List of characters in the Harvest Moon series

List of characters in the Harvest Moon series

This is a list of characters that appear in the Harvest Moon Series of Games.

Player character



;Harvest Moon (SNES)Lives in the Inner Inn with her father. She can be described as a tomboy, and loves cleaning and doing the dishes.

;Harvest Moon 64A girl who lives and works on the Green Ranch. She has a father named Doug, a brother named Gray, and a cousin named Rick. She is one of the five bachelorettes and is a candidate for marriage. It is hinted that she is related to the other Ann from HM: SNES; they both sport similar hair and are both boyish in appearance.

;Magical MelodyNot to be mistaken with the later Harvest Moon series characters with the same name, this Ann was first seen in Harvest Moon for the SNES. Her personality in Magical Melody is very similar to the original Ann, as she is somewhat of a tomboy and interested in inventions and machinery. She works in the Junk Shop with her father Michael, working on new inventions. Although she is very persistent, she seems never to improve, her experiments often ending in explosions. Her father would like to see her married, but she often expresses hesitation on whether she even wants a settled life.


;Island of HappinessCeffiena came to the island with her father, who is president of the mining company. She is a quiet, shy girl who helps her father with his work. She is very interested in ores. She looks very similar to Mary from


;A Wonderful LifeA very sweet, yet simple compassionate girl who works and lives with Vesta and Marlin, and also helps in daily chores and takes care of the plants. She is compassionate for humans, plants and animals. Her favourite item or food is Cake.


;Island of HappinessChelsea is one of the two playable characters you can choose from at the start of the game. If you choose to be Mark instead of Chelsea, then Chelsea will become one of the characters available for marriage. She's vigorous with her work and can cheer up anyone who is around her. She has no rival. She arrives when you are 50% done with the island and have all the main characters except her.


;Magical MelodyDia is a recluse who lives under the care of Gina, whom she has known since childhood, at the Sanatorium to recover from surgery. After the player befriends her, she reveals that she is fully recovered but wishes to remain in Flower Bud Village to avoid her constantly quarreling parents. She often acts selfish and spoiled, but wants to change. Dia was first seen in "Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland", where her personality is very much the same.


;Harvest Moon (SNES)An animal lover. She presents the player with the dog on the first day of the game. She is good natured and enjoys the simpler things in life.

;Magical MelodyEllen, daughter of Hank and cousin of Blue, works at the Blue Sky Ranch. She is very interested in animals, and her hobby is baking desserts. Ellen has a lot in common with the character of the same name from the original Harvest Moon, and, like her, she is the one to give the player the pet dog on the first day of play.


;Harvest Moon 64She works in the Bakery with Jeff, the owner of the store. Her grandmother, Ellen, also lives in the bakery. She is one of the 5 bachelorettes and is a candidate for marriage. It is hinted that she is related to Ellen from HM: SNES; her grandmother is named Ellen, like the previous character from HM: SNES.


;Harvest Moon (SNES)Lost her parents and now lives with her grandfather (who is always in the mountains). She works at the Bar at night, and can also be found in the mountains and in the hot springs on Sundays.

;Magical MelodyEve is Duke's niece and Terry's granddaughter. She works as a waitress at the Moonlight Café. She grew up in Flower Bud Village with her grandfather. When her parents died in an accident, she returned to Flower Bud in order to bring her hesitant grandfather back to the city, but has since grown used to the village and considers staying.


;A Wonderful LifeFlora is a bit ditzy and indecisive, but very polite and friendly. She is Dr. Carter's assistant and chef, although apparently not very good at cooking. Out of all the returning bachelorettes from Harvest Moon : A Wondeful Life and Harvest Moon : A Wonderful Life Special Edition, Flora is the only new girl marrigable canditate in the game who has not yet been eligible for marriage in the past games excluding Lumina.


;Magical MelodyGina is a nurse at the Clinic and the Sanatorium, and Dia's attendant. She has grown up with Dia and is like a sister to her. She first appeared in "Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland" with a similar role.


;Magical MelodyGwen, first seen in "Save the Homeland", she is Doug's niece and Woody's granddaughter. She works as a cook at the Perch Inn, and loves horses and racing.


;Island of HappinessJulia helps her mother in her shop. Julia has a positive attitude towards everything and is very cheerful. She loves horses.


;Harvest Moon 64She lives and works in the Vineyard with Gotz and Sasha, her father and mother, and a worker named Kai.She also has a cousin named Cliff. She is one of the five bachelorettes and is a candidate for marriage. It is hinted that she is related to Eve from HM: SNES; she speaks of a wine called 'Heaven's Gate', which is a product that Eve sold. If you don't marry her, she'll move to the city.


;Magical MelodyKatie is a chatty but quick-tempered waitress at Carl's Café Callaway. She is a fanatic about desserts, specifically cakes, but is apparently too curious with ingredients and often unsuccessful in her cooking. She first appeared in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland. Her look has changed quite a bit, she changed from dressing in all pink to a black and red café outfit. She pretends to be older than she actually is, but she does act very grown up most of the time.

She was first seen in "Save the Homeland", however, she is much older in this game and her clothes changed.


;Island of HappinessShe debuted as an idol (likely, singer) in the city but had trouble keeping it up. She came to the island to mend a broken heart. She's outgoing but rather stuck up. Her hobby is fishing.


;A Wonderful LifeCheerful and slightly timid, Lumina is the youngest among all of the marriage candidates. She lives in a mansion along with her grandmother, Romana and butler, Sebastian. She is skilled with the piano, and the sounds of her playing it can often be heard in the early hours of the mornings. Although she has a crush on the player, marriage with her was unavailable in the original version of "A Wonderful Life".


;Magical MelodyLyla is a cheerful socialite who owns the "Hearty Lyla," a gift shop. She is calm and mature, and dreams of love. She may be related to Lillia from HM 64.


;Shining Sun and FriendsThe self-proclaimed "world's greatest witch", Majo-chama (a childish form of Majo-sama, the Witch Princess's name,) is the Witch Princess's little cousin.


;Harvest Moon (SNES)The Mayor's daughter, an avid churchgoer. She plays the organ on Sundays and frequently talks about God.

;Harvest Moon 64A girl that owns the library. She lives with her mother and Mayor Thomas, her father. She is quite shy and kind. She is one of the five bachelorettes and a candidate for marriage. It is hinted that she is related to Maria in HM: SNES; they share their names and in both games their father is the mayor.

;Magical MelodyMaria is the village librarian, very similar in some respects to Mary from previous Harvest Moon games. She is extremely calm, courteous, studious, and thoughtful. Maria is the daughter of Mayor Theodore.


;A Wonderful LifeMuffy is the most flirtacious of the marriage candidates. She lives in the Blue Inn, and aids Griffin with running the bar.


;A Wonderful LifeBefore she came to Forget Valley, she was a wanderer. She makes several attempts to leave the valley, but they all end up defunct. Cold and aloof at first glance, she warms up with attention. If you do not marry her, she will leave but will come back by Chapter 3. (In AnWL, if you marry Gustafa, she will leave for good).


;Island of HappinessNatalie is one of the people who is shipwrecked on the island with you. She can be rather rough, a tomboy and competitive, and usually makes fun of her brother. She resembles Nami from .


;Harvest Moon (SNES)A nature-loving girl who adores all flowers and plants.

;Magical MelodyNina is the daughter of Liz and works at the Spring Farm. True to her occupation, she loves flowers and other plants. After the death of her father, she is dedicated to taking good care of the Spring Farm as he would have wanted.


;Harvest Moon 64She lives in the Flower store with her mother, Lillia, and with her father, Basil. She loves flowers and is a very cheerful person. She is one of the 5 bachlorettes and a candidate for marriage. It is hinted that she is related to Nina in HM: SNES; they both work in flower shops and have pink hair.

ui Len

;Shining Sun and FriendsOr Suiren, Sui Len is a treasure hunter (though her profile states she often misses) wearing a Chinese dress. She is also a specially added character for the male player, Mark, to marry.

Witch Princess

;Island of HappinessShe was so tired of living in Forget-Me-Not Valley and had to take a trip to an island where few people lived. In addition, she heard that the Harvest Goddess is here. She keeps 21 small teddy bears and one large one in her house. She has an invisible heart. Unlike in Harvest Moon DS, there are no special requirements for you to marry her and has no rival.



;Magical MelodyAlex is the village doctor and owner of the Clinic. Players will see Alex if they collapse, or during certain plot events such as pregnancy. He is a bit disorganized, but always concerned with the health and safety of the residents. Alex has a very closely resembles Doctor Trent's appearance however he has a different personality compared to him.


;Magical MelodyObservant, knowledgeable, and insightful, Basil is a traveling botanist. In winter the lack of greenery causes him to leave until the first day of spring, but for the rest of the year he is constantly roaming Flower Bud Village studying the wide diversity of plant life in the town.


;Magical MelodyBlue is conscientious, hard-working, and helpful, though sometimes cold. Blue, cousin to Ellen, is a ranch hand in the employ of Hank. He is an expert on animals and gives the player much advice about raising them well. His character seems to be based very much on Gray from previous Harvest Moon games.


;Magical MelodyBob is another ranch hand at the Blue Sky, though he is not related to the others at the ranch. He is Tim's brother and Tai's grandson. His job is picking up and delivering shipped items. Despite his rough and powerful appearance, Bob is a kind and gentle man. He is especially interested in raising and racing horses, although his grandfather, the blacksmith, would like him to take over the family business.


;Magical MelodyStarting out as a waiter at the Moonlight Cafe, Carl aspires to own and manage his own cafe. Later on in the game, this dream becomes a reality. Carl has a passion for sweets and likes to bake to make people happy. He is sensitive about the way he looks, as he appears quite young and is often mistaken for a child.


;Magical MelodyDan is a slacker who wanders into town trying to find a way to make easy money. He likes to bet on horse races, is a heavy drinker, and loves to flirt. He is very irresponsible, but he is friendly and good with children. Ultimately he is hired as help at the Paradise Orchard and learns the rewards of hard work.


;Island of HappinessHe's very familiar with the sea. He heard there's a lot to be found at the island. His mother told to meet new people so he came to check it out. Though normally cheerful, he has quite a temper when mad. He raises Minah birds. His rival is Lily. He wears a purple bandana like Kai.


;Mineral TownThe Doctor works at the hospital. He is always busy and a workaholic of a man. Once he is befriended, he will mention that his name is Tim (although in Harvest Moon DS he is called "Doctor Trent").


;Island of HappinessOne of the people who is shipwrecked on the island with you. He's very polite but somewhat cowardly. It bothers him that he's weaker than Natalie, despite him being the older sibling. He looks somewhat like Rick from FOMT. His rival is Julia.


;Mineral TownGourmet is the third special marriage candidate in "More Friends of Mineral Town". He is an expert chef and food critic who will judge the Cooking Festival.


;Magical MelodyJamie is the player's main rival, competing in all aspects of farming. Still retaining the same character design and dialog, Jamie can be either male or female, whichever is opposite to the gender of the player. (S)he is antisocial and extremely single-minded about helping the Goddess, though he or she ignores the Harvest Sprites and uses his or her own (unknown) methods of aiding her. It is not possible to continue playing the game after marrying Jamie.


;Magical MelodyJoe is an extremely cheerful, open, and affable apprentice at Woody's Workshop, brother to Kurt. Aside from socializing and working, his hobby is fishing.


;Mineral TownThe Kappa lives in the lake, and is another non-rival special marriageable bachelor for the female version of the game. if you give him cucumbers for ten days straight, he will give you a blue power berry.


;Magical MelodyKurt, brother to Joe, is an antisocial worker at Woody's Workshop. When not at work, he tends to spend a great deal of time at the Sanatorium or Moonlight Cave.


;Magical MelodyLouis is an extremely shy scientist who, after the expansion of the Junk Shop, lives and works there with Ann on inventions and theories. He likes to read, experiment, and mine.


;Island of HappinessMark is one of the two playable characters you can choose from at the start of the game. If you choose to be Chelsea instead of Mark, then Mark will become of the characters available for marriage. He has a positive attitude toward life. He has no rival. When you are 50% with the island, he will come along.


;Island of HappinessAn 8th generation gourmet man. Pierre has an Uncle named Gourmet and a large family, and his father and sisters were very strict with his education. He has a great taste for good food. Though he's usually very nice, he can be downright brutal when it comes to judging other's cooking. His rival is Natalie.


;Magical MelodyRay is an experienced and dedicated fisherman, and a wanderer. He is somewhat socially awkward, especially around girls, but can give the player valuable hints about fishing techniques. Although his personality is different, Ray's appearance is similar to that of Cliff's from previous Harvest Moon titles.


;Mineral TownAn inventor.


;Island of HappinessThe Adopted son of the witch doctor, Wada. He helps Wada by guarding his hens, ducks and birds from the Demon Bears. Unlike other bachelors, his heart is invisible. He has no rival.


;Island of HappinessAn exotic animal Dealer. He has a very serious, almost emotionless attitude. Comes to the islands on Wednesdays and Thursdays. His rival is Ceffiena. He acts and looks similar to Gray from FOMT and Blue from Magical Melody.


;Shining Sun and FriendsWill is a very rich man, and even has a yacht. He is a new bachelor added specially for the game for the female player, Chelsea, to marry.



;Harvest Moon 64Cliff is a vagabond who stops by your house one morning, asking for food. His cousin is Karen. He's a bit rude sometimes, but is kind once befriended. He is your rival for Ann.


;Harvest Moon 64A shy boy who loves animals. He lives on the Green Ranch with his father, Hall, and his sister, Ann. He is your rival for Popuri.


;Harvest Moon 64The kind and brave mailman. He is your rival for Maria.


;Harvest Moon 64He is the owner of the Bakery. Jeff is your rival for Elli.


;Harvest Moon 64A strong and caring man, he works in the Vineyard and is your rival for Karen. If you do not befriend him, he will move to the city.

Harvest Sprites

Harvest Sprites are small, dwarven like creatures who make frequent appearances in the Harvest Moon video game series. Depending on the game, they have a catch phrase, like "Yeah" in Magical Melody and "Budum" in Back to Nature. Budum is a subtle reference to Snow white and the seven Dwarves. The character befriends the sprites by bringing them gifts such as bread or flour. Once on good terms, the Harvest Sprites can be hired to help on the farm. They are especially useful if bad weather is coming because they are able to work through snow storms and hurricanes where the character cannot.

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