National Youth Leadership Forum

National Youth Leadership Forum

The National Youth Leadership Forum (abbreviated: NYLF) is a tuition-based educational organization founded in 1992 that contracts Envision EMI, a "for-profit" corporation, to facilitate and execute career/leadership programs for high school students throughout the United States, with the goal of career preparation. NYLF has an active online community of current and future participants as well as alumni. These people make up the NYLF Message Boards and NYLF IRC. The NYLF Message Boards were started by several alumni following the NYLF/Tech 2002 program, and have since been officially owned and maintained by NYLF staff. NYLF IRC is an alumni-run server and is not officially affiliated with NYLF.

In order to attend the NYLF program, students are nominated to attend a program by educators, organization advisors, alumni, and participating institutions or through classroom surveys (PSAT&SAT). Students may also be admitted through an application process. There is a scholarship available on a limited basis awarded to students who struggle financially. The price to attend is more than $2,000, and in addition students are responsible for other expenses (including airfare, parking, transportation to and from the conference, and other incidental expenses) during their Forum.

Project Overviews

National Youth Leadership Forum on National Security (formerly Defense, Intelligence and Diplomacy)

Held each fall and spring in Washington, D.C., NYLF/NS offers intensive exploration of the fields of homeland security, diplomacy and other related areas. Participants hear from some of the nation’s top decision-makers and go behind the scenes at nerve centers of national security throughout the area.

National Youth Leadership Forum on Law

Participants interact with distinguished legal scholars and take part in seminars on current legal issues. They also have the chance to visit top law firms and law schools, as well as local and federal courtrooms, and the United States Supreme Court. The Forum on Law is held each fall and spring in Washington, D.C.

National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine

NYLF/MED is held each summer at renowned medical centers in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston-Galveston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Participants can expect a hands-on curriculum which includes presentations by internationally-recognized speakers, clinical and research visits, medical school visits and simulation activities.

Program Requirements

"How are students nominated to attend the program? Students are nominated by educators, community mentors and alumni of NYLF programs. We also work with educational organizations such as the College Board and..." per

NYLF Programs

* National Security (abbreviated: NS), formerly Defense, Intelligence & Diplomacy (abbreviated: DID) before fall 2007
* Law
* Medicine (abbreviated: Med)
* Technology (abbreviated: Tech) (Canceled after 2006)
* Nursing (Only held in 2005)

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