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foobar2000 featuring MiniLyrics running on Windows 7

foobar2000 featuring MiniLyrics running on Windows 7
Original author(s) Henry Shaw[1]
Developer(s) Crintsoft LLC
Initial release 2001; 10 years ago (2001)
Stable release[1] / July 12, 2011; 4 months ago (2011-07-12)[1]
Written in C++
Operating system Microsoft Windows (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7)
Platform Intel x86 - 32bit and x64
Size ~2 MB
Available in Multilingual
Type Audio Plugins and Utilities
License Commercial proprietary

MiniLyrics, is a lyrics viewer and editor software written by Crintsoft LLC. The software comes in the form of a plugin for media players, with support for the most popular ones (eg. Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes and MediaMonkey) as well as many less known players.



Version 5

Version 6

Version 6 added new Floating lyrics display option.

Version 7

Current version 7 uses its own GUI, as its author considered to port into other operating systems.


The main function of MiniLyrics is taking use of user-generated LRC files to display synchronized lyrics in audio players.

MiniLyrics Installer (NSIS) installs plug-ins to players, by detecting registry entries or letting users to choose players' installed path.

Since the version 6, it can have a portable installation.

The program does not contain advertising systems ("adware"), "spyware" or any "tag-along" extra software in its installer.


User interface

Until version 6, MiniLyrics uses Windows's native skin.

Starting from version 7, the author decided to use its own skin, targeted for Mac OS X and Linux ports.

File format

The LRC format, which is similar to subtitle file format, is main use of MiniLyrics. While .txt, .srt (read only) and .snc (save only) are also supported.

LRC is a synchronized (also time-synchronized or time-stamped) file format.

Operating system compatibility

Windows Mobile 5 and Prior-Windows 2000 operating systems are still supported via old versions, can be download here

The mobile version was developed until version 5. It is now stalled.

Porting to Mac OS X, Linux is considering.

Supported media players


Although advertised as never expires, the program's nag screen sometimes pops up.

MiniLyrics is not a trialware, the program is advertised that itself never expires, can be used without time restriction. But a nag screen often pops up on startup and sometimes when downloading lyrics. This nag screen can be removed by registering the program for $9.99 or $24.99.

Some download websites consider it as a nagware.


Creating and editing

MiniLyrics has a built-in lyrics editor, which is a text editor, similar to Notepad, but with additional, advanced tools for editing lyrics like taggings, synchronizing, set offset,...

It can save lyrics to audio files in 3 formats: ID3v2 synchronized (supported by Windows Media Player), not synchronized (supported by Windows Media Player and iTunes) and Lyrics3v2.


Lyrics are all created by users, their files are uploaded to dual-server at Registration is now required to upload and edit lyrics files.

Lyrics updating and deletion are executed at To update the uploaded lyrics files, users must provide file with same Artist and Title tag; or otherwise they have to delete lyrics and re-upload again if they want to change the tag. The lyrics database is claimed to be expanding everyday.


Tags from audio files retrieved through installed plug-in into MiniLyrics. It sends request to server and automatically download to lyrics folder (typically eg.: C:\Lyrics).

Lyrics can only be downloaded if:

  1. They are exist on server's database
  2. The Artist and Title field tag are matched with uploaded .lrc file.

Since this is user-based database, the uploaded files' tag are not always correct; if the file tags are wrong, they will be likely less or not downloaded at all. The download is counted only when MiniLyrics automatically downloads it. Lyrics are rated using a score of 5. Submit rating via website. The lyrics file with higher rating will be preferred.

Viewing and displaying

Normal mode with default Fantasy skin and uncustomized Floating lyrics mode on top.
MiniLyrics itself contains many skin. But only "Fantasy", "MiniLyrics" and "Windows 7" have their own GUI (as version 7).
MiniLyrics has 3 display modes: Normal, Floating and Lyrics Bar. Floating Lyrics Mode is added since version 6, which feature a transparent display.
LRC files are viewed with many style: Vertical Scrolling, Single Line, Movie Subtitle,...
Users can select their own font format, size and color to display lyrics.
Other options
The program has anti-aliasing display, which clear jagged edge in fonts, but it is turned off by default. Karaoke displaying mode. Lyrics can be displayed in Fade in, fade out background or Normal.


MiniLyrics was met with near universal acclaim, receiving praise from software download editor and among users.[4][5][6][7]

Luminita Apostu at Softpedia, in editor review, gave MiniLyrics "Excellent" rating.[4] Apostu, Windows Editor, said the good thing about MiniLyrics "is the fact that even if it comes as an unregistered version, it doesn't have an expiring trial and it allows you to use it for as much as you want, of course, as long as you don't feel too uncomfortable with dealing with the nag reminder screen that prompts each time you run and stop the application." She also note that "the only uncomfortable thing" that she found about the program "is the fact you must first run the player application and just after that Minilyrics opens." And praised it with "I think Minilyrics gets its job done and, quite frankly, there's nothing I couldn't be satisfied about."

Editor review in Softonic gave MiniLyrics "Outstanding" rating.[5] Elena Santos claimed "Singing your favorite songs aloud, especially when nobody sees you, is one of those little pleasures in life. But you obviously need to know the lyrics to the song you're trying to follow, something you can easily find with MiniLyrics." She said the downside of the program is "MiniLyrics displays a nag window every time you launch it and another registration reminder on top of each lyrics file", but noted "that's a price I'm willing to play to be able to sing almost any of the 4,300 files in my Winamp playlist."

The author website itself claims that the software is being used by millions users.

Comparison with other lyrics plugins software

When compared, MiniLyrics stands out among other audio plug-ins software since it has a large and synchronized lyrics database. Additionally, the database is uploaded by users and has many options to display lyrics. The main competitors of MiniLyrics are EvilLyrics and TuneWiki.

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