Dove Bar

Dove Bar

DoveBar is an American ice cream bar, created by Leo Stefanos at Dove Candies & Ice Cream in Chicago in 1956,[1] and introduced nationally in 1985. The brand was bought by Mars Inc. in 1985[2], and the Dove Bar today is made by M&M/Mars[3]. The Dove chocolate brand was named for the ice cream.[1]

Each ice cream bar has either vanilla or chocolate ice cream, coated in chocolate. The ice cream bars are either sold individually or in a four-pack. It is considered both ice cream and candy.

The flavors currently available are: Milk Chocolate with vanilla ice cream, Dark Chocolate with French Vanilla ice cream (original), Milk Chocolate with Almonds and vanilla ice cream, and Milk Chocolate with chocolate ice cream and a chocolate swirl (Triple Chocolate Ice cream Bar).

The traditional DoveBar has famously presented the consumer with the Consumption Conundrum, where eating a full bar is usually too much, but eating a half bar is just not satisfying.[citation needed]

Dove ice cream is also sold in pints or "Miniatures". The pints also have a layer of chocolate ganache on the top, containing an impression of the Dove logo.

U.S. production takes place in Burr Ridge, Illinois.[1]


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