Cyber City villains

Cyber City villains

This is a list of villains in the anime/manga, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, that reside in Cyber City.


There are rebels though not as major as Bobobo, they still provide some menace to the government so when being shaved isn't enough then they are given a life sentence to Cyber City. A hellish, cybernitic prison island made right in the middle of the ocean it is where most of the rebels of Czar Baldy Bald the 4th are imprisoned and shaved of their hair; the jail masters even design sporting events to gamble on and set an example to all who challennge the Chrome Dome Empire of its merciless nature. Even if you tried to escape, it is so far that very few animals are able to travel there. This prison metropolis is led by Giga the second in command of the 4th an art master who is accompanied by two beautiful women and is just as strong as the current Emperor! The insane king of Cyber City has 6 major guards known as the 6 Cyber Knights who are rumored to be as powerful as the Chrome Dome Big 4 and one is powerful enough to give unlimited energy to keep the metropolis running. Giga and his servants woulldn't expect resisstance from a gang of weird creatures, powerful nosehair... and a blonde singing girl popstar named Denbo (okay she's just two guys put together).

Cyber City Ruler


The 6 Electric Brain Warriors

(天脳6闘騎士 Tennō Roku Tōkishi) / The Six Cyber Knights: Six powerful underlings of Giga, each of whom controls one of the various execution stands in Cyber City. Each of these is televised to the locals to make examples of them to the others. The members are:


(パナ): Guardian of the "Sphere Prison Execution Stand", he is a long-haired man who kills opponents within a sphere made up of roads upon which he rides on with the wheel on his head. His primary attacks include spinning rapidly (either upside down or right-side up) while using circular blades or attacking with his "Lightning Ball".
* Episode appearances: 44
* Seiyuu: Hiroshi Tsuchida
* Voice Actor: Liam O'Brien


(ソニック Sonikku): Guardian of the "Bungee Execution Stand"/"Bungee Jump Hair Hunt Stadium", his method of death involves bungee matchups between several opponents and himself and his underlings Super Rabbit and Despair-kun (known as the Unknown Sad Sack in the dub and Emo Boy in the Manga). However unlike anyone else, he has a special rocket attached to him preventing him from ever falling. Being a launching machine like warrior makes him Over & Torpedo Girl's counter part.

:"Also as a sidenote, a less obivious name pun is revealed by putting "Pana" and "Sonic"'s name together, which spells out the name of a certain electronic manufacturer company, Panasonic. This is implied since both Pana and Sonic spend most of their battle being upside-down."

* Episode appearances: 45
* Seiyuu: Shinji Kawada
* Voice Actor: Jeff Nimoy


(詩人 Shibito) / Bad Bard (US Dub)/ Poet (US Manga): Guardian of the "Writer Prison Execution Stand"/"Library Hair Hunt Stadium", he is the master "Gothic Shinken" (ゴシック真拳 Fist of Gothic), an ability that allows him to create words out of nothing and use them to create attacks based on what they say. He can manipulate words to allow him to release an object that is symbolized from the world (such as creating a spear from the word "spear") and even create illusions so that everyone merely sees words even for their friends and enemies. (Interestingly, his name is an alternate reading of the word "shijin", the Japanese word for poet) He is defeated again during the new emperor playoffs. Being a young boy with an unusual power, he is Gasser's counterpart.

* Episode appearances: 46-47, 70, 73
* Manga appearances: 196.5
* Seiyuu: Hiro Shimono
* Voice Actor: Richard Cansino


(クルマン) / Otto(Carman in the English Manga): A man with a car for a head, he is the guardian of the "Hell Training Institute"/"Driving School Stadium", where he contols a large force of possessed cars, traffic signs and zombie driving instructors, all of whom handle most of the fighting for him. His weakness is his obsession with preventing his car face from being damaged, which is how Bobobo, Softon, and Dengakuman stop him. Other than that, he is the weakest of the Cyber Knights, and enjoys writing haikus. He also is really nervous and anxious to succeed when Giga is watching. Being pathetic and obsessed with himself (as well as next to useless on his own) makes him Don Patch's counterpart.
* Episode appearances: 46-48
* Seiyuu: Kazunari Kojima
* Voice Actor: Dan Lorge

Wan Ronga

(王ʷ龍牙 Wan Ronga): Master of "Rōgoku Shinken" (牢獄真拳 Fist of Jail) (Fist of the Prison in the English version). He was the one who originally captured Gasser and brought him to Cyber City in the first place. Later, he was taking time off during Bo-bobo's battle with the other Cyber Knights after another capture run. Unfortunately, one of those he had captured was Hatenko, who would eventually stop him at the same time Bo-bobo finishes off Giga. It is possible that he is the second strongest next to J. He is Hatenko's direct opposite counterpart because seeing how he used locks,and restraints and hatenko used keys.

* Episode appearances: 43, 45, 47, 51
* Seiyuu: Masaya Takatsuka
* Voice Actor: Michael McConnohie


(ジェイ) - Known as the "Messenger of the Black Sun", this suited, mustach-wearing man (with a head no one knows if its an onion or garlic) controls the power within Cyber City. He is a master of "Kurotaiyō Shinken" (黒太陽真拳 Fist of the Black Sun), allowing him to attack with powerful black suns and illusions created from five black suns created in his field. He also has the ability to teleport other things as needed...which ends up bringing in Dengaku Man just when Bo-bobo and Don Patch prepared to fuse...and ends up creating Denbo for the first time (and his downfall)! Although he and Softon are enemies at first, J eventually trains Softon to increase his Babylon abilities! He appears again during the new emperor playoffs, but loses early on to Menma. Out of all the many ridiculous villains in Cyber city, J seems to be the most serious and he can be rather cruel in battle. It is unknown wheteher J's name stands for anything. His weird head and godlike powers make him Softon's dark counterpart.

* Episode appearances: 47-49, 70, 73
* Manga appearances: 196.5
* Seiyuu: Jūrōta Kosugi
* Voice Actor: Michael Sorich

Other Villains

Cyber Soldiers

Two soldiers of Cyber City that are seen with Wan Ronga when they first spot Gasser and take him to Giga. They have a monitor in which they to keep track of each fist master and hunt for them.

Water Guards

Two guardians of Cyber City's gate. They are easily defeated by Torpedo Girl.

uper Rabbit

(スーパーラビット): One of Sonic's subordinates on the "Bungee Execution Stand", he is an anthropomorphic pink rabbit with the word "SPEER" written on his belly. Although he has a tired expression, he uses powerful karate moves when his eyes are fully open, even in the midst of a bungee jump. He makes a brief appearance as a participant in the new emperor playoffs.

* Episode appearances: 45, 52, 72-73
* Manga appearances: 196.5
* Seiyuu: Minoru Shiraishi


(絶望君 Zetsubou-kun) / The Unknown Sad Sack (anime dub) / Emo Boy (Viz manga): The second of Sonic's subordinates of the "Bungee Execution Stand". He is a depressed, muscular man with a paper bag over his head. He never wants to take part in the bungee battle and consistently tries to cut off his rope to die. However, he is willing both to befriend and fight Bo-bobo, particularly for food, most commonly cookies. Later, he joins in Bo-bobo's group during the fight against the Reverse Maruhage Empire.
* Episode appearances: 45, 52, 70, 72-73, 76
* Manga appearances: 179-196.5, Shinsetsu 21
* Seiyuu: Hiroshi Okamoto
* Voice Actor: Dan Lorge


phere Execution Stand

Battle with Pana.

Bungee Cord Stadium

Battle with Sonic.

Library Hair-Hunt Stadium

Battle with Shibito.

Driving School Stadium

Battle with Kuruman.

Black Sun Control Room

Battle with J.

Giga's Lair

Battle with Giga.

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