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Img_capt = (From left:) Lando, Xumb, Luncai, Stixx, Scravius
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Origin = Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia
Genre = Alternative, Experimental, Funk, Grunge, Hardcore, Hard rock, Hip hop, Metal, Progressive, Punk rock, Rap, Rock
Years_active = 2000–present
Label = Independent
Associated_acts = Xii Psyded Dyce, Tyre Pancit, Sofa Sessions
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Current_members = Xumb Stixx Scravius Luncai Lando
Past_members = Duhlee

Shock System (formed 2000 in Bandar Baru Bangi) is an independent rock band from Selangor, Malaysia. Their works have ranged from a mixture of metallic hardcore to heavy but groovy breakdowns to slight rap-rock elements and soaring modern rock/grunge bits. All of their recordings are released on their own D.I.Y. label.

With the release of "Stagnantation Disorder" EP in 2006 to general acclaim, they garnered wider attention of the press and established themselves as one of the main movers of the burgeoning Malaysian underground scene along with the likes of Carburetor Dung, Love Me Butch and Auburn. They're also supporters of Food Not Bombs Kuala Lumpur.


SHOCK SYSTEM: The Shocking System Subject(Revised ROTTW Magazine May'07 Article)

They were known as XII Psyded Dyce(12 sided-dice) back in 1998 when all of them were 17. Started out playing Punk Rock and performing at their high school, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bandar Baru Bangi for an SPM Farewell Party. In 2000, they changed their name to Shock System with Zam(Xumb), Fairuz(Scravius), Shariz(Stixx) and Dali(Duhlee) preserving the line-up. In the same year, they played their first show at Colours Pub, Uptown Damansara. Through this formation, they've been actively gigging around town. The 2001 Food Not Bombs Kuala Lumpur Benefit Show at Blue Planet in KL was their most memorable(and it was shot for their debut video). "Our music received good response from the crowd, and we fully support the group's(FNBKL) causes", Zam said.

In 2003, they released a CD-R EP entitled, Peaceful Demonstration. The self-produced 2-track EP includes Aksi Now and Damn The Man, recorded in Pro Sound Studio, Bangi. And in 2005, Stagnantation Disorder was released. The 5-track EP also includes Damn The Man music video, a song from their prior release. Recorded in Artrax Studio, Bangi the EP is also self-produced.

To elaborate on the releases, Zam explained, "On Peaceful Demonstration, the first song, Aksi Now was inspired after reading Aksi Write, a book/journal from Kamal and Nadiah Bamadhaj. Kamal was a Malaysian student activist killed in East Timur in the Dili Massacre on November 12, 1991. I dedicate this song to him and the student activism movement. The second song, Damn The Man is a straight-up rebel song against corrupt authorities. The Stagnantation Disorder EP on the other hand, delivers some diversified topics; Killing Machines - a call for unity to fight global injustices, The Silencer - the concept of enforcement of youth for national security, Point Of No Return - the feeling and fear of losing loved ones, Angel Falls - about escapists who submit to conformity and giving up hope and fight for a better world, and Drugs Of A Nation - the bombardment of one-sided propagandas in the media on the universal theme of war".

In 2005, Dali went off to Melbourne, Australia to continue his studies and was replaced by Shahlan. Since then Shock System is consist of Fairuz(guitar), Azlan(Luncai(guitar)), Shahlan(Lando(bass)), Zam(vocals) and Shahriz(drums). After getting a new member, does the music change too? "No, the music stays the same… we just add another layer of guitar", Zam added. Plans of recording the third release in 2007 looks promising as ROTTW was told that they have abundance of materials. When talking about the development of song ideas, Zam explained, "Ideas come from everyone and we usually work it out together jamming at our favorite studios, Artrax, Pro Sound and Metallizer.

"We aim for a bigger, varied scope of audience… we want our music to be heard, to tour and play more. The situation now is that we may have some connection of organizers, but I feel our music style is slow in acceptance. However, we don't feel there is a need to change it for now. Probably, this is the reason we weren't approached enough to play." Zam expressed. Shock System only hope people will be more accepting of their music especially their messages.

Shock System plan to release a proper full length studio album. "For the album, we'll probably work it out at Pro Sound Studio", said Zam ending the interview.


"“Progressive in its collective vision, always working for something a bit different from the rest of the herd.”" - [ Ricecooker Zine] , Apr ‘06

"“Definitely politically-charged tracks for the thinking.”" - [ Junk Magazine] , Dec ‘06

"“Interesting combination through creative riffs unify a potentially musical unit.”" - [ ROTTW Magazine] , June ‘07

"“They certainly have something important to say, which amidst the meaningless tripe on record shelves these days, is worthy endeavor indeed.”" - [ Channel V's AMP] , June ‘07

"“Sounds like Alice In Chains Unplugged lah!”" - [ Azmyl Yunor] after Shock System's first acoustic set at the Troubaganger Show, May ’06


*"Peaceful Demonstration" EP (2003, Independent:MALAYSIA)
*"Stagnantation Disorder" EP (2005, Independent:MALAYSIA)
*"Deconstruct: The Discography" (TBA)


*"Come Together" compilation - various artists (2005, Independent:MALAYSIA)

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