Takeshi (which might be written in several ways, such as 武, 毅, 猛, or 健史, katakana:タケシ; hiragana: たけし) is a Japanese given name.


*Takeshi Kaga (born 1950), actor
*Takeshi Kaneshiro, actor
*Takeshi Kitano (Beat Takeshi), filmmaker and star of "Takeshi's Castle"
*Takeshi Konomi, mangaka
*Takeshi Kusao (born 1965), voice actor
*Takeshi Morishima, professional wrestler
*Takeshi Okumura, pocket billiards player
*Takeshi So, long-distance runner
*Takeshi Ueda, musician
*Takeshi Utsumi, education expert

Fictional Characters

*Takeshi Kovacs, a fictional character in many books by Richard Morgan
*Takeshi Momoshiro, a "Prince of Tennis" character
*Takeshi Yamamoto, a character from "Reborn!"
*Takeshi, a fictional organization in "Kamen Rider Hibiki"


*"Takeshis'", a 2005 movie by, and starring, Japanese filmmaker Takeshi Kitano.

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