Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States

Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States

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"Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States" ("MELUS") is a scholarly journal first published in 1974. The journal is a non-profit publication published quarterly by The Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States (also known as "MELUS") and the University of Connecticut. The aim of the journal and the Society is "to expand the definition of American literature through the study and teaching of Latino American, Native American, African American, Asian and Pacific American, and ethnically specific Euro-American literary works, their authors, and their cultural contexts." [ University of Connecticut's MELUS Journal webpage] ]


The society was formed in response to the continued practice at the MLA annual conference's American Literature section of discussing only works by white men. The society was founded at the following year's conference, and within a few months had almost 100 members. At the conference the following year (1974), society members formally proclaimed their demand, "We must expand the canon of American literature!" In the early years, the society was relegated to the Foreign Languages division of the conference, because they refused to accept that American literature can only refer to English-language works. At this time, the society's goals included the recovery of lost works by minority authors, the compilation of bibliographies of minority literature, and the enlisting of the aid of ethnic studies scholars in all fields, as well as publishing book reviews, connecting scholars, and printing abstracts on ethnic studies dissertations. [The information in this paragraph comes from [ Katharine Newman, "MELUS Invented: The Rest Is History,"] MELUS 16.4, Toward the Multiculture. (Winter, 1989 - Winter, 1990), pp. 99-113. ]

Edited by Martha J. Cutter, the journal is considered one of the premier journals in multicultural literary studies and is included in the JSTOR [ [ JSTOR] ] and MLA databases. The Society also participates "in the conventions of such scholarly organizations as the Modern Language Association and its Regionals, [ College English Association] , [ National Women's Studies Association] , [ American Studies Association] , [ American Literature Association] , and [ Popular Culture Association] ," and has sponsored its own convention since 1987. The journal has become a valuable resource for scholars, teachers, and students interested in African American, Asian and Pacific American, Native American, Arab American, Caribbean, and ethnically-specific European American works. It features scholarship and interviews with luminaries in the field as well as articles on multi-ethnic film, history, and culture and on newly emerging art forms, such as graphic narrative and internet blogs. The articles, interviews and reviews encompass the multi-ethnic scope of American literature past and present. Most issues are thematically organized for greater understanding of topics, criticism and theory in the total picture of American literature "MELUS" hopes to present. The journal is published for members and subscribing institutions; a non-profit publication, the journal is supported by dues of Society members, library subscriptions, funds from Patrons, and by the University of Connecticut.

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