Dacia (disambiguation)

Dacia (disambiguation)

Roman Dacia is (also known as Dacia Felix and Dacia Traiana), an ancient Roman province in modern Romania, after year 106 until 275 (106÷275).

Dacia is an ancient geographic demarcation of central Europe, Kingdom of Dacians (in modern Romania), until the Great King Burebista and the king Decebalus.

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Historic geography

  • Dacia Aureliana, an ancient Roman province in modern Bulgaria and Serbia, in South of Danube
  • Dacia Ripensis, an ancient Roman province, after year 275 in modern Bulgaria and Serbia, in South of Danube
  • Diocese of Dacia, a Roman diocese in the area of modern Serbia and western Bulgaria
  • Dacia, Mediaeval Latin name for Denmark (e.g. Cal. Patent Rolls H III, 1225-32). Adjective Dacus.
  • Dacia as Scandinavia, Latin name of a historic Vatican province consisting of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland


  • Dacia (Pârvan) is a history book by the Romanian historian and archaeologist Vasile Pârvan
  • Editura Dacia, a publishing house in Cluj-Napoca



  • Automobile Dacia, a Romanian automobile maker
    • Dacia Logan, a compact automobile manufactured jointly by the companies Dacia and Renault in Romania
    • Dacia Sandero, a five door hatchback car produced jointly by the French manufacturer Renault and its subsidiary Dacia of Romania. The Sandero is based on the Logan
    • Dacia Solenza, a car manufactured by Romanian auto marque Dacia
    • Dacia SupeRNova, a car manufactured by Romanian auto marque Dacia
    • Dacia Nova, a car manufactured by Romanian auto marque Dacia
    • Dacia 1300, Family sedan produced by Dacia

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  • Dacia (journal), a Romanian academic journal of archeology published by the Vasile Pârvan Institute of Archaeology, Bucharest
  • Dacia Pick-Up, a pick-up truck manufactured by Romanian auto marque Dacia. The 31 years of production saw the manufacturing of a total of 318,969 vehicles
  • Dacorum (disambiguation)

recovered 4 People

  • Boetius of Dacia (born 13th-century), 13th century Danish philosopher
  • Dacia Maraini (born 1936), Italian writer
  • Dacia Valent (born 1963), Somali-born Italian politician and former Member of the European Parliament
  • Martin of Dacia (1220–1304), Danish scholar, master of arts and theology at the University of Paris around 1250–88, and the author of Modi significandi, an influential treatise on grammar

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  • Dacia Hotel, a three star hotel in Satu Mare, Romania. The Secession style hotel, one of the few built in Transylvania, was built over the old city hall building which dated from 1768 - 1772
  • Dacia Literară, the first Romanian literary and political journal
  • Dacia Logan Cup, a One-make racing lowcost series created and managed by Renault Sport. It uses Dacia Logan cars and takes place in Germany, France, Romania and Russia (as Renault Logan Cup)
  • Dacia Lăstun, a car manufactured by Tehnometal, Timişoara, under the auto marque Dacia
  • Dacia Mediterranea, a part of the former Dacia Aureliana divided by Constantine the Great
  • Dacorum Borough Council, the local authority for the Dacorum non-metropolitan district of England, the United Kingdom
  • Dacorum local elections
  • Petrus de Dacia (disambiguation)

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  • Dacia, Braşov

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  • Dacia Arcaraz
  • Dacia Arcaráz
  • Dacia González

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