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Origin = Reston, Virginia, USA
Genre = Melodic hardcore Punk rock
Years_active = 1987– present
Label = Jade Tree Records Fat Wreck Lookout! Records
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URL = [http://www.availavail.com www.availavail.com]
Current_members = Tim Barry Joe Banks Gwomper Ed Trask
Past_members = Erik Larsen Chuck McCauley

Avail is a punk rock/hardcore punk band from Richmond, Virginia. Originally from Northern Virginia, the band formed in 1987, its members including Joe Banks, Doug Crosby, Brian Stewart and Mikey Warstler. The only original remaining member, guitar player Joe Banks, teamed up with rival band LDK's (Learning Disabled Kids) Tim Barry. They moved to Richmond in 1990, and soon, after numerous line up changes, put together a solid lineup to release their first album in 1992. They play punk music, with heartfelt lyrics and melodic breakdowns. Many of their lyrics are about Richmond.


Avail has five members.

* Tim Barry - vocals(Drums on First EP)
* Joe Banks - guitar
* Gwomper - bass
* Ed Trask - drums
* Beau Beau, manager, cheerleaderFormer Members:
* Chuck McCauley- bass
* Eric Larson - drums

Label Change

Avail self-released their first LP, "Satiate" on Catheter-Assembly Records. It was later re-released by Lookout! Records. They released several studio releases on Lookout! and then went on to Fat Wreck Chords for "One Wrench" and "Front Porch Stories." Most recently, they have signed on with Jade Tree Records who has recently re-released the Avail albums "Dixie", "4am Friday", and "Over the James".


Full Length Albums

* "Satiate" - 1992 - Lookout! Records
* "Dixie" - 1994 - Lookout! Records
* "4am Friday" - 1996 - Lookout! Records
* "Over the James" - 1998 - Lookout! Records
* "One Wrench" - 2000 - Fat Wreck Chords
* "Front Porch Stories" - 2002 - Fat Wreck Chords


* "AVAIL" - 1989 - SunSpot Records (Brien Stewart -Vocals/ Tim Barry - Drums)
* "Attempt to Regress" - 1993 - Catheter Assembly
* "The Fall of Richmond" - 1997 - Lookout! Records - split EP with (Young) Pioneers
* "100 Times" - 1999 - Fat Wreck Chords


* "Live at the Kings Head Inn" - 1993 - Old Glory Records
* "V.M. Live Presents...Avail" - 1999 - Liberation Records
* "Live at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco" - 1998 - Lookout! Records

External links

* [http://www.availavail.com Avail's official page]
* [http://www.myspace.com/availrva Avail's Myspace page]
* [http://www.lookoutrecords.com Lookout! Records]
* [http://www.jadetree.com Jade Tree Records]
* [http://www.suburbanhomerecords.com Suburban Home Records]
* [http://www.scannerzine.com/avail.htm Scanner Zine interview with Beau]

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