List of Freemasons

List of Freemasons

This is a list of notable Freemasons. Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation which exists in a number of forms worldwide. Throughout history some members of the fraternity have made no secret of their involvement, while others have not made their membership public. In some cases, membership can only be proven by searching through the fraternity's records. Such records are most often kept at the individual Lodge level, and may be lost due to fire, flood, deterioration, or simple carelessness. Grand Lodge governance may have shifted or reorganized, resulting in further loss of records on the member or the name, number, location or even existence of the Lodge in question. In areas of the world where Masonry has been suppressed by governments, records of entire Grand Lodges have been destroyed. Because of this, masonic membership can sometimes be difficult to verify.

Standards of "proof" for those on this list may vary widely; some figures with no verified Lodge affiliation are claimed as Masons if reliable sources give anecdotal evidence suggesting they were familiar with the "secret" signs and passes, but other figures are rejected over technical questions of irregularity in the Lodge that initiated them. Where available, specific Lodge membership information is provided; where serious questions of verification have been noted by other sources, this is indicated as well.



* Abd al-Qadir Sufi mystic, scholar and political leader. [ 1864 (one on-line source says 1867, contemporary sources say 1864), member Henri IV, Paris, but degree work conducted at Lodge of the Pyramids, Alexandria, Egypt] :1° 18th June, 1867, at a specially convened meeting of the Lodge of the Pyramids, Alexandria, Egypt. [ [ Page 7 ] ]
* Sir John Abbott Canadian Prime Minister (1891 - 1892). Initiated St. Paul's, No. 374, E.R., Montreal, 1847.cite web| title =Famous Canadian Freemasons| url=| accessdate = 2008-01-04]
* William "Bud" Abbott Famous half of the Abbott & Costello comedy team. [ Famous Masons A-L ] ]
* Sherman Adams Governor of New Hampshire and U.S. Congressman. [ Famous Masons A-L ] ]
* Agustín I of Mexico, emperor of MexicoPages 202-203 [ The Freemasons: A History of the World's Most Powerful Secret Society] , by Jasper Ridley]
* Nelson Aldrich, United States Senator from Rhode Island. Treasurer of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island. [ Famous Masons A-L ] ]
* Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin Astronaut. Second Man on the Moon. Montclair Lodge No. 144, New Jersey. [ Famous Freemasons Masonic Presidents ] ]
* Elizabeth Aldworth, Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft Degree. [cite web | url = | title = Mrs. Elizabeth Aldworth | accessdate = 2007-04-25 | author = | last = | first = | authorlink = Catherine Yronwode | coauthors = Bro. Edward Conder. | date = 2002-02-25 | format = | work = Biograpy/Aldworth | publisher = Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon A.F. & A.M. | pages = | language = | archiveurl = | archivedate = | quote = upon secretly observing the first two degrees of a lodge at labour in her father’s home, she was discovered and, after discussion, initiated in the Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft Degree. A champion of Freemasonry]
* Vasile Alecsandri Romanian Poet, playwright, politician and diplomat.Stoica, Stan (coordinator). "Dicţionar de Istorie a României", p. 153-5. Bucharest: Editura Merona, 2007.]
* José Eloy Alfaro Delgado - Leader of the Ecuadorian Liberal Revolution and President of Ecuador [ [ FACTS ABOUT MASONRY] ]
* Eugène Goblet d'Alviella, Vice-chancellor of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, liberal senator and Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Belgium.
* Salvador Allende Socialist president of Chile (1970-1973). Lodge Progreso No. 4, Valparaíso.
* Ezra Ames, Portrait painter
* Edward Neville da Costa Andrade English physicist. Initiated into Lodge Progresso No. 4 in 1935. John Hamill and Robert Gilert (Eds.), Freemasonry, A Celebration Of The Craft p. 226 (J.G. Press, 1998)]
* ‎ Jules Anspach, Belgian Liberal politician [ Famous Belgian freemasons] , Grand Orient of Belgium]
* Sir Edward Victor Appleton English Physicist. Nobel Prize 1947. Isaac Newton Lodge No. 859, Cambridge.
* Dennis Archer US Politician. Geometry Lodge #49 (Prince Hall), Detroit [ [ Atlas Pythagoras Lodge website] ]
* Constantin Argetoianu Prime Minister of Romania, 1939.
* Louis Armstrong Jazz musician. Montgomery Lodge No. 18 (Prince Hall), New York.
* Thomas Arne Composer of Rule Britannia
* Benedict Arnold, Hiram Lodge No. 1, New Haven, CT (expelled 1781) [ [] ]
* Eddy Arnold, singer
* François-Marie Arouet (Voltaire), Raised 1778 by WM Ben Franklin, Loge des Neuf Sœurs, Paris Grand Lodge of British Columbia & Yukon's "La Loge des Neufs Soeurs" page]
* Gheorghe Asachi Romanian writer, poet, painter, historian, dramatist and translator.
* Elias Ashmole, Warrington Lodge, Lancashire [cite journal | last = Rose | first = Gerry | date = 29 | year = 1993 | month = November | title = The Venetian Takeover of England and Its Creation of Freemasonry | journal = The American Almanac | url = | laysummary = Conference Address by Gerald Rose, Schiller Institute Conference, September, 1993 | laysource = The New Federalist | laydate = September 5, 1993 ]
* John Jacob Astor, American Financier, The Holland Lodge No. 8, New York, NY, 1790Bicentenial Commemorative Volume of Holland Lodge No. 8, Published by the Lodge, New York, 1988]
* Mustafa Kemal Ataturk National hero and founder of the modern Republic of Turkey. Macedonia Risorta Lodge No. 80, Thessaloniki. [ [ Masonic Province of South Wales, Eastern Division | Famous Freemasons ] ] [ [ Some Famous Freemasons ] ] [ [ Abbey Lodge Abingdon ] ] [ [ mokfamous ] ]
* Stephen F. Austin Known as the Father of Texas. Louisiana Lodge No. 109, Missouri. [ Famous Masons A-L ] ]
* Gene Autry, Movie and television star, Catoosa Lodge No. 185, OK [ AASR hall of fame] ]


* Johann Christian Bach, Composer. Lodge of Nine Muses No. 235, London. [ [ Johann Christian Bach ] ]
* Michael Baigent, Author of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, Editor of "Freemasonry Today" [ [ About us] page from "Freemasonry Today"]
* Mikhail Bakunin, Russian revolutionary, Lodge "Il Progresso Sociale", Florence 1864, ["Bakunin and the Italians", T. R.Ravindranathan,, McGill-Queen's University Press, 1988]
* Nicolae Bălcescu Romanian soldier, historian, journalist, and leader of the 1848 Wallachian Revolution.
* Henry Baldwin, US Associate Justice (1830-1844): Paul M. Bessel's Supreme Court page] Master of Lodge No. 45 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1805
* Harold Ballard, One time owner of Toronto Maple Leafs National Hockey League team. Corinthian No. 481, GRC, Toronto, ON.
* Simion Bărnuţiu Romanian philosopher, politician and leader of the 1848 Transylvanian Revolution. [Neamţu, Gelu. A fost sau nu Simion Bărnuţiu un francmason (Simion Bărnuţiu franc-maçon). In: Inorogul. Caiete masonice. Bucureşti, 2001, p.121-146.]
* Diego Martínez Barrio, Prime minister of Spain and founder of the Republican Union Party [ [ 1863-1923] , Brief History of the Spanish Masonry]
* Frederic Bartholdi, Sculptor of the Statue of Liberty in New York. Lodge Alsace-Lorraine, Paris. [ [ Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi ] ]
* Edmund Barton first Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia, Speaker of the legislative assembly.
* William "Count" Basie Jazz orchestra leader and composer. Wisdom Lodge No. 102 (Prince Hall), Chicago. Also a Shriner.
* Frederick Bates Governor of Missouri.
* Birch Bayh, US Senator from Indiana from 1962-1981.
* Daniel Carter Beard, Founder of the Boy Scouts. Made a Mason in Mariner's Lodge No. 67, New York City, NY, and later affiliated with Cornucopia Lodge 563, Flushing, NY. Grand Lodge of British Columbia & Yukon's "A few famous freemasons" page]
* Edvard Beneš, President of Czechoslovakia (1935-1939, 1945-1948). Ian Amos Komensky Lodge No. 1, Prague. [ [ Exsequi Lodge History: Famous Freemasons] ]
* R.B. Bennett Prime Minister of Canada 1930-1935.
* Lloyd M. Bentsen US Senator from Texas
* Irving Berlin, Composer. Munn Lodge No.190, New York. [ [ Irving Berlin ] ]
* Silvio Berlusconi Italian media tycoon and politician. Propaganda Due, Expelled in 1981 (some say 1976) by the Grand Orient of Italy [ [ Berlusconi: The power of personality] , BBC, 14 May, 2001]
* Ramón Emeterio Betances, considered the Father of the Puerto Rican Nation by followers of Puerto Rico's independence movements. Logia Unión Germana, San Germán, Puerto Rico, and his birthplace in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico is now the site for the Logia Cuna de Betances. [Dávila del Valle. Oscar G., [ Presencia del ideario masónico en el proyecto revolucionario antillano de Ramón Emeterio Betances] , available at the Grande Loja Carbonária do Brasil's website, [] ]
* Gabriel Bethlen Prince of Transylvania and anti-Habsburg leader.
* George Valentin Bibescu Romanian aviation pioneer, Grand Master of Romanian Grand Lodgd from 1911 to 1916.
* Francis Bischof, Queensland Australia Police Commissioner from 1958-1969. [ cite web | url = | title = Bischof, Francis Erich (Frank) (1904 - 1979), Australian Dictionary of Biography]
* Hugo L. Black, US Associate Justice (1937-1971), Birmingham Temple Lodge No. 836, Birmingham, AL
* John Blair, US Associate Justice (1789-96), and Grand Master of Virginia from 1778 to 1784.
* Samuel Blatchford, US Associate Justice (1882-1893)
* Dimitrie Bolintineanu Romainan poet, politician, 1848 revolutionary.
* Simón Bolívar, Leader of South American independance variously, a president of Venezuela, Colombia, Greater Colombia, Bolivia, & Peru. Lodge Order and Liberty No. 2, Peru.:Initiated: Cadiz, Spain [ Simon Bolivar ] ] :Founder, Lodge Order and Liberty No. 2, Peru, 1824
* Cezar Bolliac Radical Romanian political figure, amateur archaeologist, journalist and Romantic poet.
* Shadrach Bond, first Governor of Illinois. [ [ "The History of Illinois Freemasonry". Accessed September 25, 2007.]
* Omar Bongo, President of Gabon, the world's longest serving PresidentWauthier, Claude. [ Africa's Freemasons - A strange inheritance] , "Le Monde Diplomatique", September 1997. Accessed 15 August 2008.]
* Robert Borden, Prime Minister of Canada St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 1, Halifax, Nova Scotia [ cite web | url= | title=Borden at GL of BC] :1° 1880 St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 1
* Gutzon Borglum, American sculpture who started work on Mount Rushmore, raised in Howard Lodge No. 35.John Hamill and Robert Gilert (Eds.), Freemasonry, A Celebration Of The Craft p. 227 (J.G. Press, 1998)]
* Lincoln Borglum, Son of Gutzon Borglum, completed the Mount Rushmore project, raised in Battle River Lodge No. 92.
* Ernest Borgnine, Actor, Abingdon Lodge No. 48John Hamill and Robert Gilert (Eds.), Freemasonry, A Celebration Of The Craft p. 228 (J.G. Press, 1998)]
* James Boswell, Scottish writer, raised in Canongate Kilwinning Lodge at Edinburgh, 1759
* Mackenzie Bowell, Prime Minister of Canada from 1894-1896
* Charles Bradlaugh, Nineteenth Century Atheist and Republican MP, "Grand Lodge des Philadelphes", London [ [ The Cause of Humanity’: Charles Bradlaugh and Freemasonry] (PDF), The Centre for Research into Freemasonry, Sheffield University]
* Omar N. Bradley, US General during WWII West Point Lodge No. 877, NY
* Sir Donald Bradman, Australian Cricketer. [ cite web | url =| title = Famous Freemasons. Political and civil rights leaders: Australia]
* Sir Christoffel Brand, first Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of the Cape Colony [ [ Inventory of the Archives of the Secretary, Lodge De Goede Hoop, Cape Town, 1772-1963 (inventory 5/4/6)] in the [ TANAP Collection] .]
* Joseph Brant, Principal Chief of the Six Nations Indians. Initiated in Lodge No. 417, 1776. First Master of Lodge No. 11, Mohawk Village (near Brantford) in 1798.
* Dimitrie Brătianu Prime Minister of Romania (1881).
* Ion C. Brătianu Romanian politician, participant in the Wallachian Revolution of 1848, three-time Prime Minister of Romania.
* David Brearley, Signer of the US Constition for the State of New Jersey, and was also the first Grand Master of Masons for the State of New Jersey. [ [ "In the Index of the Regius Manuscript: Section VII, Anglo-Saxon Masonry and the Constitution"] ]
* Henry Brougham, Scottish abolitionist and founder of" Edinburgh Review". Raised in Fortrose Lodge, Stornway, Scotland
* James Bruce. Scottish explorer, Canongate Kilwinning Lodge
* Samuel von Brukenthal Baron of the Holy Roman Empire.
* James Buchanan, U.S. President, Lodge No. 43, Lancaster, Pennsylvania:Initiated December 1l, 1816 :Worshipful Master of Lancaster Lodge No. 43, Lancaster, PA 1822-1823:District Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania 1824
* Charles Buls, radical mayor of Brussels
* Luther Burbank, US horticulturist responsible for the Russet Burbank potato, Santa Rosa Lodge No. 57,
* Arleigh Burke, US Admiral:Supreme Temple Architect (Honored in 1997) AASR-SJ's "Hall of Honor" page]
* Robert Burnaby, English explorer and businesman. First Past Master of Victoria Lodge No. 1085, District Grand Master (English) of British Columbia. [*Reid, Robie L. "Historical Notes and Biographical Sketches 1848 - 1935" " [ Bio of Robert Burnaby] " at Grand Lodge BC & Yukon website ]
* Conrad Burns US Senator from Montana
* Robert Burns, National poet of Scotland. St. David's Lodge No. 174, Tarbolton. [ [ Robert Burns, Auld Lang Syne] ]
* Harold H. Burton, US Associate Justice (1945-1958)
* Arthur Leopold Busch, Builder of First Craft Accepted by the United States Government. Member of Peconic Lodge No. 349 Greenport, NY.Fact|date=September 2008
* Cyriel Buysse, Flemish nationalist wrtier
* Admiral Richard E. Byrd US Admiral, initiated in Federal Lodge No. 1 and founded First Antarctic Lodge No. 777 in 1935
* James F. Byrnes, US Associate Justice (1941-1942)


* Alessandro Cagliostro, Sicilian charlatan and occultist [ [] ]
* Plutarco Elías Calles, President of Mexico during the Cristero War [Denslow, William R. [ 10,000 Famous Freemasons] p. 171 (2004 Kessinger Publishing)ISBN 1417975784]
* Malcolm Campbell, record breaking English motor-racer
* Eddie Cantor. Entertainer, raised in Munn Lodge No 190, New York City
* Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino Romanian politician, twice Conservative Prime Minister of Romania.
* Carol II King of Romania (1930-40).
* José Miguel Carrera, Chilean General and aristocratic leader in the early struggle for the independence of Chile and first president Chile. [ [ Carrera, José Miguel] , Encyclopedia Britannica, Guide to Hispanic Heritage] St. John's Lodge No. 1, NY [ [ Poinsett - A revolutionary diplomat] ]
* Kit Carson, American Adventurer. Montezuma Lodge No. 109, Taos, NM
* Paul Foster Case, Founder of the Los Angeles occult school, the Builders of the Adytum, Fairport Lodge No. 476, Fairport, New York [ [ Paul Foster Case] ]
* Marc Chagall, Russian artist who worked in Paris. initiated in 1912John Hamill and Robert Gilert (Eds.), Freemasonry, A Celebration Of The Craft p. 229 (J.G. Press, 1998)]
* Thomas Chalmers, Lodge St. Vigean, 1800
* Joshua Chamberlain, Commander of US forces on Little Round Top during the American Civil War battle of Gettysberg, and governor of Maine. United Lodge #8, Brunswick, Maine:1° August 27, 1862:2° August 27, 1862:3° August 28, 1862 [cite web
accessdate = 2007-07-16
title= General and Brother Joshua L. Chamberlain
last= Plummer
first= Charles W.
* Nicolas Chamfort, French writer, Loge des Neuf Soeurs, Paris
* Walter Chrysler Founder of Chrysler Corporation.
* Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England, Studholme Alliance Lodge No. 1591, Rosemary Lodge No. 2851. (Note: The Churchill Society claims he resigned from his Lodges in 1912.) [ cite web
accessdate= 2007-07-16
title= Letters
publisher= The Churchill Society
* André Citroen, French engineer and motor-car manufacturer, was a member of Lodge La Philosophie, Paris
* Thomas C. Clark, US Associate Justice (1949-1967)
* John H. Clarke, US Associate Justice (1916-1922)
* Mark Wayne Clark, US Army General, Mystic Tie Lodge No. 398, Indianapolis
* Henry Clay Speaker of the. U.S. House of Representatives and Grand Master of Kentucky.
* , Ohio, was Worshipful Master of Moriah Lodge in 1791
* DeWitt Clinton, Governor of New York State, Grand Master of NY during the Morgan Affair, The Holland Lodge No. 8, New York, NY, 1790 [Bicentennial Commemorative Volume of Holland Lodge No. 8, Published by the Lodge, New York, 1988]
* Tyrus Cobb, baseball star and member of Royston Lodge No. 426, Detroit
* William F. Cody, a.k.a. Buffalo Bill, was raised in Platte Valley Lodge No. 15, NebraskaJohn Hamill and Robert Gilert (Eds.), Freemasonry, A Celebration Of The Craft p. 230 (J.G. Press, 1998)]
* George Cohan, Broadway star, raised in Pacific Lodge No. 233, New York City
* Nat King Cole pianist and ballad singer.
* Samuel Colt manufacturer of Colt revolvers
* Émile Combes, French Prime Minister [ [ Masonic references in the works of Charles Williams] Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon 2007] [Burke, Peter [ The New Cambridge Modern History] p. 304 (1979 Cambridge University)] [ [,,1587972,00.html Bigots united] ]
* Spencer Compton, 7th Marquess of Northampton, Pro Grand Master, United Grand Lodge of England [ [ UGLE] Accessed 13 Jun 07]
* Charlie Conacher, Toronto Maple Leaf ice hockey legend. Initiated in North Gate Lodge No. 591, Pickering, Ontario, in 1935.
* Marquis de Condorcet, French mathematician and philosopher, Lodges de Neuf Soeurs
* Leroy Cooper, U.S. astronaut, member of Carbondale Lodge No. 82, Colorado
* Harry H. Corbett actor- star of Steptoe and Son [ [ [ Freemason Film Celebrities ] ] ]
* Charles de Coster, Belgian author of The Legend of Thyl Ulenspiegel and Lamme Goedzak
* Edith Cowan, First woman elected to Australian Parliament, Worker for women and children's Rights. Member of St Cuthberts Lodge Perth Australia (Le Droit Humain). Found on the Australian $50 Note [ [ South Australian Freemasonry page] ]
* Francesco Crispi, Prime Minister of Italy [ [ Francesco Crispi ] ] (possibly expelled in 1894?) [ [ Crispi to be Expelled by Freemasons] , New York Times, October 10, 1894, Page 2]
* Miron Cristea Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church (1925-39), Prime Minister of Romania (1938-39).
* Davy Crockett, 19th-century American folk hero, frontiersman, soldier and politician
* Aleister Crowley, English occultist, Anglo-Saxon Lodge No. 343, Paris (GLdF), 1904 [ [ Aleister Crowley: freemason!] , Martin Starr , [ Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon] ]
* William Cushing, US Associate Justice (1789-1810), St. Andrews Lodge, Boston
* Alexander John Cuza Romanian "Domnitor" of the Danubian Principalities, 1859-66.


* Jim Davidson. British comedian [ Our "Black Sheep" ] ] UGLE's "Famous" page] :Former Master, Chelsea Lodge, England (resigned):Founding Master of British Forces Foundation (Lodge) No. 9725
* William Crosby Dawson, US Judge and Politician, San Marino Lodge No. 34, F.&A.M, Greensboro, GA:Grand Master of Masons in Georgia from 1843 until his death in Greensboro on May 6, 1856. [ [ Historical Marker placed by Grand Lodge of Georgia] ]
* Carol Davila Romanian Physician.
* , Belgian educationalist. initiated in Lodge Les Amis Philanthropes No. 2, Brussels in 1902
* Cecil B. DeMille movie maker member of Prince of Orange Lodge No. 16, New York City
* Jack Dempsey, heavyweight boxing champion in 1919, Kenwood Lodge No. 800, Chicago
* Frédéric Desmons, Protestant priest who persuaded the Grand Orient de France to remove the term of the Great Architect of the Universe from their Constitution [ [ ADDRESS TO THE 2002 CALIFORNIA MASONIC SYMPOSIUM] ]
* Willis Van Devanter, US Associate Justice (1911-1937)
* Thomas Dewey, American politician (1902-1971) [Time Magazine, [,9171,762444,00.html?iid=chix-sphere Letters] , Monday, Aug. 21, 1939]
* Blaise Diagne, Senegalese political leader [ [ Blaise Diagne, député] ]
* Porfirio Díaz, President of Mexico [ [ MEXICAN MASONRY- POLITICS & RELIGION] Oscar J. Salinas]
* John George Diefenbaker, Prime Minister of Canada, Wakaw Lodge No. 166, Wakaw, SK [Referenced at the US National Masonic Memorial, Alexandira, VA.]
* Everett Dirksen U.S. Congressman and Minority Leader of the U.S. Senate.
* Walt Disney Animator, Producer and Director.Fact|date=October 2008
* Henry Dodge U.S. Senator from Wisconsin.
* Bob Dole, US polititian Russell Lodge No. 177, Kansas
* Ed Doolan US Radio Presenter [ [ Freemasonry Today] Issue 8, Spring 1999]
* James Doolittle, US General and Shriner.
* Jim Douglas, Governor of Vermont cite web
accessdate= 2007-07-16
title= James H. Douglas, Governor of Vermont
work= Vermont Masonry in Action
publisher= Grand Lodge of Vermont
* Tommy Douglas, Canadian politician, Weyburn Lodge No. 20, Weyburn, SK [ [] Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon]
* William O. Douglas, US Associate Justice (1939-1975)
* Sir Arthur Conan Doyle British physician and author, creator of Sherlock Holmes.
* Edwin Drake, US oil industry pioneer, Oil Creek Lodge No. 3, Titusville, Pennsylvania
* Jean Henri Dunant founder of the Red Cross and shared the first Nobel PrizeJohn Hamill and Robert Gilert (Eds.), Freemasonry, A Celebration Of The Craft p. 231 (J.G. Press, 1998)]
* Herbert Dunnico, UK Polititian and Master of the New Welcome Lodge [ [ Freemasonry and the Labour Party in London: Some Approaches] , Andrew Prescott, 2002]
* Joseph Duveen, 1st Baron Duveen, UK art dealer and initiate of Royal Colonial Institute Lodge No. 3556


* Hubert Eaton, American chemist, Euclid Lodge, No. 58, Great Falls, Montana
* John David Eaton, President of the Canadian based T. Eaton Company. Assiniboine, No. 114, G.R.M., Winnipeg.
* King Edward VII, King of Great Britain, UGLE
* King Edward VIII, King of Great Britain; UGLE
* Gustave Eiffel, Designer and architect of the Eiffel Tower. [ A few famous freemasons ] ]
* Duke Ellington, Musician, Social Lodge No. 1, Washington D.C., Prince Hall Affiliation
* Oliver Ellsworth, Chief Justice of the United States (1796-1800)
* Sam Ervin, US Senator.


* Eberhard Faber, founder of the Faber Pencil Company, Chancellor Walworth No. 271, New York,
* Douglas Fairbanks movie star and member of Beverly Hills Lodge No. 528
* Ettore Ferrari, Italian sculptor and Grand Master of the Grande Oriente d'Italia,Entry Giuseppe Mazzini in [,000_famous_freemasons/Volume_3_K_to_P.htm Volume III K - P] , 10,000 FAMOUS FREEMASONS, By WILLIAM R. DENSLOW] , 1957, Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply Co., Inc.]
* Stephen J. Field, US Associate Justice (1863-1897)
* William Fields, American comedian and member of E. Coppee Mitchell Lodge No. 605, Philadelphia
* Charles Finney, American Preacher, Evangelist and Author (1792-1875), Meridian Sun Lodge No. 32 in Warren, New York. Finney asked for dismissal and was honorably discharged. ["The Memoirs of Charles G. Finney, The Complete Restored Text", Garth Rosell and Richard Dupuis, eds, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, MI (1989). Page 629.]
* Hamilton Fish IV, US Politician [ [ The Political Graveyard: Freemasons, politicians, New York, E-F ] ]
* The Most Rev'd Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury
* John Fitch US engineer and member of Bristol lodge No.25
* Sir Sanford Fleming, Creator of first Canadian stamp. Canadian engineer and surveyor. Suggested the use of time zones. St. Andrew's No. 16, Toronto, Ontario.
* Sir Alexander Fleming, Nobel Prize winner (Medicine), London Scottish Rifles Lodge No. 2310:Past Master (later, Secretary) of Sancta Maria Lodge No. 2682:Past Master (later, Treasurer) of Misericordia Lodge No. 3286, 1935:Past Junior Grand Warden, Senior Grand Deacon 1942:Grand Warden, 1948 UGLE:Received the Distinguished Service Citation of the Grand Lodge of New York, USA.cite web
last =Morris
first =Robert
title =Alexander Fleming, Mason And Discoverer of Penicillin
work = The Scottish Rite Journal
publisher =Scottish Rite S.J. USA
date =Summer 2000
url =
accessdate = 2007-07-16
* Banister Fletcher English architect and historian of architecture, initiated 1910, Authors' Lodge No. 3456
* Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian, French oet and romance writer. Loge des Neuf Sœurs, Paris
* Martin Folkes, originator of the story of the falling apple inspiring Newton's discovery of gravityJohn Hamill and Robert Gilert (Eds.), Freemasonry, A Celebration Of The Craft p. 232 (J.G. Press, 1998)]
* Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca, first President of Brazil, Grand Master of the Grande Oriente do Brasil. [ [ The History of Masonry in Brazil] – Bibliography: Menezes, Manuel Joaquim de, Exposição Histórica da Maçonaria no Brasil (1857); Mello, Mário Carneiro do Rego, A Maçonaria e a Revolução Republicana de 1817 (1912); Amaral, Braz do, A Conspiração Republicana da Bahia de 1798 (1926); Barros, F. Borges de, Primórdios das Sociedades Secretas na Bahia (1928); Kloppenburg, Boaventura, A Maçonaria no Brasil (Orientação para os Católicos) (1961)]
* Gerald Ford U.S. President. Malta Lodge No. 465, Grand Rapids, MI :Initiated September 30, 1949, Malta Lodge No. 465, Grand Rapids, Michigan:Passed to Fellowcraft April 20, 1951 Columbia Lodge No. 3, Washington, DC, courtesy to Malta Lodge No. 465, Grand Rapids, MI:Raised a Master Mason May 18, 1951 Columbia Lodge No. 3, Washington, DC, courtesy to Malta Lodge No. 465, Grand Rapids, MI
* Henry Ford founder of the Ford Motor Company, raised in Palestine Lodge No. 35.
* Nathan Bedford Forrest, confederate general and first Imperial Wizard of the original (and now defunct) Ku Klux Klan [Denslow, "10,000 Famous Freemasons", [,000_famous_freemasons/Volume_2_E_to_J.htm Volume 2] ] He was a member of Angerona Lodge no. 168 in Tennessee, but later resigned from both Freemasonry and the Klan [ [ History of Midland Lodge] ] .
* Antoine Fourcroy, French chemistry pioneer, Lodge Les Neuf Soeurs at Paris
* Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor "In Mozart's Vienna, Freemasonry had flourished under the Hapsburgs mainly due to the influence of Francis Stephen, Duke of Lorraine, who, himself, was a Freemason." [ Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart - Master Mason] .]
* Benjamin Franklin, February 1731, St. John's Lodge of Philadelphia; Tun Tavern Lodge, Philadelphia, PA; Master of Loge Les Neuf Sœurs, Paris; Past Grand Master of Pennsylvania [ [ The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania ] ]
* Henry Frye, Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, (Prince Hall) []


* Isabelle Gatti de Gamond, pioneering Belgian secular educationalist and Socialist activist
* Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italian general and radical [ [ Garibaldi — the mason] Translated from Giuseppe Garibaldi Massone by the Grand Orient of Italy]
* , U.S. President. Magnolia Lodge No. 20, OH:1° November 19, 1861, Magnolia Lodge, No. 20, Columbus, Ohio:3° November 22, 1864 in Columbus Lodge No. 30, Columbus, Ohio:Affiliated with Garrettsville Lodge No. 246, Garrettsville, Ohio October 10, 1866:Chaplain Garrettsville Lodge No. 246, 1868-1869:Petitioners for Lodge Charter, & Charter Member of Pentalpha Lodge No. 23 of Washington, D.C. on May 4, 1869 [ Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania's presidents pages.]
* Licio Gelli, Italian politician and worshipful master of Propaganda Due:Expelled in 1981 (some say 1976) by the Grand Orient of Italy. [ [ 5. What was the P2 Lodge?] , Anti-masonry Frequently Asked Questions, [ Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon] ]
* King George IV, King of Great Britain, UGLE
* King George VI, King of Great Britain, UGLE
* Ion Ghica Romanian revolutionary, mathematician, diplomat, twice Prime Minister of Romania, four-time President of the Romanian Academy.
* Sir W S Gilbert, one half of 'Gilbert and Sullivan'.Beresiner, Yasha. [ "Musical Masons"] . MQ Magazine, Issue 8 (January 2004). Accessed 18 July 2007.]
* King C. Gillette, American businessman [ [ A Few Famous Freemasons ] ]
* John H. Glenn, Jr., Astronaut and US Senator Concord Lodge No.688 Concord, OH
* Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German philosopher and Poet. Lodge Amelie, Weimar. [ [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ] ]
* Octavian Goga Romanian poet, playwright, journalist, translator, fascist politician (Prime Minister of Romania in 1937-38).
* Alexandru G. Golescu Romanian politician, participant in the Wallachian Revolution of 1848, Prime Minister of Romania (1870).
* E. Urner Goodman, co-founder of the Boy Scouts' Order of the Arrow [Sources disagree as to whether he was [] or wasn't: [] a member]
* Henri Grégoire Roman Catholic priest, constitutional bishop of Blois and French revolutionary leader
* Virgil I. Grissom Second American in space, Mitchell Lodge No. 228, Mitchell, Indiana [ [ Americas Astronauts FDCs ] ]


*Manly Palmer Hall, Esoteric author, r. 1954/11/22 into Jewel Lodge No. 374 , San Francisco [cite book| last = Denslow| first =William R.| authorlink = | title = 10,000 Famous Freemasons, vol. ii | publisher = [Trenton, MO. : Missouri Lodge of Research / Educational Bureau, Royal Arch Mason Magazine] | year = 1958| page = p. 165]
*Lionel Hampton, Musician, (Prince Hall). [cite book| last = Cox| first = Joseph| authorlink = | title = Great Black Men of Masonry | publisher = iUniverse| year = 2002| page = p. 176| doi = | isbn = 0595227295]
*Warren G. Harding, U.S. President. Marion Lodge No. 70, OH :1° June 28, 1901:3° August 27, 1920
* John M. Harlan, US Associate Supreme Court Justice
* J. Edgar Hoover, Head of the FBI from the 1920s to the 1970s, Grand Cross. Federal Lodge No. 1, Washington, DC
* Tim Horton, Canadian ice hockey legend. Founder of the donut chain bearing his name. Initiated in Kroy Lodge No. 676, Toronto, Ontario, in 1962.
* Camille Huysmans, Mayor of Antwerp and Prime Minister of Belgium


* Burl Ives, American actor and singer, Magnolia (now Magnolia-La Cumbre) Lodge No. 242, CA


* Nat Jackley English comic actor." [ Famous British Freemasons] ", United Grand Lodge of England]
* Andrew Jackson, U.S. President. Harmony Lodge No. 1:St. Tammany Lodge No. 1 (A.K.A. Harmony Lodge No. 1), Nashville, Tennessee:Grand Master of Masons of Tennessee, October 7, 1822 until October 4, 1824
* Jesse Jackson, US Civil Rights leader and Politician, Harmony Lodge No. 88, Chicago, IL (PHA) [ sources "The Phylaxis Society Public Affairs Office and Masonic Information Center"] [cite journal
quotes =
last = McElligot
first = Willam
authorlink =
coauthors = R Theron Dunn, GL of CA
date =
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title = A Few Good Men
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* Robert H. Jackson, U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice (1941-1954)
* John Jay, Chief Justice of the United States (1789-1795)
* Andrew Johnson, U.S. President. Greenville Lodge No. 119, TN:Initiated May 5, 1851
* John Paul Jones, Naval hero during the American Revolution, St. Bernards Lodge No. 122, Kirkudbright, Scotland
* Melvin Jones, Founder of Lions Clubs International, Garden City Lodge No. 141, IL
* Benito Juarez, President of Mexico. Rito Nacional Mexicano de la Logia Independiente, No. 02


* , King of Hawaii, 1874-91. Lodge Le Progress de l'Oceanie No. 124
* Alexander Keith, Canadian politician and brewmaster, former Grand Master of Nova Scotia [ [] ]
* Rudyard Kipling, UK author and poet, Hope and Perseverance Lodge No. 782. E.C., Lahore, India; founding member, The Builders of the Silent Cities Lodge No. 12, St. Omer, France, F.R. [ [ Rudyard Kipling ] ]
* Adolph Knigge, German author [ A Bavarian Illuminati primer] ]
* Mihail Kogălniceanu Prime Minister of Romania (1863-65), Liberal statesman, lawyer, historian and publicist.


* Joseph Lamar, US Associate Justice (1888-1893), Webb Lodge No. 166 F.& A.M., Augusta, Georgia:Senior Warden of Webb Lodge #166 in 1885
* Cornelis Jacobus Langenhoven (1873–1932), Afrikaans writer and member of South African parliament. [Cooper, A. A. 1986. "The Freemasons of South Africa". p178. Cape Town: Human & Rousseau] [ [ Grand Lodge of South Africa] ]
* Leopold I of Belgium, king of Belgium
* Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, composer of La Marseillaise [ [ Rouget de Lisle] , Grand Lodge of British Columbia]
* Pascal Lissouba, president of the Republic of the Congo, 1992-1997.
* Franz Liszt, Composer. Lodge zur Einigkeit, Frankurt.
* Charles Lindbergh, US Aviator and chairman of the America First Committee, Keystone Lodge No. 243, St. Louis, Mo. [ [ Scottish Rite Journal] ]
* Louis Philippe II, Duke of Orléans, Grandmaster of the Grand Orient de France during the French Revolution [ "ORLEANS, DUKE OF", [ Letter O] , ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FREEMASONRY AND ITS KINDRED SCIENCES, by ALBERT C. MACKEY M. D.]
* Trent Lott, Former majority leader of the US Senate [ [ Ill. Trent Lott, 33°, Grand Cross]


* Sir John A. Macdonald, The first Prime Minister of the Dominion of Canada (1867 - 1873 and 1878-1891 when he died in office). Began the creation of rail service across Canada. St. John's Lodge No. 758, Kingston, Ontario. Honourary Past Grand Senior Warden.
* John Bayne Maclean, Canadian founder of Maclean's Magazine and President of Maclean's Publishing Co. Ionic Lodge No. 25, Toronto, ON.
* Robert Macoy, US publisher and organizer of Eastern Star [ [ history of Macoy Masonic Publishing house] ]
* Titu Maiorescu Romanian literary critic and politician, Prime Minister of Romania (1913-14).
* John Marshall, Chief Justice of the United States (1801-1835) :Grand Master of Virginia from 1793-1795
* Thurgood Marshall, U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice (1967-1991), Coal Creek Lodge No. 88, Tulsa, Oklahoma PHA
* General Douglas MacArthur, US General during WWII, Manila Lodge No. 1, 1936, Philippines
* Harpo Marx, US film comedian []
* Giuseppe Mazzini Italian Revolutionary, Grand Master of the Grande Oriente d'Italia
* Henry Joy McCracken, Member of the Society of the United Irishmen [ History ] ]
* William McKinley, U.S. President. Hiram Lodge No. 21, VA :1° Hiram Lodge No. 21, Winchester, Virginia May 1, 1865:Affiliated Canton Lodge No. 60, Canton, Ohio August 21, 1867::Demitted from same to become a...:Charter Member of Eagle Lodge No. 431, Canton, Ohio (a.k.a. William McKinley Lodge)
* Colonel Robert Samuel McLaughlin, Founder and President of the McLaughlin Carriage Co. which later became General Motors of Canada. Cedar Lodge No. 270, Oshawa, Ontario. Grand Steward in 1945, 75 year member in the Craft. Royal Arch, Knight Templar, President of Oshawa Shrine Club.
* John McLean, US Associate Justice (1829-1861)
* Sebastião de Melo, Marquis of Pombal, 18th century Portuguese statesman [ [ Portugal People] [ [ Note 3] , Brief History of the Spanish Masonry, Grand Lodge of Spain] ]
* Sir Robert Menzies, 12th Prime Minister of Australia, Austral Temple Lodge No. 110, VC [ Freemasons NSW & ACT ] ]
* Juan Álvarez Mendizábal, Spanish minister of the Treasury, Taller Sublime, Cadiz [ [ Biography of Mendizábal] (in Spanish)]
* George Middleton, Third Master of African Lodge #459 (Prince Hall) [ [ Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania] ]
* Sherman Minton, US Associate Justice (1949-1956)
* Ion Minulescu Romanian poet, novelist, short story writer, journalist, literary critic and playwright.
* Kweisi Mfume, President NAACP, Mount Olive Lodge No. 25, Baltimore, Maryland (Prince Hall). [ [ Famous Prince Hall Freemasons, Grand Lodge BC&Y website] ]
* John Molson, Founder of Molson Breweries. St. Paul's Lodge, No. 374 UGLE, Montreal. Past Provincial Grand Master.
* Bob Monkhouse, English comedian and television presenter, Chelsea Lodge No.3098. [ [ Famous Freemasons from around the world ] ]
* James Monroe U.S. President, Williamsburg Lodge No. 6, Williamsburg, Virginia.:Initiated: November 9, 1775:Other Lodge records lost
* William H. Moody, US Associate Justice (1906-1910)
* Robert Moray, Scottish philosopher, Edinburgh [Lodge] 1641. [cite journal
last = Rose
first = Gerry
date = November 29, 1993
title = The Venetian Takeover of England and Its Creation of Freemasonry
journal = The American Almanac
url =
laysummary = Conference Address by Gerald Rose, Schiller Institute Conference, September, 1993
laysource = The New Federalist
laydate = September 5, 1993
* John Hunt Morgan General for the Confederate States of America, Daviess Lodge #22, Lexington, Kentucky [Smith, Dwight L. "Goodly Heritage" (Grand Lodge of Indiana, 1968) pg.124]
* Robert Morris, Poet Laureate of Freemasonry and founder of the Order of the Eastern Starcite web
accessdate= 2007-08-01
title= Famous Freemasons, M through Z
* Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Composer. Zur Wohltätigkeit (Charity) Lodge, Austria. [ Untitled Document ] ] :1° Zur Wohltätigkeit (Charity) Lodge, December 14, 1784:2° "Zur wahren Eintracht" (True Harmony) Lodge, January 7, 1785 "(as "courtesy work" to home Lodge)".:3° April 22, 1785:Composed several pieces of Masonic ritual music, the first at age 11.
* Leopold Mozart, Father of Amadeus , Zur Wohltätigkeit (Charity) Lodge, Austria.:1° Zur Wohltätigkeit (Charity) Lodge, April 6, 1785:2° Zur Wohltätigkeit (Charity) Lodge, April 16, 1785:3° Zur Wohltätigkeit (Charity) Lodge, April 22, 1785
* Audie Murphy, One of the most decorated United States combat soldier of World War II


* James Naismith, Canadian-born American sports educator who invented the game of basketball.
* Ernesto Nathan, Italian politician and mayor of Rome, grand master of the Grande Oriente d'Italia [ [ Ernesto Nathan] , 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica]
* Samuel Nelson, US Associate Justice (1845-1872)
* Kenneth Noye, British criminal, Hammersmith Lodge [ [ Noye's tangled web of corruption] , Independent on Sunday, 14 April 2000]
* Sam Nunn, US Senator.:Honored as Supreme Temple Architect 1995


* Daniel O'Connell Irish political figure,Lodge No. 189, Dublin, in 1797 [John Hamill and Robert Gilert (Eds.), "Freemasonry, A Celebration Of The Craft" (J.G. Press, 1998), p. 239] (Later left Freemasonry due to Catholic condemnations)Fact|date=August 2008
* Bernardo O'Higgins South American revolutionary leader and first Chilean head of state as Captain General [ [ O'Higgins, Bernardo] , Encyclopedia Britannica, Guide to Hispanic Heritage]


* Alexandru Paleologu Romanian essayist, literary critic, diplomat and politician.
* Arnold Palmer, Professional Golfer, Loyalhanna Lodge No. 275, Latrobe, PA
* Richard Parsons, 1st Earl of Rosse, First recorded Grandmaster of Ireland and founder of the Dublin Hellfire club [ [ Richard Parsons 1st Earl of Rosse] ]
* William Paterson, US Associate Justice (1793-1806)
* Norman Vincent Peale, Midwood Lodge No. 1062, Brooklyn, NY
* Matthew Calbraith Perry, Commodore, US Navy, The Holland Lodge No. 8, New York, NY, 1819
* John Henry Lawrence Phillips Bishop of Portsmouth,1960-1975: Provincial Grand Master Hampshire & Isle of Wight Lodges, 1975-1979
* George Pickett, Confederate gerneral at Gettysburg [ [ Famous Freemasons M-Z] ]
* Albert Pike, Confederate general, re-wrote rituals for Scottish Rite (Southern Jurisdiction), author of Morals and Dogma, Western Star Lodge No. 2, Little Rock, Arkansas. Sovereign Grand Commander AASR, Southern Jurisdiction. [ PA GL ]
* John Pintard, founder of the New York Historical Society, The Holland Lodge No. 8, New York, NY
* Mahlon Pitney, US Associate Justice (1912-1922)
* Augustus Le Plongeon, French Archaeologist. First to survey and excavate at Chitchen Itza. []
* James K. Polk, U.S. President. Columbia Lodge No. 31, TN:Initiated June 5, 1820.
* Eugène Edine Pottier, French composer of "the Internationale" [Ridley, Jasper. "The Freemasons: A History of the World's Most Powerful Secret Society." p. 46.]
* Reynato Puno, Chief Justice of the Philippines , Grandmaster of Masons, active member of Hiram Lodge No. 88, and the Grand Lodge of the Philippines [ [, Hail to the Chief] ] [ [, Hiram Lodge # 88] ] [ [, CHARTER MEMBERS] ]
* Alexander Pushkin, Russian poet. Lodge Ovid, Kischinev.:1° Lodge Ovid, 1821
* William Preston, Author of "Illustrations of Masonry". [ Preston Illust. Masonry]


* Ion Heliade Rădulescu Romanian academic, poet, essayist, memoirist, short story writer, newspaper editor and politician.
* Thomas Stamford Raffles, Raised July 5, 1813, Lodge De Vriendschap, Sourabaya [ Well Known Freemasons ] ]
* A. Philip Randolph, Joppa Lodge No. 55, NYC []
* Stanley F. Reed, US Associate Justice (1938-1957)
* George Reid, 4th Prime Minister of Australia, Lodge Centennial No. 169, UGL of NSW
* Ed Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania [ Video about Philly Freemason]
* Theodor Reuss, German occultist and head of O.T.O., Pilger Loge #238 (UGLE) 1878, and excluded from Freemasonry in 1880. GL of BC&Y article on Reuss] :1° November 9, 1876 :2° May 8, 1877 :3° January 9, 1878 :Excluded: October 1, 1880 ::All at Pilger Loge No. 238, UGLE:Grandmaster of Rite of Memphis-Misraïm, 1913
* Paul Revere, American Revolutionary hero, St. Andrew's Lodge, Boston, MA; Grand Master of Massachusetts 1794-97.
* Michael Richards, American Actor [ The Scottish Rite Journal ] ] AASR-SJ article 2] :1° in Riviera Lodge No. 780 in Pacific Palisades, California, December 17, 1998:2° March 25, 1999:3° May 20, 1999:Affiliated with Culver City-Foshay Lodge No. 467 in Culver City, California in 1999
* Rafael del Riego, Spanish general and liberal politician [ [ Masonry in Spain. II. 1808-1868] ]
* Jose Rizal, Polymath and National Hero of the Philippines, Logia Solidaridad 53 Madrid, Spain; made honorary Worshipful Master of Nilad Lodge No. 144 in 1892 [ [ Famous Filipino Masons - Jose Rizal ] ]
* Charles Owen Leaver Riley, Anglican Archbishop, Grand Master of District Grand Lodge of Western Australia 1904-17, 1920-29. [ Australian Dictionary of Biography]
* Roy Rogers, American actor, Hollywood Lodge No. 355, CA [ Scottish Rite Journal ]
* Will Rogers American political commontator and satirist, Claremore Lodge No. 53, OK
* Franklin Delano Roosevelt, U.S. President. Holland Lodge No. 8, NY:1° October 11, 1911, Holland Lodge No. 8. :First Honorary Grand Master of the Order of DeMolay, April 13, 1934
* Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President. Matinecock Lodge No. 806, Oyster Bay, NY:1° Matinecock Lodge No. 806, Oyster Bay, New York January 2, 1901
* Félicien Rops Belgian artist
* Constantin Daniel Rosenthal Romanian painter and 1848 revolutionary.
* C. A. Rosetti Romanian literary and political leader, participant in the Wallachian Revolution of 1848.
* James Mayer Rothschild Financier, Initiated Oct. 24, 1802: Emulation Lodge No. 12, London
* Archibald Hamilton Rowan, member of the Society of the United Irishmen
* William Byron Rumford, California legislator, Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge, Berkeley, California [cite book
last =Rumford
first =William Byron, interviewee
authorlink =
coauthors =Joyce Henderson, Amelia R. Fry, and Edward France, interviewers
title =Legislator for fair employment, fair housing and public health : oral history transcript
publisher =Bancroft Library. Regional Oral History Office
year =1973
location =Berkeley
pages =3
url =
doi =
id =
isbn =
* Alecu Russo Romanian writer, literary critic and publicist.
* John Rutledge, Chief Justice of the United Sttes (1795), Associate Justice (1789-1791)

* Mihail Sadoveanu Romanian Novelist, short story writer, journalist and political figure, Grand Master from 1932.
* Práxedes Mateo Sagasta, (1825-1903) Prime Minister of Spain [ [ New York Times] , October 18, 1887]
* Augusto César Sandino Central American revolutionary and founder of the Nicaraguan Sandinistas [ [ Biographical Notes] ,]
* Jose de San Martin, Argentine hero from the Spanish Revolution [ [ José de San Martín (1778-1850)] - Southern Cone Historical Manuscripts]
* Antonio López de Santa Anna, (Santa Ana) Mexican general and President
* Artur Santos, Portugese politician, Mayor of Ourem during the Fatima apparitions ["At twenty-six he joined the Grand Orient Masonic Lodge at Leiria." [ OPPOSITION TO FATIMA (Part I)] , The Fatima Crusader, Issue 7 Page 12, Spring 1981]
* Denis Sassou Nguesso, general and the president of the Republic of the Congo.
* Sir Ernest Shackleton, UK explorer, Navy Lodge No. 2612 (UGLE) :1° 9 July 1901 at Navy Lodge No. 2612:2° 2 November 1911, at Guild of Freemen Lodge No. 3525 (UGLE):3° 30 May 1913 at Guild of Freemen Lodge No. 3525 [ [ Sir Ernest Shackleton ] ]
* Philipp Gotthard of Schaffgotsch, Prince-Bishop of Breslau [ [ SCHAFFGOTSCH, Philipp Gotthard ] ]
* Friedrich Schiller, Rudolstadt Lodge, Berlin
* Jean Sibelius, Composer, Suomi Lodge No. 1, Helsinki, Finland. [ [ Jean Sibelius ] ] :1° Suomi Lodge No. 1, August 18, 1922:He wrote several pieces of interest to Masons including "Praising Hymn" and the "Ode to Fraternity."
* Rudolf von Sebottendorf, founder of the of the Thule Society [Goodrick-Clarke 1985: 138 and see Howard 1989: 124 ("In 1901 von Sebottendorff was initiated into a Masonic lodge which, like many in the Middle East, had connections with the French Grand Orient"). Furthermore: "the masonic lodge, which Glauer had joined at Bursa in 1901, may have been a local cadre of the pre-revolutionary Secret Society of Union and Progress, founded on the model of Freemasonry by Salonican Turks to generate liberal consciousness during the repressive reign of the Sultan." (Goodrick-Clarke, "op. cit.", 139).]
* Heath Shuler, United States Congressman for North Carolina, Oconee Lodge 427. [The North Carolina Mason, Volume 133, Number 3, 2008.] [ [ Congressman Heath Shuler to be raised!] ] [ [] The Working Tools Masonic Magazine] March 30, 2008]
* James Sloan, co-founder of the Orange Order"James Wilson and James Sloan, who along with 'Diamond' Dan Winter, issued the first Orange lodge warrants from Sloan's Loughgall inn, were masons." [ The Men of no Popery, The Origins Of The Orange Order] , by Jim Smyth, from History Ireland Vol 3 No 3 Autumn 1995 ]
* Joseph Smith, Sr., Mormon leader, Ontario Lodge No. 23 of Canandaigua, New York:1° May 7, 1818 in Ontario Lodge No. 23 [ The Morman Church and Freemasonry ] ]
* Joseph Smith, Jr., Founder of the Latter Day Saint movement, Nauvoo Lodge, IL []
* Hyrum Smith, Mormon leader, Mount Moriah Lodge No. 112, Palmyra, New York
* John Philip Sousa, Composer, Hiram Lodge No. 10, Washington, DC
* Richard Bernard "Red" Skelton, American commedian, Vincennes Lodge No. 1, Vincennes, IN
* Sir Bernard Spilsbury, British forensic scientist.
* Jock Stein, football manager of teams including Celtic F.C. and Scotland. [ [ Grand Lodge of Scotland] ]
* Potter Stewart, US Associate Justice (1958-1981)
* Philipp von Stosch, occultist, antiquarian and English spy. [ [ A Concise History of Freemasonry] OLD EPSOMIAN LODGE]
* Joseph Story, US Associate Justice (1811-1845)
* Alexandru Sturdza, Russian publicist and diplomat of Romanian origin.
* Dimitrie Sturdza, four-time Prime Minister of Romania, president of the Romanian Academy (1882-1884).
* Sir Arthur Sullivan, the latter half of 'Gilbert and Sullivan'.
* Goswin de Stassart, Belgian statesman
* William Stukeley, English archaeologist and antiquarian. Lodge at Salutation Tavern, London. [ [ William Stukeley ] ]
* Noah H. Swayne, US Associate Justice (1862-1881)


* Alphonso Taft, U.S. Attorney General and Secretary of War. Kilwinning Lodge No. 356, OH
* William Howard Taft, U.S. President. Kilwinning Lodge No. 356, OH:"Mason at sight" inside Kilwinning Lodge No. 356, OH, February 18, 1909 by Grand Master Charles S. Hoskinson
* Christian Tell Romanian politician, 1848 revolutionary, Mayor of Bucharest.
* Strom Thurmond US Senator from South Carolina and segregationist candidate for the United States presidency in 1948 [ [ ON SENATE CONFIRMATION OF MEN AND MASONS] , Masonicworld]
* John Tipton, American politician [ [ History of Jackson Lodge] ]
* Nicolae Titulescu Romanian diplomat, government minister, President of the League of Nations.
* Thomas Todd, US Associate Justice (1807-1826)
* Robert Trimble, US Associate Justice (1826-1828). Union #16 in Paris, Kentucky:Worshipful Master, Union Lodge No. 16 F.& A.M., Paris, Kentucky
* Harry S Truman, U.S. President, Belton Lodge No. 450, Belton, MO [ [ Harry S Truman ] ] :1° February 9, 1909:Worshipful Master, Grandview Lodge No. 618, Grandview, Missouri:Grand Master of Missouri, 1940-1941:Honorary Grand Master of the International Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay, May 18, 1959
* Mark Twain, American author. Polar Star Lodge No. 79, A.F.& A.M., St. Louis, Missouri. :1° May 22nd, 1861:2° June 12th, 1861:3°July 10, 1861 :Suspended for non-payment of dues and later reinstated April 24th, 1867. Demitted October 1867, but recorded as having visited Carson City Lodge U.D. in February and March 1868. [Burnworth, Gerald. [ "Brother Samuel Langhorne Clemens: A Missouri Freemason"] . Paper read September 28, 1999 at the 178th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Missouri. Accessed July 2, 2007]


* Alexandru Vaida-Voevod three-time Prime Minister of Romania.
* Pierre-Théodore Verhaegen, Founder of the Belgian Liberal Party
* Frederick M. Vinson, Chief Justice of the United States (1946-1953)
* Traian Vuia Romainan inventor and early aviation pioneer.


* Sir Charles Warren, English archaeologist. Surveyor of Herod's Temple. Royal Lodge of Friendship No. 278, Gibraltar. [ [ Sir Charles Warren ] ]
* Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the US (1953-1969):Grand Master of California 1935 to 1936: Potentate of Aahmes Shrine
* George Washington General, Politician, and First President of the United States. Initiated in Fredricksberg VA, Past Master of Alexandria Lodge No. 22, Virginia. [ [ Welcome to the George Washington Masonic Memorial ] ]
* John Wayne, American actor, :Glendale DeMolay Chapter (during high school):awarded the DeMolay Legion of Honor in 1970:1° July 9, 1970 Marion McDaniel Lodge No. 56, Tucson, Arizona:2° July 10, 1970 Marion McDaniel Lodge No. 56:3° July 11, 1970 Marion McDaniel Lodge No. 56:December 1970, he joined the York Rite Bodies in California:Shriner, Al Malaikah Shrine Temple [ GL BC&Y]
* Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati
* Philip Wharton, 1st Duke of Wharton, English politician, atheist and member of the Hellfire club [ [ Philip, Duke of Wharton] ,]
* Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright, novelist, and poet, Apollo University Lodge, No. 357 (UGLE) [ [ The Wilde Oxford Freemason] ]
* Billy Wilder, American journalist
* James Wilson (Orangeman), co-founder of the Orange Order
* John Wilkes, English politician and journalist [ [ John Wilkes] , Freemasonry Today]
* King William IV, King of Great Britain, UGLE
* Jeff Winter, English football referee [ [ Jeff Winter] ]
* Levi Woodbury, US Associate Justice (1845-1851)
* William B. Woods, US Associate Justice (1881-1887)
* Steve Wozniak Co-founder Apple Computers, Charity Lodge No. 362, Campbell, CA
* Sir Christopher Wren, English architect, Master of Lodge Original, No. 1, now the Lodge of Antiquity No. 2 [ [ Sir Christopher Wren ] ] :"adopted" May 18, 1691 [ [ Sir Christopher Wren adoption ] ]


* John Yarker - English occultist GL of BC&Y] :1° Lodge of Integrity No. 189 (later 163) Manchester, October 25, 1854:Affiliated with Fidelity Lodge No. 623 April 27, 1855:Worshipful Master of Fidelity Lodge No. 623, Dunkinfield, 1857:Expelled from the Ancient and Accepted Rite:Demitted (from "all" regular Freemasonry), 1862


* Duiliu Zamfirescu Romanian novelist, poet, short story writer, lawyer, nationalist politician, journalist, diplomat and memoirist.


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