Saskatchewan general election, 1948

Saskatchewan general election, 1948

The Saskatchewan general election of 1948 was the eleventh provincial election held in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It was held on June 24 1948, to elect members of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan.

The Co-operative Commonwealth Federation government of Premier Tommy Douglas was re-elected with a reduced majority in the legislature.

Although the share of the popular vote won by the Liberal Party of Walter Tucker fell by almost five percentage points, the party increased its representation in the legislature from 5 seats to 19.

The Social Credit Party of Saskatchewan, which had won 2 seats and 16% of the popular vote in the 1938 election, only to disappear in the 1944 election, returned to win over 8% of the vote, but no seats.

The Progressive Conservative Party, now led by Rupert Ramsay, continued to decline, and was also shut out of the legislature.

In some ridings, the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives appear to have run joint candidates in failed attempts to defeat the CCF. These candidates ran as Liberal-PC or Conservative Liberal candidates.



* Party did not nominate candidates in previous election.

Source: [ Elections Saskatchewan]

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