Massage Chair (Robot Chicken episode)

Massage Chair (Robot Chicken episode)

Infobox Television episode
Title = Massage Chair
Series = Robot Chicken

Caption = Abraham Lincoln: "Who dares to disturb my slumber?"
George W. Bush: "Who dare's question my daring... of... his dare... jerk?"
Season = 2
Episode = 9
Airdate = May 28 2006
Production = 210
Writer = Jordan Allen-Dutton
Mike Fasolo
Doug Goldstein
Seth Green
Tom Root
Matthew Senreich
Erik Weiner
Director = Doug Goldstein
Guests =
Episode list = List of Robot Chicken episodes
Prev = Rodigitti
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"Massage Chair" is the ninth episode of the second season of Robot Chicken.

List of Skits

Noisy Werewolf

A werewolf howling outside of an apartment complex gets a shoe thrown at him for his efforts.

Incompetent Airport Security

Airport Security agents are more interested in rifling through passengers' personal items than screening for contraband or weapons.

Cuddles Fabric Softener

Cuddles the fabric softener bear gets the wrong kind of hug, over and over again.

I Don't Want Your Sandwich

James Van Der Beek offering the line, "I Don't Want Your Sandwich" in a parody of his similar line from "Varsity Blues."

Office Fighter

Corporate disputes get solved hand-to-hand in Office Fighter. Frank and Jim, two employees, were fighting over the due date of the marketing proposal. In Round 2, it is Jim vs. Nancy. Jim had beat Frank and Nancy. Ryu from Street Fighter appears in Round 3 and beats Jim.

Monkeys in Outer Space

NASA gets a $1 budget, and go back to basics using monkeys to explore outer space.

Mummy Tee Pee

A Pharaoh uses a mummy's wrappings as toilet paper

Do the Dew!

A little boy proves that not all stunts have to be extreme.

Jedi Bush

George W. Bush discovers that his midichlorian count is extraordinarily high, and thus he has Jedi powers. He uses his newly-found powers to convince Laura Bush to have a "3-some" with Condoleezza Rice, to throw Bill Clinton's car into a pond over a parking place dispute at McDonalds, and to deface the Lincoln Memorial. The memorial, however, is the home to Abraham Lincoln, a Sith lord - and they battle throughout the National Mall. In the closing sequence he reveals to Jenna Bush that he is her father... and then he wakes up from his daydream.
* This skit was also used in the Star Wars episode.

Verne Needs a Hand

Verne needs some help with groceries.

Bloopers! Three

We're back with more of those stupendous bloopers, including:

*Timmy in a well from Lassie, where Lassie keeps on attacking the microphone person.
*A "Big Wheel" accident with Bob Barker from The Price is Right, where a contestant gets his sleeve caught on the Big Wheel and goes around, and around, and around.
*Richard Dawson from Family Feud gets his kisses from a gentleman contestant.
*Britney Spears outtakes includes Britney and her ex-husband Kevin Federline getting stoned and making comments about being famous.
*A Ghost Rider outtake with Nicolas Cage includes Cage crashing into a wall with a motorcycle, which happened because nobody taught him how to drive one.
*Hulk Hogan in Hogan Knows Best, where Hogan asks his family "Who wants peas?"
*Auditions tapes from MTV's Jackass! Which includes people getting injured in crazy stunts.

The Bloopers host commits suicide by getting in a bathtub and dropping a toaster in it.

Cast / Voice actors

* Emma Caulfield - Timmy's Mom
* Seth Green - Bill Clinton, Contestant, George W. Bush, Jenna Bush, Jim, Nicolas Cage, Security Guard, Verne Troyer, Britney Spears, Kevin Federline
* Hulk Hogan - Abraham Lincoln, Himself
* Jamie Kaler - Bloopers! Host
* Jimmy Kimmel - Ryu, Richard Dawson
* Jim Meskimen - Frank
* Chad Morgan - Laura Bush, Nancy
* Tom Root -
* Adam Talbott - Teen
* James Van Der Beek - Bush's Aide, Himself

toop!d Monkey

The monkey has fallen in love with a python. []

References & External links

* [ Robot Chicken Wiki]
* [ Adult Swim]
*imdb title|0437745|title=Robot Chicken

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