List of Zone of the Enders characters

List of Zone of the Enders characters

Here is a list of information for Zone of the Enders characters in alphabetical order.


A.D.A (Jehuty)

A.D.A is a metatron-based artificial intelligence installed on orbital frame "Jehuty". When the young Leo Stenbuck accidentally boards "Jehuty" during "BAHRAM"'s raid on the "Antillia Colony", he is appalled at A.D.A.'s callous use of reason to justify killing any living opposition to complete the mission that Jehuty had been assigned to. Conversely, A.D.A. frequently comments that Leo behaves illogically, making decisions based more on confused sentiment than more practical considerations. However, A.D.A.'s design requires that she obey the runner who pilots the frame, so the most she can do to object is make commentary. She eventually is crippled by an information warfare attack launched by "BAHRAM". In order to restore her functionality, Leo manually pilots Jehuty to the factory where A.D.A. was created. Interfacing with the factory network via a computer node, A.D.A. was able to initiate a system restore function, effectively "rebooting" her. This clears her cache of pilot-specific adjustments and she begins to adapt to Leo's combat style. It is at this point that she inherits Leo's respect for human life. After successfully escaping from the "Antillia Colony" and boarding the freighter "Atlantis", A.D.A. reveals the next stage of her mission:

A.D.A's sole purpose is to destroy the fortress Aumaan, by going to Mars where she will penetrate the military fortress' core and initiate a self-destruct sequence of Jehuty's anti-proton reactor to destroy the fortress from within. Elena Weinberg reveals that A.D.A.'s self-destruct program was inserted by the UNSF into the nucleus of A.D.A.'s core as a last resort in case "BAHRAM" recaptured Jehuty and took it back to "Aumaan". A.D.A. justifies this saying that "this is the meaning of living for those who have no life." Both runners, Leo and Dingo have much dismay over this; Leo, who had developed concern for A.D.A., was distraught and arranged to have Jehuty hidden from both "BAHRAM" and the "United Nations Space Force" in order to stop A.D.A. from completing her mission. Jehuty was hid in a cargo container on Callisto where the Metatron in the moon would mask the frame's Metraton signature. [See [] ] While there, A.D.A. is effectively "asleep" until Dingo Egret's discovery of Jehuty reactivates her; Dingo argues that if he destroys "Aumaan" then A.D.A. will have no more reason to self-destruct, preserving her existence and his own as well.

Afterwards, Leo encountered Dingo and thus wanted to reclaim Jehuty. However, after their battle, he saw Dingo expressed concern over A.D.A's mission at Aumaan and entrusts Jehuty to Dingo.

Ultimately Jehuty is a frail robot that can't withstand much punishment, so it has to use it's speed to make up for it's lack of defense. However, Jehuty can with stand minor to moderate damage until it's Metatron conversion factor is overwhelmed and the frame is destroyed.

Ares Enduwa

Ares Enduwa is one of the main antagonist in '. He pilots the Orbital Frame Iblis. He started out as Cage's best friend. His real name is "Vale Shatner""' and was a former experiment performed by "Zephyr". He stole the Testament and the Iblis O.F. before escaping. He is actually Myona's brother. He stood by his sister's side when they were in the lab, during this time he grows hatred for Zephyrs and Earth. After he escaped, he stationed himself in a port where he found Cage and took care of him. Later on when Cage discovered the truth, Cage did not believed it and could not bear to fight him.

Cage Midwell

The main character in "". In 2173, Bonaparte III was attacked by the Orbital Frame Iblis (then known only as the Black Frame), and Cage was locked in a storage bay with a mysterious girl named Myona Alderan (actual name Pharsti Shatner). The object stored in the bay was an LEV of strange construction, which (moving on its own) approached the two. Cage was ushered into the cockpit by Myona, who soon fell unconscious (having secretly transferred her personality into the AI of the LEV by use of its onboard Mindflow system). With it, Cage fought off Iblis and promptly fell to Mars, where he was given only a brief chance to speak to the now-amnesiac (and talkative) Myona before being captured by security forces and escorted to prison. It was in prison that Cage would meet Ares again, along with Deckson Greyes, the latter of whom would engineer their escape. This led to Cage's falling in with the resistance group BIS, of which Deckson was leader.

After several clashes against the UNSF, Cage would trigger the release on his LEV's limiter, and the newly born Testament would kill the UNSF officer Ned. This event would be a major blow to Cage, who until that point had specifically instructed the AI Pharsti to not allow targeting of the cockpit block. He would not use Testament again until his first combat with UNSF commander Bolozov, when Pharsti would arrive in response to Cage's plea for aid. The two reconciled, and there was no further argument between them.

During a later mission, the player has the option of choosing one of two paths by manipulating the number of kills they make relative to the third party (with the IAS, losing essentially requires the player to intentionally do so). The difference is not evident until two scenes later, when if the player wins, Dezeele Zephyrs is exposed as the man behind the Bonaparte incident and becomes enraged, killing the others present, while if the player loses he instead goes to prove himself to his superiors. Either way, Cage faces Zephyrs in the HarutMarut, though Zephyrs escapes after being defeated. At this point, Iblis arrives and takes away Ares, who later appears as the leader of the new resistance forces, who begin a war against the UNSF with backing by BAHRAM. On the 26 scene path (if the player lost), Cage eventually is forced to fight Dezeele's ultimate creation - Ifrit, the mass-production model Testament. This path leads to the return and death of Ares, as well as the final match against Iblis featuring Myona as its pilot (who has taken control of every remaining Ifrit). On the 28 scene path, enemies consist of the more traditional unmanned OFs Raptor, Cyclops, Mummy Head and Grafficane, and the final pilot of Iblis is Ares. On this path, Cage instead reunites with Myona with her as the pilot of a Nerokerubina, which she then pilots as a playable character during the last battle.

On either path, Cage is reunited with Myona, and Pharsti sacrifices herself to save them and the rest of BIS from a UNSF missile strike. Cage is seen departing Mars on a shuttle with Myona, reminiscing about Deckson's last words and declaring mentally that he too will try to find what Deckson was searching for.

From the in-game biography: "A kind-hearted gentle youth. Began working on the Bonaparte III along with Ares, whom he met a year earlier. Born 17 years ago to an unknown mother on the cargo deck of the Midwell, which was smuggling illegal immigrants, Cage was raised on the ship by the Captain, who took the boy under his wing. Though he was treated well by fellow Midwell staff, Cage always harbored a feeling of loneliness and isolation in his heart, which translated into low self-esteem and overly passive behavior. When the Captain died and the Midwell was deemed unfit for flight, Cage boarded Bonaparte III, where he met Ares. His new friendship with this boy, who was the same age as him and yet seemed so mature, had a profound effect on Cage, and helped him recover from his psychological wounds. However, the knowledge that he owes his rebirth to Ares has proven problematic in itself, as Cage depends on Ares entirely, and suspects that he will never be able to exist independently of him." [Character reference files, ]

Dezeele Zephyrs

"Dezeele Zephyrs" is scientist working under earth. He is known to be cruel as he experiments on Martian people. "Ares/Vale" and "Myona" were his subjects and be use as guinae pigs for his experiments when they were young. He create the "mindflow system" on the "orbital frames" he created. Most of the people in his laboratory died with the exception of Myona and Vale/Ares. He pilots the a large LEV called "HarutMarut". He created the LEV "HarutMarut" base on his research of the Tempest.

Dingo Egret

Dingo Egret is the main character in "". Dingo was once an LEV pilot for "BAHRAM". Dingo later admits that he became part of "BAHRAM" when "some slogan tricked [him] into joining." He was part of a unit that included both Viola and Nohman, and was considered to be very popular with his comrades, who regarded him with great loyalty. He was eventually ordered by Nohman to escort a delivery of Metatron to Jupiter, along with the rest of his unit, except Viola. The mission turned out to be a trap, as Nohman had leaked the position of Dingo's unit to the "United Nations Space Force". They were completely outnumbered and outclassed by the Space Force's then-new L.E.V'S. Dingo's request for reinforcements was met by Nohman's smiling face over the communication frequency telling Dingo to just give up. Realizing that he was betrayed, Dingo cut off the comm and threw himself into the battle enthusiastically, trying to encourage his unit and lying to them that reinforcements were on the way. At the end of the battle, only Dingo was left alive. He was presumed dead to "BAHRAM", but was living as a Metatron miner on Callisto for six years.

When Dingo says the United Nations had Orbital Frames, it is unclear what this means; though they constructed Jehuty, they are never having orbital frames shown in-game. They are shown only having LEVs. In addition, Dingo's "last stand" and abandonment of "BAHRAM" occurred circa 2167 AD, which predates Idolo's construction in 2168 AD)

Dingo, following the readings of a strange Metatron reaction, eventually discovered Jehuty deactivated in a storage crate. Unfortunately, this coincided with a raid by a large "BAHRAM" carrier ship who had come looking for Jehuty. Dingo managed to climb into Jehuty and with the aid of Jehuty's battle A.I. A.D.A., managed to repel the "BAHRAM" battle group in an effort to allow his fellow miners to escape the battlefield. Aboard the "BAHRAM" warship, Dingo is confronted by the Viola A.I. and learns of her death two years prior. Jehuty is defeated by Anubis piloted by Nohman, who realizes that Dingo is Jehuty's pilot during the battle. Outside of the frames, Nohman offers Dingo the chance to come back under his command. Dingo angrily refuses and Nohman shoots him six times through the torso. His life is saved by Ken Marinaris, who whispers to him "Help me if you want to live." Dingo's body is then placed on life-support for the next two month's as the warship travels back to Mars. (Voiced by: Peter Barto)

Dingo is painfully reawakened on "Deimos Station", as his conventional life-support is replaced by a Metaton-powered variation that draws power from Jehuty. Ken informs him that she is a spy for the Space Force, and he must follow her commands or risk having his life-support cut off. Dingo reluctantly goes along with her will, and takes Jehuty to the Mars' surface. Almost immediately upon landing Jehuty is attacked by the V2 unit Vic Viper, who turns out to be piloted by Leo Stenbuck, Jehuty's previous runner. After some argument, Leo agrees to leave Jehuty in Dingo's care. It is at this point that Dingo finds out about A.D.A.'s self-destruct program, which if carried out would also take him with her since he is dependent on her to keep his life-support functioning.

Elena Weinberg

Elena is heavily involved with Leo in the first game, as he had Jehuty, and had no intent in helping her. She pilots a heavy ship called "Atlantis". She makes a return in the sequel as a minor character. In The 2nd Runner, Elena became cold and emotionless, she at first dislikes Dingo and thought he was part of "BAHRAM". Finally Leo convinced that Dingo was on their side and she ask her troops units to aid Dingo when they are being attack by BAHRAM's "unmanned" orbital frames.

Ken Marinaris

She appears in ' as an enemy near the beginning of the game. Ken pilots the Ardjet, an orbital frame that has the ability to launch massive amount of wisp missiles. She is also the one who saved Dingo after he got shot by Nohman. She put Dingo on life support to Jehuty. Although a skilled runner, she unfortunately cannot pilot an orbital frame without an A.I. Ken is also Dingo's love interest. Near the beginning of the game she claims to be a spy, and did not expect Dingo to trust her. She confesses she is a "BAHRAM""' soldier trying to revolt. Also her father was one of the soldiers in Dingo's unit who died trying to transport the Aumaan project. At the end, she and Dingo became very close. (Voiced by: Renee Hewitt)

Leo Stenbuck

Zone of the Enders] The main protagonist of the first "Zone of the Enders" game. He is Jehuty's first runner (pilot). He made a second appearance in piloting the experimental LEV Vic Viper.

Leo grew up in the space colony Antillia in orbit over Jupiter. During BAHRAM's attack on the colony, Leo stumbled upon Jehuty, whose intended runner had been killed in the attack. Circumstances forced him to use Jehuty to fight his way out of Antiles, and in doing so, save it from BAHRAM. During the events of the game, he also ends up rescuing, and transporting to safety in Jehuty, his childhood friend "Celvice". There was a mini game in that shows a picture of Leo and Celvice being together that take places after the first "Zone of the Enders". He has a unique relationship with Jehuty's A.I. A.D.A.

Between the events of "Zone of the Enders" and "" he joined the UNSF, and matured, both in experience and attitude. In an attempt to prevent A.D.A. from completing her mission of self-destructing Jehuty inside BAHRAM's fortress, he hides Jehuty on Callisto and continues the fight in the Vic Viper, resolving to defeat Anubis on his own. While on Mars, he detects the arrival of Jehuty on the planet. Fearing for A.D.A.'s safety, Leo immediately attacks in an attempt to force Jehuty's runner out of the frame. In inconclusive battle with Dingo Egret, Jehuty's present runner, A.D.A. recognizes his fighting style, bringing the fight to an end. After deciding that he can trust Dingo, he leaves to continue gathering surviving UNSF units for a massive assault on BAHRAM. (Voiced by: Remy LeBoeuf)


A scientist working for "BAHRAM". While he may act cold at first, however he is really a father figure towards "Dingo" when he was very young. "Lloyd" challenge "Dingo" to a duel to see whether Dingo is worthy of piloting "Jehuty". Dingo prove his worth and won, Upon his defeat Lloyd give Dingo his data to upgrade "Jehuty". After Nohman discover his disloyalty towards "BAHRAM" and Nohman himself, "Lloyd" died when Nohman uses Anubis to pick up "Inherts" head and crushed it.

Myona Alderan

Myona Alderan is a character appearing in ', she encounter Cage near the beginning of the games. She subconsciously wanted to save cage and activate testament, but in result she lost her memory. Later "cage" and "Myona" herself discovers that she was Ares/Vales sister. As she regains more of her memories she told Cage that she was part of an "experiment" along with Ares. They both each took a orbital frame and escape. Because of her tough childhood she became violent and join her brother "Aers/Vale" for revenge both against "Earth" and "Mars". Near the end She admitted her "love" towards Cage. Myona pilots the "Nerokerubina" which is an orbital frame similar to Tyrant"' but has a "Mindflow system".


The leader of "BAHRAM" and the main villain of the series. In both "the first Z.O.E" and "", Nohman's face isn't revealed until "Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner". Nohman's appearance shows his skin to be pale-white color, he also makes a sinister look on his face which always Dingo did not like seeing. He was formerly the pilot of "Selkis", and later piloted Anubis after its discovery. He met his end at the hands of Dingo Egret, after Dingo discovers his ambition for power is to harvest destruction of all existence. (Voiced by: Roger L. Jackson)


The self-styled "#1 Broker on Mars." Rumor has it that he moved to Mars due to some trouble at home. Overly sensitive about the topic of his blond-haired, well-built, family man father for some reason. [Character reference files, ] First appeared in but also makes a cameo appearance in .


Taper is soldier for the space force. Taper is known for his cowardly personality. Taper does not trust "Dingo" at first but, slowly warm up to him after Leo convince that Dingo is not their enemy. He is a minor character that serves as a comic relief.

Lt. Volkovo

Lt. Volkovo is a "BAHRAM" officer who pilots the orbital frame Zakat. The other three runners are his team who control the other parts of the frame. Volkovo and his team battle Dingo after the "BAHRAM" fleet is destroyed. They were defeated and were forced to escape their frame. Volkovo and his team survived but it is unknown what happened to them.


Zone of the Enders] She is veteran runner serving under "BAHRAM". She pilot's Neith. She fought against Leo in the first game. Viola challenged Leo and lost. She wanted to die but she did not have the bravery to kill herself, and threatened Leo that if he saves her she will kill his loved ones. She dies after her frame is pulled by the gravity of Jupiter. In 2nd Runner, however, she is revived twice by Nohman as a battle A.I for Nephtis. (Voiced by: Jean Mazzei)

Viola A.I.

An A.I. containing the memories, skills and personality of Viola. She piloted Nepthis, and later took control of Ardjet. She was created by Nohman. She took control of Ken's orbital frame Ardjet, but was eventually deleted by A.D.A.


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