Consort Qi (Qing Dynasty)

Consort Qi (Qing Dynasty)

Consort Qi (齊妃) was a concubine of the Yongzheng Emperor.


Consort Qi, (? - 1737) came from the Han Chinese Li clan (李氏) whom were bondservants the Aisin Gioro clan "ruling clan of China, 1644 - 1912". She was the daughter of Li Wen Hua (李文燁).

She became a secondary wife of the Yongzheng Emperor around the time he was still a prince. When in 1722 her husband ascended the throne she was given the title of Consort Qi. She died in the second year of Emperor Qianlong's reign and was interred in the Tailing mausoleum for imperial concubines.


Consort Qi gave birth to four children, three boys and a daughter. Two sons died young while her third son, Hong Shi was ordered to commit suicide by his father. Her daughter was the only daughter of Yongzheng who survived childhood.

  1. Princess of the second rank Weige (和硕怀恪公主) (1695 - 1717)
  2. Prince Hongban (弘盼) (1697).
  3. Prince Hongyun (弘昀) (1700).
  4. Prince Hongshi (弘时) (1704 - 1726).

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