Holy Guacamole Land villains

Holy Guacamole Land villains

This is a list of villains in the anime/manga, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, that reside in Holy Guacamole Land.


The man known as Halekulani is unquestionably the most powerful of Czar Baldy-Bald's Big Four, powerful enough to easily crush any of his boss' enemies with little effort. However, as powerful as he may be, this warrior has no interest in Baldy-Bald or his Hair Hunt. The main focus and obsession of his own, personal life...is money. Money is Halekulani's pride and joy: making it, bathing in it and even mastering a powerful Fist style that uses his riches as his weapon. It is no wonder that his monetary obsessions has led to him becoming the leader of Holy Guacamole Land (original name: Hallelujah Land), the most popular and profitable amusement park in the empire! Connected through the empire's transportation network, Halekulani allows for easy access and availability for all who wish to entertain themselves. But there's a cost for all who go there: every single attraction comes with a fee, forcing everyone to add to Halekulani's already tremendous wealth. And at the very moment the attraction no longer makes profits, the mad leader cuts his loses by blowing it up (even if people are still inside!).

For the further obedience and collection of his ultimate desire in his park, Halekulani controls a platoon of minions who enforce the law in the park, clamping down on troubles and making sure his profits continue to come in. These assassins are placed all over the park, even to the point of the trains that transport potential customers inside. The most powerful of these warriors is a group known as A Few Dangerous Thugs (original name: Hell Killers), a team of three who take out the particularly pesky nuisances causing a disturbance in Holy Guacamole Land, beating them up and then showing them the door...if they're not dead first. Although most troubles are handled with little problem, the arrival of Bo-bobo's team gives the money master and his squadron of minions their work cut out for them.

Later after Halekulani's defeat, Bobobo, Don Patch, and Jelly Jiggler decide to rebuild Holy Guacamole Land and called it "Jiggly Land", we they use rubber gloves for landscaping and charge tourists with jars of jelly for admission. 30 minutes later, Bobobo states that they tourists showed up, but they couldn't pay their taxes with jars of jelly, so they had to close the park down. This was merely a Wiggin' joke that was probably forgotten about since they were working on the park the same time as their ally Gasser got captured by Wan Ronga and taken to Cyber City. However, we do see later that Halekulani returns to his park and retains control even after his own defeat.



(ハレクラニ): Halekulani is the last and the strongest of Czar Baldy Bald's Chrome Dome Empire Big 4. He is the owner of the Holy Guacamole Land amusement park. His main attack style is the Fist of Gorgeousness. This involves the control and manipulation of all monetary items, from coins to paper money to precious jewels. One of the most devastating of these attacks include wrapping his opponent with paper bills to transform them into what they are worth. He can also send opponents into a world based on the board game sugoroku and power up his "Gorgeous Shinken"(ゴルヅヤ-ス 真拳 Super Fist of Gorgeousness in the dub) abilities by fusing with the many precious gems he can collect all over his armor. His personality is more realistic then the rest of the Big 4, not making a big deal of the intruders and giving the impression of a bored trillionare. He even begins to doze off as Bobobo and his allies struggle to reach him to fight. He has been shown to be cruel as he told a soldier to make the slaves work harder till they made a millions worth of money. He is obsessed with money, even to the point he can insane saying money repeately in a crazed stance. He later becomes a key ally in the fight against the Reverse Maruhage Empire after losing to Crimson and LOVE in the new emperor playoffs. Halekulani mentions he was a man with a difficult choice 20 years ago, a man named Czar Baldy-Bald the 4th decided to help him by giving him what would define his life. During those years, he eventually got bored and left the Empire. Halekulani eventually returned to his boring career as head of Holy Guacamole amusement park and find a future friend in Bobobo. Halekulani manipulates his money much like how Gaara from Naruto manipulates his sand, using his own will. He also makes his first appearance bathing in money.
* Attacks
** Golden Phoenix (ゴルデン フイ ニ クス Goruden Finikusu) : Halekulani's money is coated with gold and forms a golden phoenix.
** Coin Knights (コイ ン ナ イ ト): Knights emerge from coins.
** Super Fist of Gorgeousness: (Precious) Jewel Projectiles: Jewels pelt the enemy, though they are ineffective against Wiggin' opponents.
** Death Money Sugoroku (デス マネ ス ゴロ ク Desu Mane Sugoroku)/ Your Money or Your Life : The enemy is transported on a game board where the enemy must find the end of the game (which doesn't exist) and depending on the amount of money on the platform that the enemy moves to after rolling the dice (which was.... a rhino) the enemy's life energy (which was dollar bills) are replaced with jewels thus wasting away the enemy as they are coated in jewls. Used on Bo-bobo, Don Patch, Jelly Jiggler, Beauty, and Softon. "Note:" Anyone who attempts to attack Halekulani will lose an additional 6,000,000 dollars.
** 1,000,000,000 Dollar Bazooka: Helkulani blasts the enemy with an energy blast which holds 1,000,000,000.
** 100,000,000,000,000 Dollar Finale: 100,000,000,000,000 Dollars falls on the enemy attempting to crush them.
** Death $100,000 Wing (デス100万$ウイング Desu Hyakku Doru Man Uingu)
* Episode appearances: 17(cameo), 35 (unofficial debut), 36-37, 40-43, 70-71, 73, 75-76
* Manga appearances: 179-196.5
* Voice Actor: Joe Cappelletti
* Seiyuu: Shinichiro Miki

A Few Dangerous Thugs

Hell Killers (ヘルʷキラーズ): Just like Captain Battleship and OVER before him, these are officially the main underlings of Halekulani: three killer assassins working within the confines of Hallelujah Land sent down to take out any intruders to the park...such as Bo-bobo. Among the members are:

Garbel of Manicura

Galubel the Fresh-Blooded (鮮血のガルベル Senketsu no Garuberu) / Garuberu of the Fresh Blood (dub manga): The first Hell Killer and the guardian of the "Candy House" (dub manga: "Gingerbread House"), he can lengthen his nails and control their motion and movements with ease. Bo-bobo puts a stop to him with a manicurist and with a team-up move with Jelly Jiggler.
* Attacks:
** Hunting Claw
** Cutical Cutter
** Serpents of Darkness
* Episode appearances: 38
* Seiyuu: Hiroshi Okamoto
* Voice Actor: Roger Rose


(テイ-500): A parody on the T-800 from The Terminator, this gun-toting Hell Killer attacks Don Patch after he takes over a Muscle Marshalls (similar to Power Rangers) stage show in Hallelujah Land. He wears a scouter (similar to one of Freeza's) over his eye that reads power and ability, but because of the weird tactics of Don Patch, he becomes utterly confused and eventually defeated (but to those watching, it was merely part of the show!).
* Attacks:
** Colossal Cannon Revolver
* Episode appearances: 38
* Seiyuu: Shintaro Ohata
* Voice Actor: David Lodge

The Terrible Triplets

Three Prison-Murderer Brothers (獄殺3兄弟 Gokusatsu San-Kyōdai) / The Super Hell Bro's (English manga): The third of the three Hell Killers is, in reality, three brothers who work together as one unit. All of them use "Fist of Brothers"(兄弟奥義: Kyodai Ōgi) to fight and Together, the brothers are the guardian of the "Climb High Tower" attraction of Hallelujah Land, and are able to fight their opponents either split apart or as a brotherly team. But none of them expect the teamwork (or lack of) that Bo-bobo and his allies bring when they face them down! They later make a brief cameo as participants in the new emperor playoffs. The Triplets are:


(ビープ) - The youngest brother , he fights with huge cat gloves on his hands and wears a huge helmet on his head that conceals his bishonenous looks. He really hates poop, thus defeating Softon was one of his priorities. In the English dub of the anime, Beep called Softon's head "dessert" since it resembled ice cream. During Bo-bobo's "Bo-bobo Roulette" attack, Beep was the one who received the most punishments (along with his brothers at certain times).


(メガファン) The middle brother, can manipulate chewing gum that will have dangerous effects towards anyone that gets hit by it (including one that kills his opponent with its smell 30 minutes after being hit by it). He also can attack with a pair of scimitars, which he had used to take Beauty and Suzu hostage with in the manga. He individually received the least amount of punishments from Bo-bobo's "Bo-bobo Roulette" attack, even though he was damaged in most of them along with his brothers.

He is handsome. He wears white tights under pants with the original.


(覇王 Haō) The eldest brother, is a small demon-like creature who doesn't say as much as his brothers and merely attacks with his fists. His true abilities are unleashed whenever his two younger brothers transfer their power to him, allowing him to use the strength of all three at once. He is shown to be the strongest of the three, even being able to resist several of Bo-bobo's punishments from the "Bo-bobo Roulette."
* Attacks:
** Big Brother Barrage of Bad Breath Bubbles That Hurt: Beep grabs Megafan's feet and spins him while Megafan blows Bad Breath Bubbles.
** Fist of Brothers: Our Beautiful Plead Will Whoop Their Butts For Me: Beep and Megafan attempted to kiss (but just stared at each other in the dub) until they were tickled by Bo-bobo and Don Patch.
** Got Your Back Attack: Haou simply punches the enemy's back.
** Fist of Brothers: Big Brother's Cannon: Haou jumps on Beep's shoulders while Megafan punches Haou's head, causing Haou to spit fire balls.
** Fist of Brothers That Are Gonna Win One: Haou, Megafan, and Beep shoot the enemy with lasers (machine guns in the manga).
** Band of Brothers Personality Change: Super Bad Bro Mind Melt (Anime Rec

** Turn Tofu into Cottage Cheese: This is the only thing Haou does after being transformed. (Beep apparently wasn't aware of this ability)
* Episode appearances: 38-40, 70, 73 (Haou only), 75-76 (Haou only)
* Manga appearances: 196 (Haou only), 196.5
* Seiyuu: Yasuhiro Takato (Haou), Yasuyuki Kase (Megafan), Hisayoshi Suganuma (Beep)
* Voice Actors: Michael Sorich (Haou), Yuri Lowenthal (Megafan), Anthony Pulcini (Beep)



(カネマール): A spear-wielding assassin Bo-bobo and Jelly Jiggler encounter on the train to Halellujah Land. Called the "Boxer on the Boxcar", he is able to stand on top of his moving battlefield without falling off. After the Wiggin Trio defeat him, he gives his title (and sash) to Bobobo later thrown away due to Beauty. Halekulani turns Kane-Maru into a yen for his failure. He probably changed back to Kanemaru when Halekulani was defeated.
* Attacks:
** Javelin Pole Vault Attack: Kanemaru extends his spear and attacks the enemy.
** Power Orb Demonic Ultra Beam Strike
** Power Ray 1: Kanemaru shoots an energy ray.
** Power Ray 2: Kanemaru shoots a second and stronger energy ray
** Ultimate Power Ray 3: Kanemaru shoot the third and strongest energy ray.
* Episode appearances: 36
* Seiyuu: Katsuyuki Konishi


(ナイトメア): Guardian of the "Little Kids Area" of Hallelujah Land, he fights by taking advantage of being the only adult within his area and taking full advantage of his attractions. His most powerful ability is "Death Nightmare", the ability to make his victims' worst nightmares come to life. He uses this move during his battle with Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Jelly Jiggler in the Children's Playground; Jelly Jiggler's was being tortured by tofu, Don Patch's was being surrounded by seven beautiful women wearing bunny costumes, and Bo-Bobo's was playing basketball with a bunch of kangaroos. He is defeated when the younger Bo-bobo and Don Patch become Incomplete Bobopatch, which is a crudely drawn version of the original.
* Attacks:
** Nauseating Nightmare - Makes the opponent's worst nightmare come to life.
* Episode appearances: 37
* Seiyuu: Kouichi Toochika
* Voice Actor: Doug Erholtz


Old Goldfish-Man Show

A short lived attraction. It is a show involving a man with a head in the shape of a goldfish. He is holding a glass blind for no apparent reason. It was destroyed soon after Bobobo entered it. Though the building was destroyed, Dengakuman continued to watch the show claiming it "Just like broadway."

pacey World

The attraction consists of several aliens and their spaceship. However, the attraction is also on the path of the train line heading into Holy Guacamole Land and nearly gets destroyed during Bo-bobo's team fight against Kanemaru.

Be-a-Kid World

An area in which one literally becomes a kid again. It is one of the most popular attractions as claimed by Suzu. It is guarded by Nightmare.

Gingerbread House

This is the battlefield Where Bobobo, Jelly Jiggler ,Suzu,and Beauty face Galabel Of Manicuria unleashing the combination of jelly and nosehair,"Jelly Jiggler Nosehair!"

Muscle Marshals Stage

The stage-attraction that Don Patch carries Gasser off to after knocking him out. It is first in use for a Spandex Rangers show, but Don Patch takes control of the show and engages T-500 while promoting the sale of cow milk. T-500 is defeated when Don Patch forcibly teaches T-500 who the Main Character really is.

Climb-High Tower

This is the battlefield for The Wiggin trio and the terrible triplet's battle,And Bobobo unleashes Bobobo Roulette to defeat them.

Money Castle

Halekulani's domain where he keeps a giant money pool. This is where the battle with Halekulani takes place.

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