Kamen Rider Sabaki

Kamen Rider Sabaki

. At 37 years old, Sabaki is currently the oldest active Kamen Rider Oni in Japan. He is defeated often, but this can be attributed to his age. Sabaki was the former mentor of Kamen Rider Banki who is now independent, currently he has no student. He is both an active trumpet and taiko user, making him one of the few Oni to be able to handle both weapons full time. Sabaki had the Sabaki Enma made specifically for himself, these are small taiko sized versions of Oni guitar.

Arsenal and technique

* Transformation device: Henshin Kigen (String Brace)
* Ongekishin (Guitar Buckle): Gokuraku
* Ongekigen (Guitar Lance): Sabaki Enma
* Ongekibou (Drum Sticks): Syakubyoushi
* Ongekikan (Trombone): unknown


His name translation is "Judgement Ogre"

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