Shamo (chicken)

Shamo (chicken)

Shamo or Ko-Shamo (軍鶏 or シャモ) is a breed of chicken of Japan which was originated in Thailand. The name "Shamo" was a corruption of "Siam" during the early Edo period but has been selectively bred for several hundred years and is very different from the original stock. This breed is used for naked heeled cockboxing in Japan cockfight, where it is still legal. It is also bred all over the world for its show quality.

* oo-shamo (Large Shamo, 大軍鶏)
* chu-shamo (Medium Shamo, 中軍鶏)
* ko-shamo (Small Shamo, 小軍鶏)
* nanjin-shamo (Nanjin Shamo, 南京軍鶏)

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