The Grigori are a group of fallen angels told of in Biblical apocrypha who mated with mortal women, giving rise to a race of hybrids known as the Nephilim, who are also mentioned in )

The "watchers" story in Enoch appears to be derived from Genesis where it describes the "Origin of the Nephilim" and mentions the "Sons of God" who beget them:

:"When men began to multiply on earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw how beautiful the daughters of man were, and so they took for their wives as many of them as they chose. Then the Lord said: "My spirit shall not remain in man forever, since he is but flesh. His days shall comprise one hundred and twenty years." At that time the Nephilim appeared on earth (as well as later), after the sons of God had intercourse with the daughters of man, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown." (, , who they believe appear as "the great spirits of the stars" in the legend "The Children of Diana, or how the fairies were born" and as "the fathers of the Beginning, [...] the mothers, the spirits who were before the first spirit" in the legend "How Diana made the Stars and the Rain".

Partial List of Grigori

* Armaros (also Amaros) in Enoch I taught men the resolving of enchantments.
* Araqiel (also Arakiel, Araqael, Araciel, Arqael, Sarquael, Arkiel, Arkas) [in Enoch I] taught humans the signs of the earth. However, in the "Sibylline Oracles", Araqiel is referred to not as a fallen angel, or Grigori, but as one of the 5 angels who lead the souls of men to judgement, the other 4 being Ramiel, Uriel, Samiel, and Azazel.
* Azazel [in I Enoch] taught men to make knives, swords, shields, and how to devise ornaments and cosmetics.
* Baraqel (Baraqiel) taught men astrology [from Enoch I]
* Chazaqiel taught men the signs of the clouds (meteorology) [in Enoch I]
* Kokabiel (also Kakabel, Kochbiel, Kokbiel, Kabaiel, and Kochab), [in "The Book of the Angel Raziel"] , is a high-ranking, holy angel but, in general apocryphal lore and also in Enoch I, he is a fallen Grigori, resident of nether realms, and commands 365,000 surrogate spirits to do his bidding. Among other duties, he instructs his fellows in astrology.
*Penemue [in I Enoch 69.8] "taught mankind the art of writing with ink and paper," and taught "the children of men the bitter and the sweet and the secrets of wisdom."
* Sariel (also Suriel) taught mankind about the courses of the moon (at one time regarded as forbidden knowledge). [In the Enoch books]
* Samyaza (also Shemyazaz, Shamazya, Semiaza, Shemhazi, Semyaza and Amezyarak) is one of the leaders of the fall from heaven. [is referred to in the Dead Sea Scrolls and "Vocabulaire de l' Angelologie".]
* Shamsiel, once a guardian of Eden, [ in the Zohar] served as one of the 2 chief aides to the archangel Uriel (the other aide being Hasdiel) when Uriel bore his standard into battle, and is the head of 365 legions of angels and also crowns prayers, accompanying them to the 5th heaven. He is referred to [in Jubilees] as one of the Grigori. He is a fallen angel who teaches the signs of the sun. [In I Enoch]


Further reading

*Collins, Andrew (2001) "From the ashes of angels: The forbidden legacy of a fallen race." Bear & Company. ISBN 978-1879181724
*Lumpkin, Joseph B. (2006) "Fallen angels watchers, and the origins of evil." Fifth Estate. ISBN 978-1933580104

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* [ Dark Mirrors of Heaven: Enoch & the Watchers]

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