFG! MadV Haxxord!". His videos have since been restored without any of accumulated response videos.


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